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Wfje Jfflame bulletin 

Entered at the Post Office at Orono as second-class matter 

Vol. X University of Maine, Orono, November, 1907 No. 3 


of the 


For the Year Ending July 1, 1907 

Reports of the Trustees, Treasurer and President 
Directory of the Alumni 


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To the Honorable Governor and Executive Council of Maine: 

The trustees of the University of Maine respectfully submit their 
thirty-ninth annual report, with the report of the president and treas- 
urer. Full and accurate information regarding the general and financial 
affairs of the University will be found in the reports of President 
Fellows and Treasurer Stetson. 

There have been during the past year two changes in the board of 
trustees ; Hon. A. J. Durgin retired at the expiration of his term in 
April, and Hon. Elliott Wood died August 23d at his home in Winthrop. 
Mr. Durgin was appointed in 1900. Residing in Orono, near the Uni- 
versity, he was well informed regarding its history and intimately 
acquainted with the students and faculty. His relations with the institu- 
tion were close, and he was prompt to respond to any call made upon 
him in its behalf. Hon. Elliott Wood served nearly ten years as a 
trustee. During a large part of this time he was secretary of the board 
of trustees and also auditor. Mr. Wood had served in both branches 
of the legislature and in the Governor's Council. He had a wide 
acquaintance with the people of Maine and was highly respected and 
esteemed wherever known. He was deeply interested in everything 
pertaining to the University, and his influence in its behalf was always 
strong and helpful. He was an excellent trustee, an exemplary citizen 
and a good man. Mr. Durgin was succeeded by the Hon. Samuel W. 
Gould of Skowhegan, one of the ablest and most successful of the alumni 
of the University. Mr. Wood's successor is the Hon. Sumner P. Mills 
of Stonington. Mr. Mills was a strong friend of the University in the 
last legislature. The institution is assured of efficient service from both 
of these gentlemen. 

There have been within the year many changes in the faculty, all of 
which are referred to in the report of President Fellows. Among those 
leaving the University were Prof. W. M. Munson and Prof. Gilbert M. 
Gowell. Both had been connected with the University for more than 
fifteen years. Prof. Munson was Professor of Horticulture. He was 
an authority upon fruit culture, and the many and marked improvements 
made upon the University campus, especially during the last ten years, 
were largely due to his care and skill. He is now connected with the 
University of West Virginia. Prof. Gowell was Professor of Animal 


Industry and had charge of the poultry experiments. He acquired a 
wide reputation because of his success in these departments. 

During the year the beneficial results from the expenditure of the 
appropriations of the last legislature have been evident in every direc- 
tion. From the appropriation of $65,000 for general purposes, many 
of the urgent needs of the University have been met in whole or in part; 
additional instructors have been appointed, salaries have been increased 
and new equipments purchased. A central heating and power plant has 
been built with the appropriation for that purpose, and is now in suc- 
cessful operation. Most of the University buildings, the president's 
. house and several of the fraternity houses are connected with the plant, 
and the new arrangement is proving very satisfactory in every respect. 
Other buildings will be connected during the ensuing year. The erec- 
tion of this plant was tinder the supervision of Messrs. Haskell, Winslow 
and Haines of the trustees, and President Fellows. 

After giving careful consideration to the competitive plans submitted 
by ten different architects for an agricultural building, the plans sub- 
mitted by William Hart Taylor of Boston were selected, and the new 
building will be erected the coming year upon a desirable site between 
the horticultural and farm buildings. It will be constructed of red 
brick with granite trimmings and slated roof, and will be built under 
the supervision of a committee consisting of Messrs. Lord, Gould and 
Roberts of the trustees, and President Fellows. The excavation for the 
cellar has been made, and work upon the foundation and superstructure 
will be commenced early in the spring. Two new chapter houses are 
being built and another will be begun within a few months. When 
these buildings are completed there will be nine fraternity houses on the 
campus and two in the village of Orono. These eleven fraternity houses 
will furnish homes for more than three hundred students, and permis- 
sion to erect other similar houses will doubtless be asked for in the 
immediate future. These fraternity houses have been a very important 
factor in the maintenance and growth of the institution. Without them 
it would have been impossible to have cared for the large number of 
students who have come to the University. While they have met an 
urgent need, there are objections to so many of these houses, and the 
trustees are considering if a further increase in their number will be 
wise or expedient. Whether or not more of these buildings shall be 
erected will depend upon what action the next legislature may take 
towards providing for what, in the opinion of the trustees, is at the 
present time the greatest need of the institution, namely a new dormi- 
tory building that shall be capable of accommodating from one hundred 
and fifty to two hundred students. 

The urgent needs of the departments of Physics and Chemistry for 
new buildings have grown greater with the increasing number of stu- 
dents. The trustees hope that a way will be found soon to meet these 

The College of Law, which has kept pace in growth and success with 
the other departments, is now occupying new quarters in the sixth 


story of Exchange Block, the entire top floor being used. The rooms 
have been arranged to meet the requirements of this department, in 
accordance with plans made by Dean Walz. These rooms have good 
ventilation and ample light, and will be convenient and satisfactory until 
the number of students shall exceed their capacity. 

The beauty of the campus has been impaired by the trenches dug for 
the laying of the pipes from the heating plants to the different University 
buildings, and considerable work will be required the coming year to 
restore it to its former good condition. Something over one hundred 
rods of granolithic walk have been laid, taking the place of the plank 
walks that have been in use for many years. More of this kind of walk 
is needed and should be laid as soon as the expense can be afforded. 

Reference to the elaborate report of President Fellows should be had 
for information regarding some affairs of the University not considered 
in this report. What he has said about "Industrial Training for. 
Women," "The Support of Higher Education" and "The Mission of the 
University" is worthy of the careful reading and the thoughtful consid- 
eration of the friends of education and the people of the State whose 
name the University bears. 

The present condition of the University of Maine is such as to gratify 
and encourage every one interested in its maintenance and welfare. The 
University has now nearly eight hundred students, forty-two of whom 
are women, and an able faculty of about one hundred members. It has 
more and better buildings, larger equipments and greater facilities than 
its most sanguine friends expected or dared to hope for a few years ago. 
It naturally has needs that must necessarily come to a rapidly growing 
institution, but these needs will be met in due time and the University 
of Maine will go steadily forward with its great work as one of the 
successful educational institutions of the country. 

President of the Board of Trustees. 


To the Trustees of the University of Maine: 

The Treasurer has the honor to submit the following report concern- 
ing the financial condition of the University, July I, 1907. 

Income: of the University of Maine From July i, 1906, to 
July 1, 1907. 

Cash balance July 1, 1906 $9,348 88 

Coburn Fund $4,000 00 

Land Grant Fund 5,9*5 00 

Morrill Fund 25,000 00 

State 40,000 00 

Student Receipts 31,758 27 

$106,673 27 

Receipts of the University of Maine from Juiy i, 1906, To 
July 1, 1907. 

Bills payable $15,000 00 

Bills receivable 760 88 

Carnegie Library 40,01 1 93 

Diplomas 166 63 

Interest and discount 207 96 

Rents 1,163 28 

Sundry receipts 693 96 

$58,004 64 

Total receipts $174,026 79 

Expenses of the University of Maine from July i, 1906, to 

July i, 1907. 

current expenses 

Salaries $69,257 09 

Departments : 

Agriculture (including Farm, Animal In- 
dustry and Horticulture) $4,6*44 66 

Bacteriology and Veterinary Science 285 05 


Department : 

Biology 617 76 

Civil Engineering 102 50 

Electrical Engineering 320 00 

Mathematics and Astronomy 20 00 

Mechanical Engineering 201 59 

Military Science 64 19 

Physical Education 130 69 

Pharmacy 11 j6 

Physics 229 55 

$6,627 75 


Advertising $636 95 

Bills Payable . 22,500 00 

Care of Buildings 1,915 20 

Commencement 306 38 

Commons 731 25 

Freight and Express 535 83 \ 

Furniture and Fixtures 1,548 01 

Grounds 1,642 86 

Heating Buildings 4,223 14 

Incidentals 175 14 

Insurance 1,785 51 

Library 2,282 78 

Law Library 513 16 

Lighting Buildings and Grounds 1,61030 

Miscellaneous 2,486 07 

Mt. Vernon House 369 78 

Oak Hall 489 53 

Postage, Printing and Stationery 794 83 

Power, Heat and Light 310 78 

Prizes 107 50 

Office 594 51 

Reading Room 107 48 

Repairs 4,901 58 

Scholarships 150 00 

Shop 348 64 

School Inspection 107 51 

Track 31 46 

Treasury 32 80 

Trustees' Expenses 100 00 

Water Supply 2,094 54 

$53,433 52 



Carnegie Library $44,695 49 

Cash balance July 1, 1907 12 94 

$174,026 79 

Respectfully submitted, 

ISAIAH K. STETSON, Treasurer. 

I hereby certify that I have examined the accounts of the Treasurer 
and find them correctly kept and properly vouched. 

S. W. GOULD, Auditor. 


To the Board of Trustees of the University of Maine: 

The President of the University has the honor to present his sixth 
annual report, covering the years 1906-1907. 


It is necessary to chronicle each year the changes which have occurred 
in the teaching force. Sometimes these are few, too often they are 

At the close of the college year, after commencement, Professor 
Munson, for sixteen years connected with the University as Professor 
of Horticulture, and Horticulturist in the Experiment Station, presented 
his resignation. Professor Munson had received several important 
offers of positions at various times, but did not decide to leave us 
until an attractive offer was made him by the University of West 
Virginia. He made his decision immediately, and entered upon his 
new duties the first of July. The University of Maine has had a 
faithful servant in Professor Munson, and the faculty community and 
the village of Orono suffer a great loss in the absence of Professor and 
Mrs. Munson. 

Assistant Professor Lentz resigned at the end of the college year, and 
has accepted a position as Professor of German in the University of 

Assistant Professor Gilbert has resigned to pursue graduate work in 
Agronomy at Cornell University. 

Miss Florence Ballentine, tutor in Biology, after two years of suc- 
cessful work, resigned at the close of the college year. 

Mr. M. B. Cummings, instructor in Botany, has resigned to pursue 
graduate work at Cornell University. 

Mr. H. M. Shute, instructor in Romance Languages, at the middle of 
the year received an offer of a similar position in Exeter Academy. 
The new position demanded his presence at once, and as it was 
found possible to obtain a substitute, Mr. Shute was permitted to 
go. He had been connected with the University as instructor for sev- 
eral years, and was a general favorite with students and faculty. 


Mr. Raymond K. Morley, instructor in Mathematics, resigned at the 
end of the year to go abroad for further study. 

Mr. Thomas McC. Gunn, instructor in Mechanical Engineering, 
resigned at the close of the year to go into practical work. 

Mr. William R. Ham, instructor in Physics, resigned to pursue 
advanced study at the University of Chicago. 

Mr. Ralph Seabury, instructor in Biological and Agricultural Chemis- 
try, resigned to engage in mining operations in Alaska. 

Mr. Harry E. Emery, instructor in Civil Engineering, resigned to go 
into practical work. 

Mr. M. J. Dorsey, instructor in Horticulture, resigned to accept a 
position at the New York Experiment Station at Geneva, New York, 

Mr. M. Hume, Bedford, instructor in Chemistry, expected to return 
in the fall of 1907, but serious illness prevented him, and compelled his 

A most serious loss to the State, as well as to the University, was 
occasioned by the death of Chief Justice Andrew Peters Wiswell. 
Justice Wiswell had been a lecturer in the College of Law of the Univer- 
sity for several years, and the University was proud to have the name 
of so distinguished a man on its roll of faculty. The students in the 
College of Law felt honored to receive instruction from him. His 
death, occurring when many years of continued activity might properly 
have been anticipated, was a blow to every one. 


Raymond Pearl, Ph. D., has been appointed Biologist in the Experi- 
ment Station. Doctor Pearl is a graduate of Dartmouth College in 
the class of 1899. He received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy 
from the University of Michigan in 1902. From 1903 to 1905 he was 
instructor in Zoology at the University of Michigan, and spent the 
following year abroad. He was research assistant of the United States 
Fish Commission during 1901-1902, and received a grant for research 
from the Carnegie Institution in 1904-1906. 

Percy A. Campbell, M. S. A., instructor in Animal Industry, has been 
made Professor of Animal Industry. Professor Campbell served a 
year as instructor in the Department of Animal Industry several years 
ago, and resigned to undertake an advanced course at Iowa State 
College. During the past year he served again with us as instructor,, 
and his conduct with the students and the public was so satisfactory that 
no hesitation has been felt in making him professor in charge of the 

Mintin A. Chrysler, Ph. D., has been appointed associate professor 
of Botany. Doctor Chrysler came to us from Harvard University, 
where he held the position of instructor in Botany. He is a graduate 
of the University of Toronto in 1894. He received the degree of Doctor 
of Philosophy from the University of Chicago in 1904. 

Frank Macy Surface, Ph. D., has been appointed Associate Biologist 
in the Experiment Station. He is a graduate of Ohio State University 


in 1904. The following year he held a fellowship at Ohio State Uni- 
versity, and received the degree of M. A. in 1905. During 1905-1907 he 
held a Harrison fellowship in Zoology at the University of Pennsyl- 
vania, and received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in 1907. 

Andrew Paul Raggio, Ph. D., has been made Assistant Professor in 
Romance Languages. Doctor Raggio was engaged at the middle of 
the year, temporarily, to replace Mr. Shute resigned. His scholarship 
and experience were such that it was thought wise to engage him 
regularly. Professor Raggio received the degree of Doctor of Phil- 
osophy from Harvard University in 1904. He is a graduate of 
the University of Texas, in the class of 1896. After his gradua- 
tion from the University of Texas he spent nearly five years 
abroad, studying in France, Italy and Spain. During the year 
1902-1903 he was Instructor in Spanish at Simmons College; in the 
year 1905- 1906 he was lecturer in Old French and Italian at Bryn Mawr 
College. At the time of his appointment to the University of Maine 
he was instructor in French and Spanish at the Central High School, St. 

Herman Beckenstrater, M. S., has been appointed Assistant Professor 
of Horticulture. Mr. Beckenstrater is a graduate of the University of 
Wisconsin in the class of 1904. In 1907 he received the degree of Mas- 
ter of Science from the University of Wisconsin. 

James E. McClintock, B. S., has been placed in charge of the Uni- 
versity Extension work in Agriculture. Mr. McClintock is a graduate 
of Ohio State University, in the class of 1906. Before coming to the 
University of Maine he was connected with the Bureau of Soils, United 
States Department of Agriculture, at Washington. 

Walter M. Curtis, B. S., has been made Assistant Professor in the 
Department of Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Curtis graduated from 
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the class of 1901, after 
which for three years he was in the engineering department of the 
Crosby Steam Gage and Valve Company, of Boston. For the last three 
years he has been Instructor in Mechanical Engineering at Union Col- 
lege, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Ernest D. Waid, B. S., a graduate of Ohio State University in the 
class of 1906, has been appointed Assistant Professor of Agronomy. 
Mr. Waid was Professor of Agriculture and Chemistry at Knoxville 
College, Tennessee, before coming to the University of Maine. 

Mr. D. J. Edwards, Assistant in Biology for the past year, has been 
made instructor in Biology. 

Mr. Paul L. Bean, a graduate of the University in the class of 1904, 
who has been engaged in practical work since that time, has been 
appointed instructor in Civil Engineering. 

Mr. Robert E. Clayton, a graduate of the University in the class of 
1907, has been appointed instructor in Chemistry. 

Miss Gladys E. Fellows, a graduate of Wellesley College, in the class 
of 1907, has been appointed instructor in Romance Languages. 


Mr. L. I. Johnstone, a graduate of the University of Maine in the 
class of 1905, has been appointed instructor in Civil Engineering. 

Mr. James Seymour, a graduate of the University of Michigan has 
been appointed instructor in Chemistry. He was in public school work 
for several years, and was for two years a graduate student and assist- 
ant in Chemistry at the University of Michigan. Just before coming 
to the University of Maine Mr. Seymour had been Assistant Professor 
of Chemistry at the University of Oklahoma. 

Mr. H. L. Sweet, a graduate of Amherst College, has been appointed 
instructor in Mathematics. 

Mr. W. F. Washburn, a graduate of the University of Maine in the 
class of 1907, has been appointed instructor in Chemistry. 

Mr. Charles S. Ridgway, a graduate of the Maryland Agricultural 
College in the class of 1906, has been appointed instructor in Botany. 
Mr. Ridgway has taken graduate work in Botany at Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, and previous to coming to the University of Maine was con- 
nected with the Maryland Department of Forestry. 

Mr. Lowell J. Reed, a graduate of the University of Maine in the 
class of 1907, has been appointed instructor in Mathematics and Physics. 

George E. Pearson, M. A., a graduate of Tufts College, has been 
appointed instructor in English. Mr. Pearson has pursued graduate 
work at Tufts College, and for three years was assistant in the Depart- 
ment of History in that institution. 

Mr. A. R. Lord, a graduate of the University of Maine in the class 
of 1907, has been appointed tutor in Civil Engineering. 

Mr. Carleton C. Murdock, a graduate of Colgate University has been 
appointed tutor in Physics. 

Mr. Charles H. Sampson, a graduate of the University of Maine in 
the class of 1904, has been appointed tutor in Drawing. 

The following is the list of degrees conferred at the last Com- 
mencement : 



Alton Arthur Austin, B. S. in Agriculture Ridlonville 

Sidney Morse Bird, 2nd, B. S. in Agriculture Rockland 

Caleb Edgar Slocum Burns, B. S. in Agriculture Fort Fairfield 

Fred Stoddard Neville Erskine, B. S. in Agriculture. .East Boston, Mass. 

Herbert Henry Green, B. S. in Agriculture Spencer, Mass. 

William Freeman Schoppe, B. S., in Agriculture West Auburn 

Richard Foster Talbot, B. S. in Agriculture Andover 


Edith Nora Aiken, B. A. (Latin) Brewer 

William Wesley Bannister Alexander, B. S. (Chemistry) . .Everett, Mass. 
Marion Balentine, B. A. (Mathematics) Orono 


John Holmes Burleigh, B. S. (English) South Berwick 

Harold Milton Ellis, B. A. (English) Hingham, Mass. 

James Patrick Vincent Fagan, B. S. (Chemistry) Old Town 

Carlotte Nathaniel Garland, B. A. (Philosophy) Bar Harbor 

Joe Kinsman Goodrich, B. S. (Economics) Skowhegan 

George Parlin Goodwin, B. S. (Economics) Skowhegan 

William Dickson Hall, B. S. (Germanic Languages) Rockland 

Guy Edwin Hayward, B. S. (Germanic Languages) Winthrop 

Alden E. Hodgkins, B. S. (Mathematics) Damariscotta Mills 

Mildred Charlotte Mansfield, B. A. (Latin) Orono 

Robie Lawton Mitchell, B. A. (Economics) West Newfield 

Warren Morse, B. A. (Philosophy) [S. T. B., Yale, 1899] Brewer 

Deane Whittier Rollins, B. A. (Economics) Farmington Falls 

Edith Mabel Tate, B. S. (English) East Corinth 

Arnold Washington Totman, B. S. (Economics) Fairfield 


Rex Carlton Gellerson, B. S Fort Fairfield 

Arthur Nathaniel Beal, Ph. C Lisbon Falls 

Carroll Curtis Butterfield, Ph. C Dover 

Thomas Miles Findlen, Ph. C Caribou 

Harry Colburn Riddle, Ph. C Monson 

William Houston Saunders, Ph. C Deer Isle 

Frank Manly White, Ph. C Vinalhaven 


Francis Osgood Alton, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Lynn, Mass. 

Arad Thompson Barrows, B. S. in Civil Engineering Burleigh 

Lucius Dwelley Barrows, B. S. in Civil Engineering Foxcroft 

John Thaxter Bates, B. S. m Mechanical Engineering Calais 

Ernest Daniel Bean, B. S. in Civil Engineering Haverhill, Mass. 

Perry Ashley Bean, B. S. in Civil Engineering Albany 

Walter Wright Black, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering. . .Beverty, Mass 

Benjamin Erwin Brann, B. S. in Civil Engineering Waterville 

Elwin Dresser Brawn, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Dexter 

Amon Benjamin Brown, B. S. in Civil Engineering... Camden 

Arno Burr Cayting, B. S. in Forestry Brewer 

Francis Marsh Albee Claflin, B. S. in Chemistry .Upton, Mass. 

Robert Edmund Clayton, B. S. in Chemistry Bangor 

Roy Selwin Coffin, B. S. in Forestry Bangor 

Bennett Robert Connell, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Houlton 

Elmer Wallace Cummings, B. S. in Civil Engineering Paris 

Charles Eugene Davis, B. S. in Civil Engineering Bridgton 

Rosmar Styer Devereux, B. S. in Civil Engineering Castine 

Edward James Druery, B. S. in Chemistry Augusta 

Joseph Galland, B. S. in Civil Engineering Biddeford 


Roy Gilbert Hamlin, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Gorham, N. H. 

Edward Thomas Harlow, B. S. in Civil Engineering. .... .South Brewer 

John Perham Harvell, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering .. Roxbury, Mass. 

Lincoln Hall Hodgkins, B. S. in Civil Engineering Bunker Hill 

Franklin Pratt Holbrook, B. S. in Civil Engineering Brooks 

Elmer Guy Hooper, B. S. in Civil Engineering West Lynn, Mass. 

Fred Pote Hosmer, B. S. in Chemistry Rockland 

Erwin Howard Hussey, B. S. in Civil Engineering Guilford 

Wilbury Owen Hutchins, B. S. in Civil Engineering Orland 

Ernest LaRoy Judkins, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Skowhegan 

Horton Wilmot Keirstead, B. S. in Civil Engineering Oakland 

Herbert Austin Knowlton, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Pembroke 

Emerson Peavy Lambe, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Calais 

Reginald Robert Lambe, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Calais 

Carl Henry Lekberg, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering. .Worcester, Mass. 

Ernest Lisherness, B. S. in Civil Engineering North New Portland 

Arthur Russell Lord, B. S. in Civil Engineering Ipswich, Mass. 

Karl MacDonald, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Belfast 

Herman Ellis McKenzie, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering 

West Jonesport 

Frank Everett Maddocks, B. S. in Civil Engineering Bluehill 

Thomas Angelo Malloy, B. S. in Civil Engineering Levviston 

Charles Henry Martin, B. S. in Civil Engineering Fort Fairfield 

Joseph Clarence Matthieu, B. S. in Electrical Engineering. .Farmington 

Joseph Farrington Merrill, B. S. in Chemistry Auburn 

Max Gibson Newman, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Fryeburg 

Herbert Lewis Nickels, B. S. in Civil Engineering Cherryiield 

Sidney Baxter Orne, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering. .Boothbay Harbor 

Harry Ellsworth Packard, B. S. in Civil Engineering East Winthrop 

Alcot Johnson Pennell, B. S. in Electrical Engineering 

Melrose Highlands, Mass. 
Tedcastle Bigelow Perry, B. S. in Electrical Engineering. . .Island Falls 

Earle Walter Philbrook, B. S. in Civil Engineering Milan, N. H. 

Stephen Franklin Pierce, B. S. in Civil Engineering Windsorville 

Heber Penn Purington, B. S. in Civil Engineering Jay 

Raymond Alton Quint, B. S. in Electrical Engineering. . .North Berwick 

Carroll Arthur Read, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Stillwater 

Lowell Jacob Reed, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Berlin, N. H. 

Reginald Ridge, B. S. in Civil Engineering Portland 

Albert Prentiss Rounds, B. S. in Civil Engineering Bridgton 

Walter James St. Onge, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Dover 

Arthur Haskell Sampson, B. S. in Chemistry Gorham 

Everett Halliday Stetson, B. S. in Civil Engineering Auburn 

Howard Carlton Stetson, B. S. in Civil Engineering Auburn 

Albert William Stevens, B. S. in Electrical Engineering. Belfast 

William Elmer Stone, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering. .South Brewer 

Porter LaForrest Swift, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Norway 

Charles Bucknam Tebbets, B. S. in Civil Engineering Auburn 


Ernest Leroy Toner, B. S. in Forestry Auburn 

Willis Flye Washburn, B. S. in Chemistry China 

Benjamin Franklin Williams, B. S. in Civil Engineering. .North Islesboro 

Elmer Josiah Wilson, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Lynn, Mass. 

Jesse Davis Wilson, B. S. in Civil Engineering [B. A., Bowdoin 

College, 1904] Brunswick 

Lester Clyde Witham, B. S. in Civil Engineering North Anson 

Abel Percival Wyman, B. S. in Civil Engineering Skowhegan 

Verne Jerome York, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Bangor 


Bernard Archibald, LL. B. [B. A., Bowdoin College, 1904] Houlton 

Harry Edgar Bangs, LL. B Freedom 

John Buckley, LL. B Stafford Springs, Conn. 

Jerome Borden Clark, LL. B West Gouldsboro 

Robert William DeWolfe, LL. B Portland 

John Joseph Keegan, LL. B Lubec 

Edward Roy Monroe, LL. B Portland 

John Franklin Moody, Jr., LL. B. [B. A., Colby College, 1900] . .Auburn 

Thomas Henry O'Halloran, LL. B Marlboro, Mass. 

Lawrence Swift Perry, LL. B New Bedford, Mass. 



Florence Balentine, B. A., 1905 (Biology) Orono 

Henry Kingman Dow, B. A., 1903 (Germanic Languages) . .Mercer, Pa. 
Raymond Arthur Fowles, B. A., 1905 (Philosophy) 

North Attleboro, Mass. 


Edward Robie Berry, B. S., 1904 (Chemistry) Maiden, Mass. 


LeRoy Rowell Folsom, B. S., 1895 Norridgewock 


Percival Ray Mosher, B. S., 1902 Memphis, Tenn. 

Harold Vose Sheahan, B. S., 1903 Newman, N. Y. 


Fred Merrill Davis, B. S, 1901 Chicago, 111. 

Clifford Henry Leighton, B. S., 1904 Upper Newton Falls, Mass. 


Albert Chester Colley Denmark 

Malcolm Montgomery Soule South Freeport 



The number of students for the year ending June, 1907, was 687. 
The number listed in the catalog which is now in press, for the year 
1907-1908, is 776, subdivided as follows: Seniors, 67; Juniors, 112; 
Sophomores, 132; Freshmen, 182; Short Pharmacy, 18; Specials, 56; 
Summer Term, 93; Law, 97; School Course in Agriculture, 17; Winter 
courses in Agriculture, 12 ; Graduate students, 21. 

Every county in the State is represented in the student body. The 
smallest number of students from any county is from Sagadahoc 
County, there being 7 from that county. The largest number of stu- 
dents from any county is from Penobscot County, the number being 
159. The second largest number is from Cumberland County, there 
being 78. Every county in the State is represented in the freshman 
class. The number of women students is 42. 

Of the new students Maine furnishes 190; Massachusetts, 34; Ver- 
mont, 1 ; New Hampshire, 5 ; Connecticut, 4 ; Rhode Island, 1 ; New York, 
2; New Brunswick, 1; China, 1; Porto Rico, 1. The total from outside 
Maine is 50. 

The age of the oldest student in the freshman class is thirty years, 
eleven months and twenty-five days ; of the youngest, sixteen years, 
three months, and twenty-eight days. 

Of the whole student body 617 are from Maine; 103 from Massachu- 
setts ; 19 from New Hampshire ; 8 from Connecticut ; 3 from Rhode 
Island ; 2 from Vermont ; 3 from New Jersey ; 10 from New York ; 
1 from Ohio; 1 from Pennsylvania; 1 from Colorado; 1 from Iowa; 
1 from South Carolina; 1 from Tennessee; 1 from China; 1 from New 
Brunswick ; 1 from, Nova Scotia ; 1 from Ontario ; 1 from Porto Rico. 

In the class entering in September, 1907, the religious membership 
is as follows : 

Methodist, 39; Universalist, 32; Congregational, 49; Episcopal, 16; 
Unitarian, 8; Baptist, 23; Free Will Baptist, 10; Catholic, 17; Friends, 
2 ; Presbyterian, 1 ; Union, 1 ; Trinity Reform, 2 ; New Jerusalem, 1 ; 
Christian, 1. 


It is very gratifying that our College of Law is attracting those who 
have already taken a college course, or have taken a partial college 
course. Some of the Universities in the country are beginning the 
practice of requiring a college degree before the law course can be 
begun. All of the law schools are endeavoring to raise their standard 
of entrance, and while we have not followed the example of those who 
are most extreme in this particular, it is very gratifying to find that 
the students year by year are better prepared than before. 

The present condition of our College of Law is given more in detail 
in the accompanying paragraphs furnished by the Dean. 

"The enrollment of the College of Law up to date is 97, as against 
90 at the time of my report last year, November 21, 1906. These men 
are classified as follows : Graduate students, 33 ; Seniors, 19 ; Juniors, 



19; First Year men, 22; Special students, 5. Of the number of new 
men, exclusive of graduate students, 2 are Seniors, one of them a Yale 
Law School senior formerly; 22 are First Year men, and 2 are Special 
Students, or 26 in all up to date, as against 29 last year on November 

The different counties of the State are represented as follows: 
Androscoggin 4; Aroostook 3; Cumberland 8, (an increase of 1) ; 
Hancock 6, (an increase of 3); Kennebec 3, (an increase of 1) ; Lin- 
coln 1; Oxford 1; Penobscot 22, (an increase of 1) ; Piscataquis 4; 
Somerset 4, (an increase of 2); Washington 3; York 8, (an increase 
of 3). These figures go to show that as regards attendance at the 
Law School the western counties are beginning to gain upon the central 
and eastern counties of the State. 

The other States of the Union are represented as follows: Massa- 
chusetts 23, (an increase of 1) ; New Hampshire 2, (an increase of 1) ; 
Connecticut 1 ; Vermont 1 ; New York 1 ; Colorado 1 ; South Carolina 1. 

The different colleges of the country are represented in the College 
of Law by 22 graduates, all holders of degrees in letters or sciences, 
as against 16 last year, and as against 18 the year before. This gives 
the College of Law not only the largest percentage, but also the largest 
number of college graduates it has ever had. There are also two 
graduates from other law schools, and one with a partial training in 
law gained elsewhere. Of the college graduates, 5 are from Maine, 4 
each from Bates and Colby, and 2 each from Bowdoin and Dartmouth. 
All the other colleges, including Brown, Yale, and New York University, 
have one representative each. This large number of college men is the 
most gratifying feature of this report, not only because Maine itself 
stands individually high among the number, but also because of the 
fact that there are in the entering class no less than seven college grad- 
uates, two each from Bowdoin and Bates, and one each from Maine, 
Dartmouth, and New York University, with two men from Maine and 
one from Bowdoin with a partial college training, or ten in all. If 
this proportion, never before approached, can be maintained or increased, 
we shall be truly happy and in the highest degree successful, for quality 
is the very life and soul of a school. 

At the commencement in June the degree of Bachelor of Laws was 
conferred on ten members of the Senior' class, and that of Master 
of Laws upon a member of the Maine State Bar, who completed the 
work prescribed by the University in a satisfactory manner. Of the 
graduates, all took the bar examination this summer, and all passed 
without exception. 'Seven were admitted to practice in Maine, two in 
Massachusetts and one in Connecticut." 


The College of Technology continues to draw more students than the 
other colleges in the University, but the proportion of gain in this college 



is not as great as in some of the other departments of the University. 
There is no lack of interest, but other lines are coming forward in 
popular demand. 

The following paragraphs on the College of Technology were pre- 
pared by Professor Boardman of the Department of Civil Engineering. 

"The College of Technology provides instruction in Chemistry, Chemi- 
cal Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Mining Engineering. The depart- 
ment of Forestry, which has previously been included in this College is 
now a part of the College of Agriculture. 

A majority of the students registered in this College take Civil, 
Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering. All engineering students, how- 
ever, are required to take a minimum of one and two-fifths credits in 

The course in Chemical Engineering has only recently been estab- 
lished, and is therefore correspondingly small in its registration. The 
outlook however for this course is excellent. 

The following table shows the registration in three of the engineer- 
ing departments since 1894. 






in Univ 


Per cent 
of Engs 
to Total 

Per cent 
of Civils 
to Engs. 

Per cent 
of Elecs. 
to Engs. 

Per cent 
of Mechs 
to Engs. 

1900-1 . 











The "Total in Univ." is exclusive of the College of Law, Short Courses in Agricul- 
ture, and Summer Term. 


The departments of this College are in a flourishing condition, and 
show a steady growth, with the exception of the Mining Engineering 
course, this latter being without adequate equipment or instruction. 
Students registering for this course have been forced to change into 
another at the end of two years for this reason. It is to be hoped that 
the State may be brought to appreciate the demand for funds necessary 
to equip and sustain this branch of engineering. 

During the past year an executive body, called the Engineering 
Faculty, consisting of the faculty of instruction in the engineering 
departments, was formed for the purpose of controlling engineering 
interests and promoting the standards and efficiencies of the several 
departments. As this is a rather radical movement it is perhaps too 
early to give any definite statement of the efficiency of such a body. 
However it is believed that the results attained will be of great benefit. 

The increased appropriation has allowed a certain increase in the 
amount and quality of work offered by providing more equipment, and 
more and older instructors. Although there is still much to be desired 
in the way of equipment, some new instruments and machines have 
been added which will greatly facilitate the work. It has also been 
possible to add at least a few men to the departments who have had 
sufficient practical work to enable them to handle subjects which have 
previously been taught by the heads of the departments, thus relieving 
the latter, and allowing them to give their time where it is more needed. 
It is hoped that funds will be available to continue this policy indefi- 

The graduates from these courses, after obtaining employment, are 
as a rule rated very favorably with those from other institutions. All 
institutions are, however, constantly increasing in efficiency and stand- 
ards, and if we are to keep pace with the better class, and allow our 
graduates to keep their rating, we must continue to add to our equipment 
and teaching force. 

At the present time the most pressing need is more space to conduct 
recitation and laboratory work. The building containing the chemical 
laboratories is by far too crowded to promote good work. The ven- 
tilation is poor, and it is not arranged according to modern principles. 
The mechanical and electrical laboratories are already too small. The 
drawing room space of the department of civil engineering must soon 
be encroached upon by the department of drawing to provide room for 
adequate instruction for engineering freshmen and sophomores." 


The College of Agriculture has maintained its rapid growth of the 
preceding year, and is becoming increasingly useful to the people of the 

The following paragraphs concerning the College of Agriculture were 
prepared by Dean Hurd. 

"The work of the departments comprising the College of Agriculture 
has proceeded along the same lines as in former years. During the past 
year the Four Year Agrcultural Course has been made a 30 credit 


course. The attendance in the agricultural courses continues to increase. 
In June seven men graduated in the four year course, the largest num- 
ber ever receiving a degree at one time, and two received certificates 
in the two year school course in Agriculture. 

Those receiving agricultural instruction last year are classified as 
follows : 

Four Year Course 32 

Students from other courses taking Agriculture 9 

Two Year School Course 9 

Eight Weeks Winter* Course 12 

Special Poultry Course 8 

Farmers' Week 116 

Correspondence Course 102 

Total number receiving instruction 288 

The Extension Lectures have been given in greater numbers than last 
year and I am sure are valuable as a means of bringing the faculty in 
touch with actual farming conditions and of carrying instruction to all 
parts of the State. 

Farmers' Week, held in March, proved a greater success than anyone 
anticipated. It should be continued and the program made broader in 
its scope, touching all phases of rural life. 

The much needed buildings and equipment have now been provided 
for. Plans for the new Agricultural Building have been made and 
accepted, and the contract already let. It is expected that the building 
will be ready for occupancy in September, 1908. 

A farm cottage has been constructed to provide for the farm hands 
to live on the University grounds. Heretofore it has been difficult to 
obtain satisfactory help because of the distance of the University farm 
from any convenient boarding places. 

A piggery and a wagon shed have been completed, and that section 
of the farm most needing it will be tile drained. 

Important changes in the faculty of the College of Agriculture have 
taken place during the year. Professor Gilbert M. Gowell, who for 
more than twenty years has rendered such valuable service to the College 
and State, resigns his duties in the College that he may devote his whole 
time to private business. Professor P. A. Campbell, formerly instructor 
in the Department of Animal Industry, is to succeed him. 

Mr. Maxwell J. Dorsey, for the past year instructor in Horticulture, 
resigns to accept a position in the New York Experiment Station at 

The much called for Extension Department has been organized and 
Mr. James E. McClintock, for the past two years with the Bureau of 
Soils at Washington, has been engaged to carry on the work. It is 
hoped that this department will be of much benefit to the farmers of the 

Plans are already made for a series of practical demonstrations to 
be given during the summer vacations." 



The following paragraphs were prepared by Dean Stevens. 
"The number of students in this College, as reported in the last catalog, 
was 127. It is impossible at this time to state the present registration, 
but there is doubtless a material increase over that of last year. During 
the past year an effort has been made to unify this department of the 
University and to bring the members of its various departments into 
cooperation with one another. Occasional meetings have been held, and 
subjects of especial interest to this College were discussed. It is believed 
that more efficient work would be done if this College were still more 
definitely organized, as its scope seems to be distinct from that of the 
other branches of the University. 

A course of popular lectures on scientific and literary subjects was 
established in the fall of 1906. The first course consisted of lectures 
on general scientific subjects; those in the spring term on Greek, Latin, 
French, and German literature ; those in the fall of 1907, on American 
and English literature; and a course is being arranged for the coming 
spring term, covering certain problems in history, sociology, and 

Attention should be called to the growth of our graduate department, 
which is almost entirely connected with the College of Arts and Sciences. 
By a recent Faculty action the Master's degree will hereafter be con- 
ferred only upon students in residence. 

The Summer Term, which is a department of this College, held its 
largest and most successful session in 1907. Ninety-three students were 
registered, many of whom were college graduates, and all of whom 
showed a decided interest in the work which was offered. It is proposed 
to extend this term to six weeks in the future, and add several courses 
of instruction as they may be demanded. 

Directly or indirectly connected with this College are the Literati, the 
Debating Club, and the Dramatic Club. These organizations have done 
effective work during the past year and seem to be well organized for 
work at the present time. 

In connection with the Department of Education, courses are being 
arranged in Latin, English, Romance Languages, mathematics, and the 
natural and physical sciences, which will permit the student to specialize 
in some one of these departments and at the same time avail himself of 
the opportunities offered in the Department of Education. It is thought 
that these courses will be of great advantage to students who are pre- 
paring themselves for teachers in the academies and high schools of the 

Since the last Annual Report the University has received the following 
gifts : 

College of Agriculture 
Eight samples of different kinds of fence, from the American Steel 
and Wire Company. 


Two "Eli" gasoline engines, from the Moline Pump Company, Moline, 

One "Miami" engine, manufactured by the Middletown Machine Com- 
pany, Middletown, Ohio, from Brackett, Shaw and Lunt, of Somers- 
worth, N. H. 

About forty varieties of corn from various sources, for class-room use. 

Civil Engineering 
One Engineers' Wye Level, value $130, from Keuffel & Esser Company. 
The sum of $100 to assist in equipping a cement laboratory, from the 
Alpha Portland Cement Company, of Boston, Mass. 

Electrical Engineering 
A special telephone equipment for laboratory purposes from the 
Western Electric Company. 

A gift of two hundred incandescent lights for laboratory use. 


The great success of the Farming Special led to many inquiries from 
various parts of the State as to whether the University would run such 
a train during the past year as was run in the summer of 1906. It 
seemed impracticable to follow exactly the same plan for the present 
year as was used the year before, but a system of demonstrations by 
members of the Agricultural faculty was inaugurated in the early sum- 
mer of 1907, which will no doubt prove as valuable as the train, although 
in a different way. 

Announcements were made by the Dean of the College of Agriculture 
that members of the Faculty of the College would be willing to meet 
groups of farmers at any place and time which could be conveniently 
arranged. These notices were generously printed by many of the news- 
papers in the State. Inquiries soon began to be received, and arrange- 
ments were made for individuals in different communities to invite as 
many neighboring farmers as could be conveniently accommodated on 
any one place for a certain day. One of the members of the faculty of 
the College of Agriculture appeared at the appointed time with 
apparatus necessary to demonstrate the work which was considered of 
most importance in that locality. Such work as spraying, mixing of 
fertilizers, testing of milk, was fully demonstrated in the presence of 
all. Questions were freely asked and answered, and the whole day in 
each instance was spent in this practical work and discussion. During 
the summer of 1907 sixty-two meetings of this character were held, with 
an average attendance of sixty-five, and this in the busy season for the 
farmers. There is no doubt about the value of this kind of work to 
those who attend the demonstrations. 

There has also been an increased interest in the correspondence work 
in Agriculture. About one hundred persons are pursuing regular work 
by correspondence. A thoroughly capable instructor has been engaged 


to give the larger part of his time to preparing lessons in the form of 
bulletins, and to answering inquiries and correcting papers. 


Heating Plant — The oft repeated demand in previous reports for a 
heating and power plant need not again be made. The appropriation 
of the last Legislature has made possible the erection of a heating plant 
which will be adequate for some years, and with one additional boiler 
ought to serve for many years to come. The Building Commit- 
tee appointed to provide for thte construction of the new heating 
plant was, Messrs. Haskell, Winslow and Haines of the Board of 
Trustees, and the President of the University. R. D. Kimball Company, 
of Boston, were engaged as the engineers. The plans were drawn and 
contracts let early in the summer of 1907. 

Agricultural Building — The Legislature of 1907 also appropriated 
$50,000 for an agricultural building. The Building Committee, consisting 
of Messrs. Lord, Gould, and Roberts of the Board of Trustees, and the 
President of the University, was appointed by the Board at its meeting 
in June. At the present writing, February 1, 1908, the committee has 
selected as architect, William Hart Taylor, of Boston. The plans and 
specifications have been adopted, and the firm of George Wilbur & Son, 
of Old Town, has been awarded the contract. 

Dormitory — All that has been said in previous reports concerning the 
need of a dormitory should be repeated. The need grows greater day 
by day. The enrollment for the present year is fully one hundred above 
that of last year, and while the two new chapter houses now in course 
of erection will accommodate some of the increase, the necessity of a 
dormitory which will accommodate fully one hundred and fifty must be 
continually stated until such a building is erected. 

Other Buildings — At the risk of too much repetition I must make a 
statement from year to year of the buildings that are needed if we 
would continue to do as good work in the future as in the past. Very 
urgent needs are for a building for the Department of Physics, a build- 
ing for a chemical laboratory, and an assembly hall or chapel large 
enough to accommodate the student body. Some of these, together with 
two or more buildings which ought to be erected and which I will men- 
tion in a little more detail, might be provided by the generosity of 
frends or alumni of the institution. 

The two buildings referred to are a women's building where instruc- 
tion in household economics may be furnished, and a building for the 
social affairs of the students. 

No State University should be, at the present date, without a thor- 
oughly equipped women's building. Most State Universities already have 
one or more buildings for this purpose. With the tremendous increase 
of technical instruction for men, there should be also an increase of 
technical instruction for women. The best equipment in the way of 
laboratories for instruction in those lines of household economics, which 
always have been and always will be in the care of women, should be 


regarded as essential to a public institution for higher instruction as 
the chemical laboratory or the machine shop. 

Students' Union — Many institutions have, within a few years, been 
provided with a building to serve the same general purposes as the 
Harvard Union serves for the students of Harvard University. It is 
universally recognized that the student's life is much broader than that 
of mere class-room attendance, and that his education consists quite as 
much in the various student activities as in performing the tasks of the 
class-room. Such a building as that provided for the Harvard Union 
offers an opportunity for meeting places for the various clubs and organ- 
izations, literary, musical, and athletic, which can rarely be found in 
other buildings of an institution. Without some such central meeting 
place there is likely to be a great lack in the sentiment of unity in the 
institution. In many cases such buildings have been the gift of private 
individuals. Is it too much to hope that some person interested in the 
welfare and education of the youth of Maine may provide it for us in 
the near future. 

The need of buildings to carry on the full work of the institution is 
so great that it is hard to say what buildings should come first after a 
dormitory. The difficulty of finding rooms for the classes already in 
existence is so great that I feel obliged to point out the necessity of a 
very early provision for a class-room building to provide for those topics 
which are not purely technical, such as English, the other ancient and 
modern languages, History, Economics, and Mathematics. 


The State University to attain to its highest usefulness must grapple 
-with the great educational problems of the State, and if it cannot 
:solve them must at least point the way toward the solution and assist 
in the solution of these educational problems. 

If there is one educational idea today more prominent than others, it 
is that of the necessity of industrial training for the people of the 
Nation. This idea has already found expression in many states. The 
Industrial Commission of the State of Massachusetts is definitely study- 
ing the situation, and already has plans for the establishment of schools 
which shall partially meet the needs of that state. 

The industrial needs of the Nation are certainly not for one sex or 
one class. When it is said that industrial education is needed for the 
people of the Nation, the meaning is clear that the industrial idea is the 
one which needs discussion and consideration. This Nation has 
become great through the growth of its industries quite as much as 
through its political ideas. If it is to maintain its present important 
position and to go on to greater importance, it is certain to be in the 
industrial field. No clearer demonstration is needed than to call atten- 
tion to the development of our railways, manufactories, and agricul- 
tural undertakings of all kinds within the last quarter century. 

Every state in the Union has now, through the munificence of the 
general Government, supplemented by state appropriation, an institu- 


tion providing for agricultural and technical education. This instruc- 
tion, however, although open to both sexes, is, in the main, adapted to 
men. The development has been great in the agricultural and various 
engineering lines. Our own State has made great progress in these 
particulars, and is indeed doing as much at the present time as is prac- 
ticable with the means at hand. It is true, however, that but one-half 
the population of the State has any considerable representation in these 
technical lines. The other half, the female portion of the community, 
has as yet almost nothing offered specifically in the line of industrial train- 
ing and opportunity. A Domestic Science department established in two 
or three of the leading high schools of the State, offers all the oppor- 
tunity that exists at present in this State for distinctively industrial 
development for girls and women. It is obvious that if the idea is 
worth consideration, vast enlargement and improvement of such oppor- 
tunities must be made in the immediate future. A very large number 
of State Universities, as well as privately endowed institutions, have 
already begun the solution of this industrial problem for women, by 
establishing fully equipped departments of household economics, domes- 
tic science, etc. It is not expected that these institutions of college 
grade can by any means supply the demand for education and training 
in these lines, but they can do what the technical departments of the 
same institutions have done to provide leaders in practical work, and 
teachers in other schools of the same and more elementary grade. 
Within the next few years there is sure to be a demand in the high 
schools of the State of Maine, as there has been for the past few 
years in most other states, for the establishment of Domestic Science 
departments. Maine is insufficiently supplied with the teachers demanded 
for the ordinary school subjects. If new subjects are introduced, the 
teachers must be prepared. Maine teachers are already drawn upon to 
supply Massachusetts and other states, and unless something is done in 
the near future Maine will find herself woefully behind the other states 
of New England and the western states in many lines of modern educa- 
tion. I feel, then, that it is the duty of the University to find means as 
soon as possible for the building and equipment of a department of 
Household Economics. 

The prime purpose in this recommendation is not a mere enlargement 
of the departments of the University, but a definite conviction that the 
duty of the University to the people of the State is just as great in the 
line suggested as it is in the already accepted lines of agriculture and 

Before the last half century little attention has been paid to the sys- 
tematic technical training of men in their occupations other than by mere 
contact with the occupation itself. A farmer was supposed to learn all 
he needed about farming by working on the farm with his father. A 
blacksmith, or a tradesman of any sort, was supposed to learn all he 
needed by contact with his father at the forge or the work bench. Our 
modern conditions have proven conclusively that this form of training 
for practical life is insufficient, and our numerous facilities for agricul- 


tural and technical training are totally inadequate to the demands now 
made upon them, and these facts need no demonstration. It needs only 
observation to show anyone the immensely increased productiveness of 
the American man through this higher training in the arts and indus- 
tries of life. 

The comfort and happiness of all men depends very largely upon the 
nature of the homes in which they live. The comfort, and the happiness, 
and the occupation of the greater portion of the female half of the 
Nation is entirely dependent upon the character of the homes which they 
make for themselves and for the other half of the population. Is it any 
more reasonable to expect all women to be capable of making a good 
home by the mere accident of living in some kind of home than to expect 
successful and scientific farmers to be so made by the mere fact of 
having lived on some kind of a farm. 

There should be no need to pursue this argument further. The 
demand for training in Home Science and Art has already been recog- 
nized in a large number of the states of the United States, and in a large 
number of the educational institutions of the United States. Therefore, 
it seems that the University should take the lead in this State in estab- 
lishing a fully equipped department of Household Economics, in which 
such subjects as the following should be studied: 

Household Sanitation ; The site, surroundings, and construction of the 
dwelling house, considered with reference to health; Food materials, 
composition and nutritive value of foods, and the processes of manu- 
facture and preparation ; Studies of dietaries ; Household economics, 
including the study of materials used in the house, woods, metals, 
fabrics, and the organization of a household; Adulterations of food 
stuffs ; Examination and study of food products, fibres and textiles ; 
Bacteriology, as related to home economics ; etc., etc. 


It has often been said concerning the American republic, that "our 
fathers builded better than they knew." It is equally true, possibly more 
emphatically true, that those who laid the foundations in our republic for 
State Universities "builded better than they knew." The act which 
established the so-called Land Grant Colleges, which colleges have in 
many instances either grown to be the State Universities or have become 
a part of the State Universities, has been adequately appreciated only in 
the past half dozen years. One of the many causes for this long period 
of incubation, it may be called, was the total lack of teachers for the 
institutions of the new type with any considerable education differing 
from the old type. Now, after about a third of a century of experi- 
ment, trial, and success, all of these institutions are reasonably well 
provided with faculties that understand the situation and the relation of 
the public institutions to the people. This give? an opportunity for those 
who direct the policies of the State Universities to drop for a moment 
the details of organization, and be able to look, with broader signifi- 


cance, at the institutions themselves. This broader significance was 
necessarily obscured during the years of development and organization, 
because of the multiplicity of details in the actual administration. It is 
now generally recognized by the officers of administration in the State 
Universities, that the purpose of the State University is not to be fully 
realized when the best possible education is given to the students in 
actual residence. The broader view is illustrated in the work done 
throughout the State in the way of lectures, addresses, and cooperation 
with various organizations and occupations. That the work of the 
State University should be one of direct educational influence with all 
the people, in all occupations, and of all ages, is now the ideal of the 
most far seeing administrators of State Universities. It has been done 
in some lines, largely agricultural, by most of these state institutions. 
One State University, Wisconsin, has already entered upon the effort 
to make its usefulness felt as a teacher of all the people in all lines. 
A system of instruction, partly by correspondence, and partly by direct 
contact with traveling instructors, has been outlined and begun. Its 
details are too numerous to admit of full description in this report. 
The merest reference can be made. For instance, groups of workmen 
in boiler making establishments and machine shops, and groups of sta- 
tionary engineers, have been organized into classes which follow regular 
hours of conference and instruction by themselves, and in self-formed 
classes. These classes are visited from time to time by a regularly 
appointed instructor from the University, so that a complete course 
may be obtained by workmen in any of these lines, while constantly 
employed in their regular occupation. Arrangements have been made 
with the employers so that at certain intervals these correspondence 
classes may visit the University and spend a day or more in the labora- 
tories for special demonstrations in such work as could not be offered 
by any other means. This, perhaps, is suggestive of what may be done 
through cooperation of the University with workmen in all occupations. 

The same general arrangement is outlined for work with teachers 
in the public schools, with men in the various professions, and with 
women in home and other industries. So vast a scheme may seem at 
first glance to be impossible of realization, but so much has already- 
been accomplished that to those familiar with the work, it seems to be 
only a matter of a short time when the University of Wisconsin will 
be in personal touch with every citizen of the State who desires such con- 

This inadequate reference to the work of the University of Wisconsin 
has been made merely to call the attention of those who may read this 
report to the possibilities of the usefulness of the University of Maine to 
the people of the State of Maine. 


No thoroughly equipped college or University can be properly sup- 
ported from student fees. If an attempt to support an institution by- 
student fees were made, the fees would necessarily be so high as to pre- 


vent all but the wealthy from attendance. This fact has been clearly 
recognized in the United States. 

A provision for higher education has been made by two methods; 
private endowment, and appropriations from the public treasury. The 
greater number of institutions in the United States of college and uni- 
versity grade are supported through private endowment, supplemented 
by student fees. Less than one hundred are partially or largely sup- 
ported by state or national appropriation. 

It has been generally recognized that the teaching profession has never 
been remunerated as have the other professions and business positions, 
in proportion to the amount of time and money spent in preparation 
for the profession. Mr. Andrew Carnegie has in an important way 
recognized these facts. In the public letter which was given to the 
world, he stated that in view of the fact that teachers were in general 
poorly paid, he set aside an endowment of ten million dollars for the 
purpose of providing retiring allowances for the professors in higher 
institutions of learning. Two classes of institutions were not included 
as beneficiaries in this gift. Denominational institutions were specifi- 
cally excluded. State institutions were not included, but were not 
specifically excluded. A large number of colleges and universities, 
supported by a private endowment and not technically under the control 
of religious denominations, have been placed upon the accepted list of 
the Carnegie Foundation. Many denominational institutions, or those 
which have been generally so recognized, have had their charters modi- 
fied to conform with the conditions outlined in Mr. Carnegie's deed of 
gift to the Foundation. The State Universities have not as yet been 
placed upon the accepted list of the Carnegie Foundation. It is gen- 
erally recognized that the work of the State Universities is of the same 
general character in most respects as that in the endowed institutions, 
and it is also recognized that the faculties of the State Universities 
labor under essentially the same conditions as those in other institu- 
tions. It is obvious therefore, that the institutions which have been 
recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as time goes on will have a great 
advantage over the state institutions in the securing and retaining of 
desirable and well trained men for professorships, unless some similar 
or adequate provision is made for the faculties of State Universities. 
The National Association of State Universities has carefully considered 
this whole matter, and has represented the facts to the Trustees of the 
Carnegie Foundation. The committee appointed by the Association to 
present these facts, was composed of the President of the University of 
Wisconsin and the President of the University of ♦ Maine. As yel^no 
-definite result has been reached. 


It has been observed that the students in the College of Technology 
tend more and more to elect technical subjects, and neglect cultural sub- 
jects. This tendency is by no means confined to the University of 


Maine. It is a general tendency all over the country. The necessity 
for technical men to have a liberal as well as a technical education is 
more generally recognized than heretofore, and administrative officers in 
many institutions have been for some time struggling with the problem. 

As pertinent to the case, I desire to quote a paragraph from the 
last annual report of President Schurman of Cornell University. "And 
the modern engineer, if he is to be truly educated, needs a training 
broader than physical science and technical study. He too, because he 
is a man, needs the culture of the humanities — that liberalizing and 
expansion of mind which comes from the study of literature, history 
and philosophy. This, however, he can no longer secure in a four 
years technical course. With the constant increase of professional sub- 
jects rendered necessary by the advance of engineering science and the 
practice of modern engineering, the curriculum of the four years course 
has grown more and more technical, and less place than ever now 
remains for any of the liberal arts. The result is that, all over the 
country, men are graduating in the engineering courses with an ignor- 
ance of literature, history, and the other liberal arts so dense that no 
proficiency in science and technology can save them from the charge of 
being uncultured, especially, when, as so often happens as a necessary 
result of their limited reading of literature, they are unable to express 
themselves, either in speech or writing, in correct English prose." 

President Schurman's suggestion is well worthy of consideration by 
trustees and faculty in other institutions giving similar work. His 
suggestion, in substance, is that one year be added to the course in the 
college of technology ; that the first two years be entirely given to college 
work in languages, literature, history, etc., before the students enter 
upon their technical work. It is probably too soon to recommend such 
a change in the University of Maine at present, but the conditions exist 
here as elsewhere, which point to the necessity of considering some radi- 
cal changes in the not distant future. 


An asterisk (*) indicates deceased, and a dagger (t) indicates not' 
heard from. 

Gould, Benjamin Flint, C. E., Hollister, Calif., 

Irrigation Engineer. 
Hammond, George Everett, C. E., Eliot, 

Chief Clerk, Department of Yards and Docks, U. S. Navy Yard, 
Portsmouth, N. H. 
Haskell, Edwin James, B. S., Westbrook, 

Silk Manufacturer. 
Hilliard, Heddle, C E., Old Town, 

Civil Engineer. 
Thomas, Eber Davis, B. S., R. F. D. 9, Box 14, Grand Rapids, Mich., 

Weston, George Omer, B. S., R. F. D. No. 2, Madison, 


Eaton, Russell William, C. E., Brunswick, . 

Agent, Cabot Manufacturing Company. 
Hamlin, George Herbert, C. E., Orono, 

Hydraulic Engineer. 
Holt, Fred William, C. E, 130 Prince William St., St. John, N. B., 

Civil and Hydraulic Engineer. Arbitration and Legal Cases. 
Oak, John Marshall, B. S., Bangor, 

Postmaster, Bangor Postoffice. 

* Reed, Charles Emery, C. E. 

Scribner, Frank Lamson, B. S., Washington, D. C, 

United States Department of Agriculture. 
Thayer, Harvey Bates, B. S., Presque Isle, 



* Allen, William Albert, C E. 

* Balentine, Walter, M. S. 

* Gerrish, William Herbert, B. S., M. D. 


Gurney, John Irvine, B. S., Highland St., Dorchester, Mass., 

Hunter, Rodney David, B. S., 535 25th St., Oakland, Calif., 

Ramsdell, Louise Hammond, B. S., R. F. D. No. 1, Sebec Station. 

(Mrs. Milton D. Noyes.) 

Bates, Solomon Wheaton, C. E., First National Bank Building, Portland, 

Patent Lawyer. 
Bumps, Wilbur Allerd, C. E., M. D., M. S., Dexter, 


* Clapp, Samuel Hervey, C. E. 

Coburn, Lewis Farrin, C. E., Yreka, Calif., 

Lawyer; City Attorney; President Elk Creek Mining Co. 
Colesworthy, Charles Franklin, B. S., Pendleton, Oregon, 

Grain Dealer. 

* Durham, Charles Frederick, C. E. 

Goodale, Alfred Montgomery, B. S., 40 State St., Boston, Mass., 

Treasurer, Boston Manufacturing Company. 
Hitchings, Edson Forbes, C. E., M. S., Waterville, 

State Entomologist. 
Jordan, Whitman Howard, M. S., Sc. D., LL. D., Geneva, N. Y., 

Director, New York Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Mayo, Edward Dolliver, M. E., 2015 Elliot Ave., Minneapolis, Minn., 

Chief Engineer, Barnett & Record Company. 
Mitchell, Albert Eliphalet, M. E., 12 St. Ronans Terrace, New Haven, 

Manager, Purchases and Supplies of N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. ; 
C. N. E. R. R.; New England Steamship Co.; Rhode Island 
Mitchell, Allen Gilmore, C. E., Pittsburg, Pa., 

Superintendent (Monongahela Division), Pennsylvania R. R. 

* Moore, Fred Lamson, B. S. 

Rogers, Luther Woodman, B. S., 27-29 Garnett St., Atlanta, Ga., 

Wholesale and Retail Grocer. 
Sewall, Minot Wheelwright, Rosselle, N. J., 

With the Babcock and Wilcox Co., 85 Liberty St., New York 
City, N. Y. 
Shaw, George Moore, C. E., 069 Broadway, Oakland, Calif., 

Lawyer, firm of Johnson & Shaw. 
Southard, Louis Carver, M. S., LL. D., 601 Tremont Building, Boston, 

Lawyer; Lecturer, University of Maine College of Law. 
Webb, Wesley, M. S., Dover, Del., 

Secretary of the State Board of Agriculture. 
♦Work, Edgar Alexander, C. E. 



Abbott, Edmund, B. S., M. D., 148 Broadway, Providence, R. I., 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Allen, Charles Plummer, B. S., Presque Isle, 

Beckler, Elbridge Harlow, C. E., 1838 Aldine Ave., Chicago, 111., 

Director, Winston Bros. Company, Railroad Contractors. 
Bisbee, Fred Milton, C. E., La Junta, Colorado, 

Engineer, Western Grand Division, Atchison, Topeka and Santa 
Fe Railway Company. 
Blanding, Edward Mitchell, B. S., Bangor, 

Editor and Publisher, Maine Industrial Journal. 
*Brainerd, Charles M., B. S. 

* Buker, George Haskell, B. S. 

Cowan, Florence Helen, B. S., 28 Pond St., Lynn, Mass. 
Crosby, Oliver, M. E., St. Paul, Minn., 

President and Engineer, American Hoist & Derrick Co. 
*Cyr, Vetal, B. S. 

* Dike, James Edward, C. E. 

* Dike, Willis Oliver, B. S. 

Estabrooke, Horace Melvyn, M. S., M. A., Orono, 

Professor of English, University of Maine. 
Farrington, Arthur Manly, B. S., D. V. M., 1436 Chapin St., Washington, 
D. C, 

Veterinarian, Assistant Chief, Bureau of Animal Industry, 
U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. 
Foss, George Obed, C. E., Missoula, Mont., 

Railway Contractor, Firm of G. O. Foss & Co. 
Haines, William Thomas, B. S., LL. B., LL. D., Waterville, 

Hamilton, Harry Fairfield, B. S., D. M. D., 125 Marlboro St., Boston, 


* Haskell, Newell Prince, B. S. 

How, Edward Stevens, M. E., Baltimore, Md., 

Chief Clerk, Light House Inspector's Office. 
Hubbard, Philip Wadsworth, B. S., 438 West 33rd St., Los Angeles, 

Mail Carrier. 
Jones, Samuel Messer, M. E., 35 Wilcox St., Springfield, Mass., 

Fiscal Agent. 
Lewis, Albert August, B. S., Gorham, 

Pastor School St., M. E. Church. 
*Long, Herbert Augustine, M. E. 
Lothrop, Luther Ramsdell, C. E., San Bernardino, Calif., 

Engineer, Arrowhead Reservoir Company. 


Martin, Nelson Hussey, B. S., Fort Fairfield, 

Oak, Charles Edson, M. E., Bangor, 

Vice President and General Manager, American Realty Co. 
Parks, George Daniel, C. E., Lafayette, Indiana, 

Lawyer; County Attorney, Tippecanoe County. 
Peirce, Hayward, B. S., Frankfort, 

General Granite Business. 
Reed, Frank Radford, C. E., 60 Franklin St., Rumford Falls, 

Assistant Engineer, Rumford Falls Power Company. 
Reynolds, Henry Jones, B. S., Ridlonville, 

Rogers, Charles Wilson, M. E., 25th Place and Stewart Ave., Chicago, 

Secretary, New York Blower Company. 
Stevens, William Lewis, M. E., 827 Guaranty Loan Building, Minne- 
apolis, Minn., 

Exporter of Flour. 
Williams, John Howard, B. S., 516 14th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn., 


Blackinton, Alvah DeOrville, C. E., 303 Coal Exchange, Scranton, Pa., 
Treasurer & Secretary, Consumers' Ice Company; Vice Presi- 
dent Scranton Whetstone and Abrasine Wheel Co. ; Treasurer, 
Mogollon Mountain Investment Co. 

* Burns, Robert Bruce, C. E. 

Dakin, Eugene Herbert, B. S., 186 Exchange St., Bangor, 

General Manager, The S. L. Crosby Co. 
Danforth, Edward Franklin, B. S., LL. B., Skowhegan, 

Elkins, Augustus Jerome, B. M. E., 31 Chamber of Commerce, Minne- 
apolis, Minn., 

Bookkeeper, Minnesota & Western Grain Company. 
Emery, Alicia Towne, B. S., Orono. 
Gould, Samuel Wadsworth, B. S., Skowhegan, 


* Lunt, Joseph Cony, B. C. E. 

Phillips, Fred Foster, B. S., 5 Mabel St., Portland. 

* Shaw, Samuel, B. M. E. 

Stevens, Thomas Jefferson, B. M. E., 22 Lake St., Auburn, 

Stone, Frank Pierce, B. S., 143 Main St., Norway, 

t Sturgis, George Eugene, B. C. E. 
Towne, Charles Elmer, B. C. E., Pine, Elmore Co., Idaho, 

Mining and Stock Grower; U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor. 


t Webster, Ivan Eldorus, B. S. 
Weeks, Nellie Estelle, B. S-, Orono. 

(Mrs. Llewellyn Spencer.) 
Weeks, James Walter, B. M. E., Castine, 

Contracting Architect. 


* Brown, Emma, B. S. 

(Mrs. Charles Gilman.) 
Caldwell, Andrew James, B. M. E., Newburgh, N. Y. 
Chamberlain, Cecil Culvert, B. S., Enderlin, N. D., 

Lumber Dealer. 
Fernald, George Everett, B. C. E., Wilmette, 111., 

Commercial 'Salesman. 
Heald, James, B. S., Orono. 
Locke, John, B. S., 238 St. John St., Portland, 

Chief Clerk, General Freight Dept., Maine Central R. R. 
Oakes, Frank Judson, B. C. E-, care H. R. Worthington, 114 Liberty St., 
New York City, N. Y., 

Mechanical Engineer. 
Patterson, John Cameron, B. C. E., care of G. N. Ry. Co., St. Paul, 

Prin. Asst. Engineer, Great Northern Railway Co. 
t Tripp, Winfield Eastman, B. C. E., LL. B. 
Walker, Edward Colby, B. S., Bridgton, 

Webster, Otis Colby, B. S., Bowditch, Webster Co., Augusta, 


Bean, Harry Percy, C. E., Campbell, Calif., 
Manager of Prune Orchards. 

* Blake, Edward Josiah, C. E. 

Crosby, Simon Percy, B. S., Braham, Minn., 

Attorney and Counsellor at Law. 
Cutter, John Dana, B. S., M. D., Tomahawk, Wis., 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Decker, Wilbur Fisk, M. E., Andrus Building, Minneapolis, Minn., 

Vice President, St. Anthony Falls Bank. 
Decrow, David Augustus, B. C. E., Member American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers, Member Engineers Society of Western New 
York, Buffalo, N. Y, 

Secretary and Chief Engineer, Holly Manufacturing Co.; Chief 
Engineer, Snow Steam Pump Works, Buffalo, N. Y. 
t Ferguson, Willis Edwin, B. S. 
Gibbs, Charles Wingate, C. E., Chilcoot, Calif., 

Superintendent for the Utah Construction Co. 


Gould, Annie May, B. S., 42 Wright St, Manila, P. I. 
(Mrs. Loomis F. Goodale.) y 

* Holt, Nellie Maud, B. S. 

* Kidder, Frank Eugene, C. E., Ph. D. 

Libby, Mark Dunnell, B. C. E., El Reno, Oklahoma, 

*Loring, Charles Sewall, B. M. E. 

Merrill, George Perkins, M. S., Ph. D., U. S. National Museum, Wash- 
ington, D. C, 

Head Curator, Department of Geology. 
Meserve, John William, B. M. E., 227 Union St., Schenectady, N. Y, 

Engineering Dept, American Locomotive Co. 
t Moore, Arthur Lee, B. S. 
Morse, Charles Adelbert, C. E., 827 Harrison St., Topeka, Kansas, 

Civil Engineer. 
Potter, Frederick David, B. M. E., 39 Cortlandt St., New York, N. Y., 

Engineer, National Superheater Co. 

* Shaw, Alton Jhacellous, B. M. E. 
Vinal, Percia Ann, M. S., Orono. 

(Mrs. Albert White.) 
Warren, George Otis, B. S., Fryeburg, 

Webster, Herbert, B. S., Jackson P. O., Howkan, Alaska. 

* Atwood, Horace Ward, B. S. 
Bartlett, James Monroe, M. S., Orono, 

Chemist in Maine Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Brown, Albert Hinckley, B. S, Old Town, 

City Clerk. 
Davis, Marcia, B. S., 337 South Fifteenth St., Denver, Colo. 

(Mrs. Joseph D. Stevens.) 
t Elliott, Fred Burton, B. S. 

* Farrington, Sarah Perkins, B. S. 

(Mrs. George P. Merrill.) 
Fernald, Charles Wilbur, B. S., South Levant, 

Fickett, Fred Wildon, M. S., Galveston, Texas, 

Lufkin, George William, C. E., 618 Main St., Coastville, Pa., 

Civil Engineer, Parkesbury Iron Co., Parkesbury, Pa. 
Mansfield, Frank Albert, M. S., B. D., Westfield, Mass, 

Matthews, Anna Amelia, B. S, Stillwater, 

Murray, Henry Wilson, B. C. E., Napa, Calif, F. V. Road. 
tPatten, Franklin Robert, C. E. 


Pease, Charles Truman, B. S., LL. B., Montrose, Colo., 

Project Engineer, Reclamation Service, U. S. Geological Survey. 

Purinton, James Frank, B. A., 1043 Washington St., Bath, 
Clerk, Railway Mail Service. 

Andrews, Henry Harris, M. E., Callaway, Neb. 

Brown, Henry William, B. S., M. S., Literary Institution, New Hamp- 
ton, N. H, 

Vice Principal, and Department of Science. 
Buck, Clara Louise, B. S., Eureka, Calif., 

(Mrs. Thomas W. Hine.) 
Colburn, Fanny Eliza, B. S., 2404 Capitol Ave., Omaha, Neb. 

(Mrs. Arthur L. Fernald.) 
Farrington, Edward Holyoke, M. S., 315 Mills St., Madison, Wis., 

Professor of Dairy Husbandry, University of Wisconsin. 
Farrington, Oliver Cummings, M. S., Ph. D., Field Museum of Natural 
History, Chicago, 111. 

Curator of Geology, Field Museum of Natural History. 
Fogg, Charles Henry, B. C. E., Greensburg, Pa., 

Civil and Mining Engineer. 
Ingalls, Aldana Theodore, B. C. E., 418-420 Overland Building, Boise, 

Hydraulic Engineer. 

* Johnson, Robert John, B. C. E. 

Libby, Clara Alice, B. S., 221 Water St., Augusta. 
Mclntyre, Horace Flanders, M. E., Waldoboro, 

Pension and Claim Agent. 
Moor, Charles Lincoln, B. C. E., Hartland, 

Bookkeeper, Linn Woolen Company. 

* Murray, Benjamin Franklin, B. C. E. 

Osborn, Edwin Winthrop, B. C. E., Care Northern Pacific Railway 
Company, St. Paul, Minn., 
Insurance Agent. 
Pease, Oscar Leroy, B. S., Tucson, Ariz., 

Train Dispatcher, S. P. R. R. 
Plaisted, Harold Mason, M. E., American Steel Foundries, Granite City, 

* Assistant Mechanical Engineer. 

Ring, Alice Isabel, B. S., Orono. 

(Mrs. C. J. Dunn.) 
Ring, Mary Lillian, B. S., Callaway, Neb. 
(Mrs. H. H. Andrews.) 

* Smith, Roscoe Loring, B. S. 

Sturtevant, George Washington, B. C. E., 1208 Fisher Building, Chicago, 

Consulting Engineer, Hydraulic and Municipal. 


Wade, Frank Swan, B. S., M. D., New Richmond, Wis., 

Physician and Surgeon; Attending Physician to the St. Croix 
County Asylum for the Insane. 

* White, Walter Adelbert, B. C. E. 

* Wilson, John Barrows, B. S. 

Wyman, Levi Augustus, B. C. E-, South Pasadena, Calif., 
Real Estate Lawyer. 

Bickford, Charles Swan, B. S., Belfast, 

Secretary, The Swan and Sibley Company, Jobbers of Grain and 
Boynton, Jacob Leighton, B. S., 12 University Terrace, Lynn, Mass. 
Browne, Charles Weston Hopkins, B. M. E., Takoma Park, D. C, 

U. S. Patent Office, Washington, D. C. 
Buzzell, Stephen Jennings, B. C. E., Box 70, Old Town, 

Civil Engineer, City Engineer, Old Town; Superintendent 
Penobscot Lumbering Association. 
Dunton, Oscar Howard, M. E., M. D., Circleville, Ohio, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Flint, Walter, M. E., Port Deposit, Md., 

Supervising Engineer, Jacob Tome Institute; Member Ameri- 
can Society of Mechanical Engineers. 
Fuller, George Ripley, B. S., South West Harbor, 

Garland, Charles Clinton, B. S., Debsconeag, (May 15 to Dec. 15), Old 
Town (Dec. 15 to May 15), 

Manager, Debsconeag Outing Camps. 
Gould, Joseph French, B. S., Old Town, 

Hine, Thomas Walton, B. S., Eureka, Calif., 

Lumber Manufacturer. 
Howard, Will Russell, B. S., Farmington, N. H., 

Principal, High School. 
Hurd, Alonzo L., B. S., M. D., Somers, Conn., 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Keith, Alfred Justin, B. C. E., Old Town, 

Boot and Shoe Dealer. 
Kimball, Frank Issacher, C. E., Irwin, Pa., 

Civil Engineer. 
Patten, James Herbert, B. S., M. D., Amherst, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Reed, Frederick Martin, B. M. E., M. T. D. & M. Co., New Bedford, 

Mechanical Engineer, Morse Twist Drill & Machine Co. 
t Snow, Gleason Cyprian, B. S. 
Starrett, Avery Palmer, B. S., Warren, 

Market Gardener; Statistical Correspondent U. S. Department 
of Agriculture for Knox County. 


Todd, Frank Herbert, B. C. E., El Paso, Texas, 

City Engineer. 
* Webster, Eben Crowell, B. S. 
Wight, Willard Alberto, B. C. E., Las Animas, Colorado, Box 207, 

Stock Raiser. 
Woodward, Daniel Carr, M. E., 79 Vine St., Saugus, Mass., 

Designer with General Electric Company. 

Cain, James Henry, B. S., Orono. 

Cilley, Jonathan Vernet, B. C. E., Dr. Eng'g, Cruz del Eji, Prov. of 
Cerdoba, Argentina, S. A., 

General Manager, Ferro-Carril Argentine del Norte. 
Emery, Frank Edwin, B. S., M. S., Room 812, 41 Park Row, New York 
City, N. Y., 

Manager,, Emery's School Agency; Eastern Agent, San Marcas 
Rubber Plantation Co. 
Fernald, Arthur Liddell, B. S., 2404 Capitol Ave., Omaha, Neb., 

Agent, The American Thread Company of New York and 
* Kelleher, Bartholomew Patrick, B. S., M. D. 
Merrill, Lucius Herbert, B. S., 14 Bennoch St., Orono, 

Professor of Biological and Agricultural Chemistry, University 
of Maine, and Chemist in the Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Michaels, Janie Chase, M. S., btillwater. 
Mullen, Charles Ward, B. C. E., Bangor, 

Patten, Truman Miller, B. C. E., Glasgow, Mont, 

Register of U. S. Land Office. 
Powers, Harry Wilson, B. S., 45 Armandine St., New Dorchester, Mass., 

Real Estate Agent, No. 1 Hancock St., Boston, Mass. 
Putnam, Charles Edgar, B. C. E., Jamaica Plain, Mass., 

Engineer, Park Dept, Boston, Mass. 
Robinson, Lewis, Jr., B. M. E., M. D., Carmel, 

Sutton, George Arthur, B. C. E., Orono, 

Taylor, Levi William, B. S., M. S., Waverly, Iowa, 

Foreman, Waverly Electric Light and Power Co. 

Allen, George Herman, B. S., 191 Middle St., Portland, 
Lawyer; U. S. Appraiser, District of Portland. 

* Burleigh, Will Hall, B. C. E. 

* Conroy, Mary Frances, B. Sv 

(Mrs. A. R. Saunders.) 

Cutter, Leslie Willard, B. C. E., Bangor, 

Contractor and Builder. 


Fernald, Harriet Converse, M. S., 1309 Mallon Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

(Mrs. John A. Pierce.) 
* Hatch, Elmer Ellsworth, B. S. 
Hill, John Edward, C. E., Anoka, Minn., 

City Engineer, Anoka, Minn. ; County Surveyor Anoka County. 
Kelley, Joseph Grant, C. E., Chamber of Commerce, Portland Oregon, 

Hydraulic Engineer. 
Ladd, Edwin Fremont, B. 3., Agricultural College, Fargo, N. Dak., 

Professor of Chemistry, North Dakota Agricultural College; 
Chemist in Experiment Station ; Food Commissioner for 
North Dakota ; Editor of the North Dakota Farmer and Sani- 
tary Home ; President of Association of State and National 
Food and Dairy Departments. 
Lunt, Charles Sumner, B. C. E., Rochester, N. Y., 

C, S. Lunt & Co., Bankers & Brokers. 
Stevens, Fred Leroy, B. S., V. S., 34 Winter St., Bangor, 

Veterinary Inspector, U. S. Department of Agriculture. 
Webber, William, M. E., 889 South Sawyer Ave., Chicago, 111., 

Designer and Inventer, at McCormick Works, Intl. Harv. Co. 

Chamberlain, George Walter, M. S., 29 Hillside Ave., Maiden, Mass., 

Member New England Historic Genealogical Society; Book 
Editor and Collaborator of History and Genealogy. 
Dole, Asher, B. C. E., Suffolk, Va., 

Resident Engineer, Tidewater Railway. 
t Dutton, Orion Jesse, B. S. 
Fernald, Henry Torsey, M. S., Ph. D., Amherst, Mass., 

Professor of Entomology, Massachusetts Agricultural College 
and Associate Entomologist, Massachusetts Experimenr Sta- 
Goodridge, Elmer Orlando, M. E., 148 E. Foster St., Melrose, Mass., 

Master Mechanic, Boston Rubber Shoe Co., Maiden, Mass. 
Hanscom, George Loring, B. S., Jacksonville, Fla., 222 West Church St., 

Pastor of Union Congregational Church. 
Hart, James Norris, C. E., M. S., Orono, 

Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy; Dean of the Univer- 
sity, University of Maine. 
Hull, Frank Eugene, C. E., Warren. 
Keyes, Austin Herbert, B. C. E., Ph. D., Dover, N. H., 

Superintendent of Schools. 
Morey, William, Jr., B. C. E., 788 Broadway, New York City, N. Y., 

Editor Department of Engineering and Machinery, Encyclopedia 
Americana. N 

Moulton, Joseph Perkins, B. S., Canaan Four Corners, N. Y., 
Head Farmer at the Berkshire Industrial Farm. 


Paine, Leonard Gregory, M. E., 1017 Pennsylvania Building, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., 

Philadelphia Manager, Standard Plunger Elevator Co. 
t Pennell, Elmer Ellsworth, B. M. E. 

Riggs, Louis Warner, B. M. E., Ph. D., First Ave. and 28th St., New 
York City, N. Y., 

Chemist, and Instructor in Chemistry, Cornell University Medi- 
cal College. 
Russell, Fremont Lincoln, B. S., V. S., Orono, 

Professor of Biology, University of Maine, and Veterinarian of 
the Agricultural Experiment Station. 

Allan, Bert John, B. C. E., Middleboro, Mass., 

Ayer, Josiah Murch, C. E., Hotel Hamlet, Somerville, Mass., 

Assistant Engineer, Boston Elevated Railway. 
t Barker, George Greenleaf, B. M. E., Moline, 111., 

Salesman, Williams, White & Co. 
Black, George Fuller, C. E., Portland, 

Superintendent, Mountain Division, Maine Central R. R. 
Blagden, John Decker, B. C. E., Weather Bureau, Memphis, Tenn., 

Observer, U. S. Weather Bureau. 
French, Heywood Sanford, C. E., Newtonville, Mass., 

Boston Representative, J. W. Bishop Co., Essex Bldg., 683 Atlan- 
tic Ave., Boston. 
Graves, Edwin Dwight, C. E. 
Jones, Ralph Kneeland, B. S., Orono, 

Librarian, University of Maine. 
Lenfest, Elmer, B. C. E., Snohomish, Wash., 

Civil Engineer and Surveyor; U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor; * 
County Surveyor, Snohomish County. 
Lockwood, James Frederick, M. E., 126 West 18th St., New York City, 
N. Y. 

Manager, Security Elevator Safety Company. 
Lull, George Frederick, M. S., Randolph, N. Y., 

Soda and Sulphite Fiber Expert. 
Merriam, Willis Henry, B. C. E., South 358 Coeur d'Alene St., Spokane, 

Lawyer, 339 Rookery Building. 
Merritt, Elmer Ellsworth, M. E., Dover, Colo., 

Postmaster, and Ranching. 
Page, Arthur Dean, C. E., Chicago, 111., 

Principal Assistant Engineer, Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific 
Ray, Irving Burton, B. C. E., 167 Cambridge St., Boston, Mass., 



Twombly, Sidney Smith, B. S., D. V. S., San Luis Obispo, Calif., 

Instructor in Chemistry and Agriculture, California Polytechnic 

Burleigh, John Henry, B. C. E., 93 Main St., Waterville, 

Civil Engineer. 
Cilley, Luis Vernet Prince, B. C. E., Civil Engineer, 59 Calle Rivadona, 

San Isadore, Prov. Buenos Ayres, Argentine Republic, S. A. 
Clark, Bertrand Elmer, M. S., Bar Harbor, 

Coffin, Edwin Voranus, B. C. E., Harrington, 

Colby, David Wilder, B. S., Skowhegan, 

Superintendent of Schools. 
Hicks, Alice Albur, M. S., Portland, 

(Mrs. George F. Black.) 

* Lazell, James Draper, B. M. E. 
*McNally, Henry Allan, B. C. E. 

Mason, Charles Ayres, B. C. E., Tucson, Ariz. 
Merrill, Fenton, B. C. E., Acme, Wash., 

Saunders, Addison Roberts, M. E., Z&2 Essex St., Lawrence, Mass., 

Sears, Cassius Almon, B. C. E., Goldfleld, Nevada, Box 1925. 
Stevens, Charles Hildreth, B. M. E., 511 Summer St., West Lynn, Mass., 

Commercial Dept., Lynn Gas and Electric Co. 
Sturtevant, Charles Fremont, C. E., 1208 Fisher Building, Chicago, 111., 

Civil and Hydraulic Engineer. 
Trask, Frank Ellsworth, C. E., 421-425 Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles, 

Consulting Engineer. 
Vose, Charles Thatcher, B. C. E., 238 St. John St., Portland, 

Assistant Civil Engineer, Maine Central R. R. 
*Webb, Howard Scott, M. E., E. E. 
Williams, John Sumner, B. S., LL. B., Guilford, 


Andrews, Hiram Bertrand, B. C. E., 166 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass., 

Member American Society Civil Engineers, Engineer for Simp- 
son Bros. Corporation. 

* Batchelder, George Stetson, B. M. E. 
Blanchard, Charles DeWitt, B. C. E., Old Town. 

Boardman, John Russell, B. S., 3 West 29th St., New York City, N. Y., 
County Work Secretary International Committee, Young Men's 
Christian Association. 

Brick, Francis Stephen, M. S., Uxbridge, Mass., 

Superintendent of Schools for Uxbridge and Douglas. 


Butler, Harry B. S., M. D., Bangor, 

Campbell, Dudley E., C. E., 7 Gardiner St., Newport, R. I., 
Principal of Coddington School. 

Eastman, Fred Langdon, M. E., 158 Highland Ave., Wollaston, Mass., 

Electrical Assistant to Inspector of Equipment, Fore River Ship- 
building Co. 

* Elwell, Edward Henry, B. S. 

Hancock, William Jerome, M. S., Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyn,, 
N. Y., 

Teacher of Chemistry, Erasmus Hall High School. 
Hatch, John Wood, M.S., 119 Somerset St., Bangor, 

Clergyman, Presiding Elder of Bangor District, East Maine 
Howes, Claude Lorraine, M. E., 414 Atlantic Ave., Boston, Mass., 

New England Agent for Benj. F. Kelley & Son, Hussey McCanra 
& Co. ; Treas., Franklin Howes Medicine Co. 
Lincoln, Harry Foster, B. S., M. E., Grand Falls, Newfoundland, 

Superintendent Construction, Anglo Newfoundland Develop- 
ment Co. 
Lord, Thomas George, M. S., Skowhegan, 

Marsh, Ralph Hemenway, B. S., M. D., Guilford, 

* Miller, Seymour Farrington, B. C. E. 
Philbrook, William, B. C. E., Greene, 


* Rogers, Seymour Everett, B. M. E. 

Seabury, George Edwin, B. M. E., no North Pine Ave., Albany, N. Y.,. 

Superintendent, Rathburn, Sard & Co., Stove Manufacturers. 
Small, Frank Llewellyn, B. M. E., 177 Linden Ave., Hampton, Va., 

Contracting Engineer. 

* Smith, Frank Adelbert, C. E. 

Wilson, Nathaniel Estes, M. S., 123 Maple St., Reno, Nevada, 
President of Dalton, Clifford and Wilson Co. 


* Briggs, Fred Percy, B. S. 

Cushman, Charles Granville, B. M. E., North Bridgton, 

Edgerly, Joseph Willard, B. C. E., Princeton, 

Farmer; County Commissioner. 
Ferguson, Jeremiah Sweetser, M. S., M. D., 330 West 28th St., New- 
York City, N. Y., 

Physician; Instructor in Histology, Cornell University Medical 


Freeman, George Gifford, B. S., Cherryfield, 

Attorney at Law, and Insurance Agent. 
Gay, George Melville, B. S., 51 Windsor St., Springfield, Mass., 

Traveling Salesman. 
Haggett, Eben Raymond, B. S., 1101-1102 American Building, Baltimore, 

Secretary and General Manager, J. S. Hoskins Lumber Co. 
Leavitt, Nellie Louise, B. S., Skowhegan. 

(Mrs. Fred R. Hill.) 
Reed, John, B. C. E., care of J. G. White & Co., 43-49 Exchange Place, 
New York, N. Y., 

t Reed, Nellie Waterhouse, B. S. 

(Mrs. Edwin R. Jordan.) 

* Stevens, Fred, B. M. E. 

Vickery, Gilbert Scovil, B. C. E., 405 South 13th St., Harrisburg, Pa., 

Chief Draftsman, Frog & Switch Dept, Pennsylvania Steel Co., 
Steelton, Pa. 

* White, Mark Elmer, B. C. E. 

Wilson, Mott Frank, B. S., Essex St., Bangor, 
Market Gardener. 

Andrews, Franklin Orris, B. M. E., Willoughby, Ohio, 

Mechanical Engineer, The Acme Machinery Co., Cleveland, O. 
Babb, George Herbert, B. M. E., 79 Concord St., Woodfords, 

Principal of Walker Manual Training School, Portland. 
Bird, John, B. M. E., Camden, 

General Manager, Camden Anchor, Rockland Machine Co. 

* Blackington, Ralph Harvey, B. S. 

Bowden, George Irving, B. C. E., Hingham, Mass., 

Principal Horace Mann High School, Everett, Mass. 

Clark, Hugo, C. E., Suite 9, Columbia Bldg., Bangor, 

Lawyer. Resident Lecturer on Equity Pleading and Practice, 
University of Maine College of Law. 

* Coffin, Alphonso John,. B. S. 

Croxford, Walter Everett, B. M. E., 170 Van Vranken Ave., Schenectady, 
N. Y., 

Draftsman for General Electric Company. 
Dow, Fred Todd, B. M. E., Bangor, 

Consulting and Designing Engineer. 
Drew, Albert Wilson, B. M. E., West Collingswood, N. J., 

Secretary, West Collinswood Improvement Company, Local 
Agent for same. 
Dunton, Harris Drummond, B. M. E., 46 Robinson St., Schenectady, 
N. Y., 

Draftsman, General Electric Company. 


Farrington, Horace Parker, B. M. E., 1436 Chapin St., N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C, 

Gould, George Pendleton, B. S., 68 Jefferson St., Bangor, 

Railway Postal Clerk, Bangor and Boston R. P. O. 
Grover, Nathan Clifford, B. S., C. E., 81 North 18th St., East Orange, 
N. J., 

Assistant Hydraulic Engineer with J. G. White & Co., 43-49 
Exchange Place, New York City. 
Hardison, Allen Crosby, C. E., Santa Paula, Calif., 

Civil and Mining Engineer. 
Harvey, Chandler Cushman, C. E., Fort Fairfield, 

Editor and Proprietor, Fort Fairfield Review. 
Hayes, Samuel Henry Tewksbury, M. S., 421 North Charles St., Balti- 
more, Md., 

Manager, The Walker-Gordon Laboratory. 
Heath, Everett Fenno, B. M. E., 222 48th St., Newport News, Va., 

Leading Hull Draftsman, Newport News Shipbuilding and 
Dry Dock Company. 
Kelley, Edward Havener, B. S., 164 Wilson St., Brewer, 
Managing Editor, Bangor Daily Commercial. 

* Keyes, George Edwin, B. M. E. 

Leavitt, Hannah Ellis, B. S., Port Deposit, Md. 

(Mrs. Walter Flint.) 
Morey, Elmer Lake, B. C. E., 16 Baillie St., Colombo, Ceylon, 

Partner in the firm of Morey, Pieris & Co. 
Morrill, Edmund Needham, B. S., Warren, N. H., 

Chemist, Warren Separating Company. 
Owen, John Wesley, B. C. E., 101 Milk St., Boston, Mass., 

Civil Engineer, Boston Elevated Railway Company. 

* Peirce, Varna John, B. M. E. 

Peirce, William Bridgham, B. M. E., 49 Hammond St., Bangor, 

Pierce, William Barron, B. M. E., 7 Clifford Ave., Beverly, Mass., 

Draftsman, United Shoe Machinery Company. 
Pillsbury, George Melville, B. S., Seattle, Wash., 

Chief Chemist, Independent Asphalt Co., Seattle. 
Quincy, Frederick Grant, B. M. E., 499 State St., Bangor, 

Agent for timber lands in Maine and Province of Quebec. 
Rackliffe, Joseph Riley, B. C. E., Room 4, Rock Island Bldg., St. Joseph, 

President of Rackliffe-Gilson Construction Co., Engineering 
and Contracting. 
tReed, Fullerton Paul, B. C. E. 
Sawyer, Frank Wade, B. S., M. D., Hot Springs, Ariz., 

Physician; Vice President and General Manager Castle Hot 
Springs Co. 


Swan, Clarence Buzzell, B. M. E., Old Town, 

Member of Firm, Star Printing Co., and Treasurer and Manager 

Damon Perforator Co. 
Wallace, Chester Jay, B. C. E., Town Hall, Brookline, Mass., 

Principal Assistant Engineer to the Town Engineer of Brook- 
line, Mass. 
Webb, Winfield Scott, C. E., Caribou, 

Speculator in Real Estate. 
* Wight, Ralph Holbrook, C. E. 
Williams, Charles Sampson, M. S., 9 Westport Ave., Norwalk, Conn., 

Superintendent of The Binns Chemical Works. 

Arey, Ralph Jesse, C. E., 796 G. Street, San Bernardino, Calif., 

Engineering Division Engineer on Los Angeles Division of the 
A. T. & S. F. Ry. Co. 
Bailey, William Melvin, B. C. E., 29 Auburn St., Maiden, Mass., 

Engineer, Expanded Metal Co., Boston, Mass. 
Clark, Edmund, M. S., 18 Madison St., West Medford, Mass., 

Food Inspection Chemist, U. S. Department of Agriculture. 
Clayton, Charles, B. S., Taopi, Minn., 

Manager of Farm, General Merchant. 
Farrington, Wallace Rider, B. S., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, 

Managing Editor, Evening Bulletin; President Bulletin Publish- 
ing Co., Ltd. 
Farrington, William Rowe, C. E., 75 Main St., Middleboro, Mass., 

Division Engineer, Massachusetts Highway Commission. 
Flanagan, John Henry, B. M. E-, Rockland, 

Mailing Clerk, Rockland Postoffice. 
Graves, Joseph Colburn, M. E., 17 Battery Place, New York City, N. Y., 

With Otis Elevator Company. 
Hall, Herbert Austin, C. E., Kennebunkport, 

Treasurer and Engineer, Kennebunk Electric Light and Power 

Hamlin, Cyrus, B. S., M. D., 150 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Keyes, Prescott, Jr., C. E., M. A., Bangor, 

Supt. Prin. Grammar Schools. 
Kilbourne, Charles Herbert, B. S., 556 West 186th St., New York City,. 

Inspector of Foods, In charge of Inspection of Milk, Depart- 
ment of Health, 969 6th Ave., New York City. 
Lord, Robert William, B. M. E., Skowhegan, 

Saw Mill owner. 
Menges, Hugo Gustav, B. M. E., 24 Holton Place, Lynn, Mass., 

With General Electric Co., Lynn. 
Merrill, True Leander, B. M. E., Acme, Washington, 



Moulton, Fred Charles, M. S., Wallstreet, Colo., 

Mining, Assaying. 
Patten, William Nickels, C. E., 147 Milk St., Boston, Mass., 

Engineering Manager, Stone & Webster Engineering Corpora- 
Starrett, Henry Vaill, B. S., Warren, 

Market Gardener, and Traveling Salesman for Maine Register. 
Steward, John White, B. M. E., Skowhegan, 

Taylor, Charles Norton, C. E , 1 Waban St., Wellesley, Mass., 

Contracting Engineer. 
Thompson, George Edward, B. C. E., Orono, 

Valentine, William Alton, M. E., 1933 Parrish St., Philadelphia, Pa., 

Draftsman with Hale Kilburn Metal Co. 

* Atherton, George Frederick, B. M. E. 

Atkinson, William Hacker, B. C. E., Southbridge, Mass. 

Bristol, Mortimer Lucius, B. M. E., West Hartford, Conn., 

Assistant Superintendent, Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufac- 
turing Company. 
Butterfield, William Rowe, B. C. E., Old Town, 

Engineer for Kilgore Manufacturing Co. 
Clark, Roscoe Conkling, B. M. E., 92 Vine St., Saugus, Mass. 
Danforth, Ernest Wilbur, B. C. E., 468 Medford St., Somerville, Mass., 

Assistant City Engineer in charge of sewers. 
Doolittle, Herbert Edward, B. C. E., Tamaroa, 111., 

Piano Tuner. 
Farrington, Mellen Edward, B. M. E., 65 Holyoke St., Brewer, 

President and Manager, Penobscot Machinery Co. 
Fernald, Robert Heywood, B. M. E., M. E., A. M., Ph. D., Case School 
of Applied Science, Cleveland, Ohio., 

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Engineer in charge of 
Gas-Producer Division, Technologic Branch U. S. Geological 
Gibbs, John Clinton, B. M. E., 263 Union St., Lynn, Mass., 

, Grover, Arthur Curtis, B. C. E., 44 Prospect St., Rutland, Vt, 

City Engineer and Superintendent of Streets and Water Works. 
Healey, Warren Evans, B. M. E., 24 Milk St., Boston, Mass., 

Boston Manager, Rockland-Rockport Lime Co. 
Holden, William Cross, M. E., Public High School, Hartford, Conn., 

Director of Manual Training and Instructor in Mathematics. 
Maguire, George, C. E., 62 Fruit St., Worcester, Mass., 

General Manager, Worcester Broken Steel Co. 
Randlette, Charles Maurice, B. S., M. D., Monmouth, 



Timberlake, Stanley Milton, C. E, 704 Traction Terminal Building, 
Indianapolis, Ind., 

Manager of the Inspection Department of the National Asso- 
ciation Factory Mutual Insurance Companies. 
Tolman, Frank Stevens, B. C. E., 24 Harrison St., Stapleton, N. Y., 

Chemist, with S. S. White Dental Mfg. Co. 
Tyler, Joseph Albert, B. C. E., 133 Belmont St., Everett, Mass., 
Civil Engineer and Superintendent, J. W. Bishop Co. 

Buck, Hosea Ballou, C. E., Room i, Columbia Bldg., Bangor, 

Manager of Timberlands, Coe & Pingree. 
Crosby, Walter Wilson, C. E, Care Johns Hopkins University, Balti- 
more, Md., 

State Highway Engineer, Chief Engineer Maryland Geological 
Survey Commission. 
French, Charles Frederick, B. M. E. Appleton Building, Wallis St., 
Beverly, Mass., 

With United Shoe Machine Company. 
Gannett, Charles Henry, B. C. E., 7 Academy St., Arlington, Mass., 

Civil Engineer. 
Gould, Harris Perley, M. S, Department of Agriculture, Washington, 
D. C, 

Pomologist in charge of First District Investigations, Bureau of 
Plant Industry, U. S. Department of Agriculture. 
Hutchinson, George Weymouth, B. C. E., Greensburg, Pa., 

Mining Engineer, Keystone Coal & Coke Co. 
Jack, Walter Dows, B. S., 411 Westfield Ave., Elizabeth, N. J., 

Supt, Warner Chemical Company and International Phos. Co. 
Jordan, Alva Thomas, B. S., Adelaide Ave., H. P., New Brunswick, N. J., 

Proprietor of New Brunswick Hygienic Milk Co., 169-175 
Church St., New Brunswick, N. J. 
Kittridge, Charles Prentiss, B. S., Vancouver, B. C, Canada, 

Pastor of the Advent Christian Church. 
Lewis, Hugh McLellan, B. C. E., 106 Broadway, Dover, N. H., 

Store Keeper, Cocheco Manufacturing Co., Velvet Mill. 
Murphy, Charles Clark, B. C. E., Rangeley, 

With Coe and Pingree. 
Rowe, George Freeman, B. M. E., Mispec, N. B., 

Engineer, St. John Pulp and Paper Company. 
Shaw, Orrin John, B. C. E., D. D. S., Newport, N. H., 

Smith, Harry Meaubec, B. M. E., State House, Augusta, 

Chief Clerk, Office of Commissioner of Highways. 
Webster, John Milton, B. S., 3364 F. St., San Diego, Calif, 

Real Estate. 
Whitney, George Ansel, B. M. E, 235 Main St, Lewiston, 

Hardware Merchant. 


Williams, Hiram, B. S., M. D., 154 Monroe St., Passaic, N. J., 

Physician and Surgeon ; Health Officer of the City of Passaic ; 
Director of the Hospital for Contagious Diseases; Visiting 
Surgeon, Passaic General Hospital. 

Bowler, Frank Colburn, B. M. E., Millinocket, 

Assistant Engineer with H. S. Ferguson, Chief Engineer for 
Great Northern Paper Co. 
Cowan, Edward Henry, C. E., Albert Lea, Minn., 

General Manager, The France Dredging & Construction Co. 
Cowan, George Parker, B. C. E., 252 Essex St., Bangor (Permanent 

Engineer in charge of Passig River Improvement, Manila, P. I. 

* Durham, Leroy Tolford, B. C. E. 
Gilbert, Charles Edward, B. M. E., Bangor, 

Gould, Frank Gilman, B. C. E., 227 West 33rd St., New York City, N. Y., 
Assistant Engineer, Pennsylvania Terminal & Terminal R. R. 
Gray, Jesse Alexander, B. S., Old Town, 

Traveling salesman, United States and England, Bickmore Gall 
Cure Co. 
Hall, George Henry, M. E., 128 Essex St., Boston, Mass., 

Office Manager, Diehl Mfg. Co. 
Harvey, James Elmore, B. M. E., Oakland, 

Agent and Treasurer, BroWn Woolen Company, Treasurer 
Dirigo Salt and Soda Company. 
Hayes, Augustus Daniel, B. C. E., 185 High St., Belfast, 

? Civil Engineer ; Principal Grammar School, Belfast. 
Jose, Wallace Hight, B. S., 150 East Kinzie St., Chicago, 111., 
Attorney with American Glue Co. 

* Kimball, James Mayberry, B. C. E. 

Murray, Herbert, B. S., Haileybury, Ontario, Box 48, 

Consulting Mining Engineer and Manager of Cobalt Silver 
Norwood, Leon Orlando, B. C. E., Stockton Springs, 

Civil Engineer ; Resident Engineer, Bangor & Aroostook R. R. 
Rumball, George Washington, Jr., B. M. E., 56 Enon St., Beverly, Mass., 

Foreman for United Shoe Machinery Co. 
Wood, Edward Butler, B. M. E., Danville, Va., 

Civil Engineer and Supt. of Construction for Dan River Power 
and Mfg. Co. 

Atwood, Gustavus Gilbert, B. C. E., 12 Humphrey Place, Dorchester, 

Checker, for Holbrook, Cabot & Rollins Corporation. 


Boardman, Harold Sherman, C. E., Orono, 

Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Maine. 
Buck, Alfred Howard, E. E., Perry Ave., Cor. 205th St., New York City, 
N. Y., 

Wire Chief with New York Telephone Co. 
Calderwood, Isaac Glidden, B. C. E., Massena, N. Y., 

Superintendent of Dredging, St. Lawrence River Power Co. 
Chase, Wendell W., C. E., 131 Fort Hill Ave., Lowell, Mass., 

(Permanent Address, With Stone & Webster, 147 Milk St., Boston.) 

Contract Agent, the Lowell Electric Light Corp., Lowell, Mass. 
Damon, Frank Hardy, B. S., Powder Point School, Duxbury, Mass., 

Superintendent Powder Point School. 
Ellis, Merton Eugene, B. M. E., 145 Lathrop St., Beverly, Mass., 

Foreman, United Shoe Machinery Co. 
Folsom, LeRoy Rowell, LL. M., Norridgewock, 

Frost, Charles Albert, B. C. E., 40 Grant St., So Framingham, Mass., 

Civil Engineer, Metropolitan Water Board. 
Grover, Oscar Llewellyn, B. M. E., B. C. E., 1823 Park Ave., Richmond, 

Assistant Engineer, in charge of bridge design, Chesapeake and 
(3hio Railway Company. 
deHaseth, Gerard Andries, B. C. E., Seattle, Wash., 

Assistant Engineer, Seattle Electric Company. 
Knight, Ora Willis, M. S., 84 Forest Ave., Bangor, 

State Assayer, Analytical and Consulting Chemist and Micro- 
Martin, James William, C. E., 1645 Cimmaron St., Los Angeles, Calif., 

Assistant Engineer, California Development Company. 
Merrill, Earl Clinton, B. C. E., East Eddington, 

Spool Manufacturer. 
Moulton, Albion, B. M. E., 3435 North 3rd St., Philadelphia, Pa., 

Superintendent, No. Pennsylvania Iron Co. 
Murphy, Walter Marshall, B. C. E., 280 Front St., Bath, 

Foreman of Gas Works for Sagadahoc Light & Power Co. 
Pattee, Clifford James, B. C. E, Belfast, 

Insurance Agent, firm of James Pattee & Son. 
Robinson, Halbert Gardner, B. C. E., Patten, 

Civil Engineer. 
Rollins, Melville Frederick, B. C. E., Musselshell, Mont., 

Resident Engineer, C. M. & St. P. Ry. 
Thomas, Charles Dura, B. C. E., 547 Carlton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Civil Engineer, with Engineer of Street Openings Borough of 
Manhattan, New York City. 



Farrell, Harry Clifford, B. M. E., 47 Grant Road, Swapscott, Mass., 

Master Mechanic United Shoe Machinery Co., Beverly, Mass. 
* Fernald, Roy Lynde, B. C. E. 
Gibbs, Edward Everett, B. C. E-, The Colonial, Baltimore, Md., 

President, Southern Can Company. 
Glidden, Everett Gray, B. M. E., 922 State St., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Foreman of Drafting Dept, General Electric Co. 
Hobbs, Frederick Andrews, B. S., South Berwick, 

t Jeffery, George Wesley, B. C. E. 
Kidder, Elmer Elwood, B. C. E., 7 Prospect Ave., Flushing, N. Y.., 

Asst. Engineer, with G. A. Roullier, City Engineer and City Sur- 
veyor, 45 Main St., Flushing, L. I., New York. 
Libby, Frank Joshua, B. M. E., Richmond, 

t Manter, Ralph Barton, B. C. E. 
Marston, Frank Leonard, B. C. E., Stockton Springs, 

Civil Engineer. 
Martin, Hermann Stephen, B. C. E., Twin Falls, Idaho, 

Locating Engineer, Idaho & Nevada Electric Road*. 
t Niles, Herbert Lester, B. C. E. 
Page, Warren Robbins, B. C. E., Newburgh Village, 

Palmer, Perley Burnham, B. C. E., Orono, 

Technical Superintendent, Orono Pulp & Paper Company. 
Pride, Frank Perley, B. S., Westbrook, 

Randlette, Joseph William, B. M. E., 281 Highland Ave., Somerville, 

Engineers' Department, New England Telephone and Tele- 
graph Co. 
Rogers, Lore Alford, B. S., Washington, D. C, 

Department of Agriculture. 
Sargent, Paul Dudley, B. C. E., State House, Augusta, 

State Commissioner of Highways. 
Simpson, Erastus Roland, B. M. E., Associate Member American Society 
of Civil Engineers, 39 Pearl St., Toronto, Canada, 

Engineer and Gen. Mgr. of Mech. Dept., Chapman Double Ball 
Bearing Company, Ltd. 
Starr, John Alvar, B. C. E., 54 Irving St., Watertown, Mass., 

Engineer and Supt. for Coleman Bros., Contractors. 
Steward, Stanley John, M. E., Ellsworth, 

Machinist, Ellsworth Foundry & Machine Works. 
Tolman, Gilbert, B. M. E., M. A., Kingston, R. I., 

Professor of Physics, Rhode Island State College. 


Walker, Perley F., M. E., M. M. E., 1301 Ohio St., Lawrence, Kansas, 

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Fowler 
Shop, University of Kansas. 
Weston, Charles Partridge, C. E., A. M., Orono, 

Professor of Mechanics and Drawing, University of Maine. 
Weymouth, Frank Elwin, C. E., Glendive, Montana, 

Civil Engineer, Project Engineer for U. S. Reclamation Service; 
in charge of Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project, North 
Dakota and Montana. 
Whitcomb, Beecher Davis, B. M. E., Shawomet Beach, R. L, 

Electrician with the Rhode Island Company. 
Wilkins, Gardiner Benson, B. M. E., 1703 Tioga St., Philadelphia, Pa., 

Draftsman, Department of Yards and Docks, Navy Yard, 
League Island, Pa. 

Atwood, Edward Moseley, B. S., Seymour, Conn., 

Chief Chemist for the Seymour Mfg. Co. 
Brastow, William Thomas, C. E., Box 94, Ambridge, Pa., 

Draftsman for the American Bridge Company, and Agent for 

Etna Life Insurance Co. 
Brown, William Bourne, B. S., Livermore Falls, 

Bryer, Charles Sidney, B. C. E., 6 Orris St., Auburndale, Mass., 

Assistant Engineer, Massachusetts Harbor & Land Commission. 
Bunker, Stephen Sans, B. C. E., Palmyra, Va., 

Civil Engineer ; Resident Engineer, Railroad Construction. 
Chase, John Parks, B. M. E , No. Edgecomb, 

Structural and Mechanical Draftsman. 
Clary, Justin Robert, B. C. E., Home address 5 Valley Road, White 
Plains, N. Y, 

Estimator for Benvenue Granite Co., 41 Park Row, New York, 
N. Y. 
Cosmey, Stanwood Hill, B. C. E., C. E., 1025 South 31st St., Omaha, Neb., 

Structural Engineer and Draftsman, Chief Engineer's Office 
Union Pacific R. R. 
Duncan, Lindsay, B. S., McGill, Nevada, 

Mechanical Engineer, Steptoe Valley Smelting & Mining Co. 
Farnham, Charles Henry, B. C. E., Beverly, Mass., 

Civil Engineer. 
Goodridge, Perley Francis, B. M. E., 526 West 152 St., New York, N. Y., 

Mechanical Engineer with J. G. White & Co., 43 Exchange PL, 
New York. 
Gould, Vernon Kimball, B. M. E., 532 Hammond St., Bangor, 

Manager, Bangor Gas Light Company. 
Gorham, Frank Edward, B. M. E., Round Pond, 



Grover, Oscar Llewellyn, B. M. E., B. C. E., 1023 Park Ave., Richmond, 

Assistant Engineer, in charge of Bridge Design, Chesapeake & 
Ohio Railway Company. 
Heath, Stanley Jacob, 39 James St., Bangor, 

Cashier, M. C. R. R. Co. 
Holyoke, William Lawrence, B. M. E., Fall River, Mass., 

Inspector of Buildings and Machinery, American Thread Co. 
Macloon, Ernest Henry, B. M. E., Groveton, N. H., 

Superintendent, Lyman Falls Power Co. 
Patten, Andrew Jarvis, B. S., East Lansing, Mich., 

Chemist, Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Porter, Frank Byron, B. S., M. D., Lincoln, 

Physician and Suregon. 
Porter, Joseph White Humphrey, B. S., M. D., Caribou, 

Rogers, Allen, B. S., M. S., Ph. D., 279 Midwood St., Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Instructor in Industrial Chemistry, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 
Russell, Myron Roswell, B. S., Bar Harobr, 

Postal Clerk. 
Stevens, Howard Eveleth, B. C. E., St. Paul, Minn., 

Engineer of Bridges, Northern Pacific Ry. 
Upton, Edwin Carleton, B. S., A. M., St. Stephen's College, Annandale, 
N. Y, 

Professor of English. 
Urann, Marcus Libby, B. S., no State St., Boston, Mass., 


Bailey, Fred Wesley, B. S., Belfast, 

Drug Clerk, City Drug Store, Belfast. 
Brann, Louis Jefferson, B. S., Lewiston, 

Crowell, Charles Parker, B. M. E., Graham Building, 82 Central St., 

t Davis, Edward Harmon, B. M. E. 
Dearborn, John Washington, B. M. E., New Haven, Conn., 

Engineer, Winchester Repeating Arms Co. 
Dillingham, Samuel Clark, B. C. E., care International Paper Company, 
Watertown, N. Y., 

Civil Engineer, 
t Dolley, Walter, B. S. 

Dow, Leroy Eugene, B. M. E., 276 State St., Portland, 

Junior Engineer, U. S. Engineer Office 537 Congress St., Port- 


Dunn, Rena Ethel, B. S., Shawomet Beach, R. I. 

(Mrs. Beecher D. Whitcomb.) 
Dunn, Rossell Olin, B. C. E., North Anson, 

With North Anson Lumber Company. 
Edwards, Llewellyn Nathaniel, C. E., General Office, Grank Trunk Ry., 
Montreal, Quebec, 

Bridge Engineer, Grand Trunk Ry. 
Ellis, Walter Lincoln, B. M. E., 204 Washington St., Bath, 

Draftsman, Bath Iron Works. 
Farrar, Lottie Gertrude, B. S., Lucedale, Miss. 

(Mrs. Charles N. Buffum.) 
Fernandez, Gracia Lillian, B. S., Box 932 Tempe, Arizona, 

Instructor in Spanish, Tempe Normal School of Arizona. 
Frost, George Sherman, B. C. E., 4 Court Sq., Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Assistant Engineer, Public Service Cimmission, First District, 
State of New York. 
Gibbs, Bernard, B. Ph., LL. B , Madison, 

Hamlin, Ralph, B. C. E, 399 Sixth Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Civil Engineer, with Turner Construction Company. 
Higgins, Harry Alston, B. M. E., Care Michigan Coffer and Brass Co., 
Detroit, Mich., 

Master Mechanic. 
Johnson, Bertrand Randall, B. S., 1473 Congress St., Portland, 

Division Superintendent, International Correspondence School, 
Scranton, Pa. 
Lawrence, George Warren, B. M. E., Greenfield, Mass., 

Superintendent and Treasurer, Greenfield Electric Light and 
Power Company. 
Libby, Albion Dana Topliff, E. E., 230 East 8th St., Elyria, Ohio, 

General Superintendent, Dean Electric Co. 
Libby, Herbert Ivory, B. M. E., 12% Oak St., Biddeford, 

Master Mechanic, Saco & Pettee Machine Shops. 
Lincoln, Harry Matthew, B. C. E., Lincoln's Mills, Corinna, 

Lumber Manufacturer. 
Manson, Ray Herbert, E. E., Elyria, Ohio, 

Assistant Chief Engineer, The Dean Electric Company. 
Merrill, Dana True, B. S., Army School of the Line, Fort Leavenworth, 

Captain of 7 Regiment Infantry, U. S. A. 
Merrill, Elmer Drew, M. S., Bureau of Science, Manila, Philippine 

Botanist, Bureau of Science. 
Merrill, Harrison Pratt, B. M. E., Warrington, Florida, 

Junior Engineer, Corps of Engineers, U. S. A. 
Pearce, Charles Abram, B. S., Fort Fairfield, 



Ryther, Leon Edwin, B. S., Concord, Mass., 

Principal of Concord School. 
Sawtelle, Fred William, C. E., Huttig, Ark., 

Roadmaster, Mo. Pac. Ry. 
Small, Albert Clifford, B. M. E., I Spring St., Marblehead, Mass. 
Smith, George Albert, B. M. E., 3a Clifford Ave., Beverly, Mass., 

Assistant Foreman of Screw Machine Dept, U. S. M. Company. 
Sprague, Alden Percy, B. M. E., 130 West 15th St., Minneapolis, Minn., 

Contracting Engineer, The Strong-Scott Mfg. Co., Minneapolis, 
Starbird, Alfred Andrews, B. S., Fort Slocum, N. Y., 

Captain, 5th Regiment Field Artillery, U. S. A. 
Stevens, Ray Parker, B. M. E., Allentown National Bank Bldg., Allen- 
town, Pa., 

President and General Manager, Lehigh Valley Transit Co. 
Sturgis, Edwin Albert, B. M. E., 161 Stoneland Road, Worcester, Mass., 

Supt, M. P. & M., Worcester Con. Street Ry. Co. 
Tarr, Roderick Desmond, B. M. E., 4 Oak St., Biddeford, 

Foreman, Saco & Pettee Machine Shops. 
Tolman, Wilford Reuben, B. C. E., 44 Linden St., Everett, Mass., 

Employed by the New England Structural Company, Everett. 
Webster, Charles Staples, B. S., 17 Exchange St., Portland, 

Insurance, Firm of Norton, Hall & Webster. 
t Welch, Warner Edwin, B. M. E. 
White, Horace Loring, B. S., 89 North Prospect St., Burlington, Vt., 

Secretary, Treasurer, and Professor of Chemistry, University of 
Vermont College of Medicine, Medico Legal Chemist, Ver- 
mont State Board of Health. 
Whittemore, George Arthur, B. M. E., 49 Union St., Worcester, Mass., 

Chief Draftsman with George L. Brownell, Spinning and Twist- 
ing Machinery. 
Wiswell, Carl Gardner, B. M. E., East Machias, 

Dealer in Hardware, and Plumber. 

Bassett, Eben Pierce, B. M. E., 136 Liberty St., New York City, N. Y., 

Electrical Engineer, Cutler-Hammer Mfg. Co. 
Batchelder, Frank Lothrop, C. E., Care Copper Range R. R., Houghton, 

Acting Chief Engineer, Copper Range R. R. 
Belcher, Wallace Edward, C. E., M. A., Care of J. G. White & Co., 

Consulting Engineer, 41-43 Wall St., New York City, N. Y. 
Blackwell, Charles Elbert, B. M. E., Madison, 

Blackwell & Edwards. 
* Boynton, Alson Edwin, B. C. E. 
Brown, John Wilson, B. M. E., 1102 South Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa., 

Engineering Dept., Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co. 


Carlton, Rufus Houdlette, B. M. E., Care of General Electric Company, 
Schenectady, N. Y., 

In Commercial Dept, General Electric Co. 
Caswell, Winfield Benson, B. M. E., Pier 34, North River, New York 
City, N. Y., (Home address, 251 West 129th St., New York City), 

Hull Inspector, Southern Pacific Company's Atlantic Steamship 
Clark, Harold Hayward, B. M. E., E. E., 520 Mills Bldg., Washington, 
D. C, 

Electrical Expert, Bureau of Yards and Docks, Navy Dept. 
t Cleaves, Daniel Lunt, B. S. 

Collins, George, B. C. E., Lexington, Ky., 310 Lexington City Bank 

President Empire Bridge Company. 
Crockett, Cyrenius Walter, B. S., United Chemical Company, Walling- 
ton, N. J., 

Superintendent of Factory. 
Downing, Marshall Buckland, B. M. E., 55 Franklin St., New York City, 
N. Y, 

Manager, New York Telephone Company. 
Drew, Irving Harry, B. M. E., 107 W. 84 St., New York, N. Y., Home 
address 47 Morse St., Portland, Me., 

With New York World Advertising Department. 
Fernald, Reginald Lovejoy, B. S., 70 Fifth Ave., New York City, N. Y., 

With Ginn & Co., Publishers. 
Flint, Bert Whittaker, B. C. E., 152 Elm St., Worcester, Mass., 

Superintendent of Construction. 
Ford, Leonard Harris, B. S., M. D., East Eddington, 

Grover, Archer Lewis, B. M. E., B. S., Orono, 

Instructor in Drawing, University of Maine. 
Haney, William Wallace, B. M. E., 130 Bradhurst Ave., New York City, 
N. Y., 

Engineer with Brooklyn Edison Company. 
Hayes, Clarence Morrill, M. E., 192 North St., Stamford, Conn., 

Railway Construction Department, Westinghouse Electric and 
Manufacturing Co. 
Hersey, George Woodman, B. M. E., 11 Pine St., New York City, N. Y., 

Sales Dept., Westinghouse Elec. & Mfg. Co. 
Heyer, Harry Sanford, B. M. E., Orr's Island, 
Principal Grammar School Kennebunk. 
Hilton, George Libby, B. S„ M. D., 62 Main St., Bangor, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Hoxie, Hall Farrington, B. M. E., 120 Broadway, New York City, N. Y., 

Board of Patent Control. 
Mansfield, Edward Raymond, B. S., M. D., Eastern Maine General 
Hospital, Bangor. 


Mayo, Herbert Palmer, B. M. E-, 306 Lafayette St., Schenctady, N. Y., 

Switchboard Comm. Dept, General Electric Co. 
Morell, William Bradley, B. M. E., Business Address, 173 East 79th to 
113 West 38th St., New York City, N. Y., 

Telephone Work, Central Office Manager. 
Morrill, Walter Jean, B. S., M. F., 508 Empire Bldg., Denver, Colo., 

Forest Assistant in the Forest Service U. S. Dept. of Agricul- 
ture. Connected with the Pike's Peak National Forest. 
Mosher, Edwin St. Elmo, B. M. E., Presque Isle, 

Supt. of Maine and New Brunswick Electric Power Company, 
Murray, William Augustine, B. C. E., Richland, N. Y., 

Supervisor of Track, N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R. 
Nelson, William, B. M. E., 12 Penhallow St., Dorchester, Mass. 
tOswald, Herman Henry, B. M. E. 
Palmer, Edward Everett, B. M. E., 84 State St., Boston, Mass., 

Commercial Engineer, General Electric Company. 
Powell, Maurice Henry, B. S., Orono, 

Powell, Mildred Louise, B. S., Wallingford, Conn., 

Teacher, Commercial Dept., Wallingford High School. 
Pretto, Henry Joseph, B. M. E., 62 High St., Stoneham, Mass., 

Millwright Draftsman, with American Tool and Machine Co., 
* Sidensparker, Stanley, B. M. E., B. S. 
Small, Clinton Leander, B. S., B. A., 342 State St., Flushing, N. Y., 

Supt., Oakes Mfg. Co., Long Island City, N. Y. 
Smith, Edwin Melcher, B. M. E., 146 Sayre St., Elizabeth, N. J., 

Chief Draftsman, Electro Dynamic Co., Bayonne, N. J. 
Stephens, Allen Whitmore, B. C. E., 75 Littleton Ave., Newark, N. J., 

Chief Draftsman, Turner Construction Co. 
Stinson, Frank Minott, B. M. E-, 599 Lafayette St., Bridgeport, Conn., 

Draftsman, Locomobile Company of America. 
Stover, Oliver Otis, M. S., Freeport, 

Swain, John Henry, B. S., Maynard, Mass., 

Principal, Maynard High School. 
Swain, Pearl Clayton, B. A., Maynard, Mass., 

Housekeeping, and non-resident post-graduate work at Univer- 
sity of Maine. 
Veazie, Marcellus Maurice, B. S., 151 Milk St., Boston, Mass., 

Employed in the Office of Frank G. Macomber Insurance. 
Wescott, Arthur Clement, B. M. E., 46 Norwood St., Portland, 

Manager for Maine, Aetna Life Insurance Company, Casco 
National Bank Bldg. 
Whittier, Charles Comfort, B. C. E., 1121 The Rookery, Chicago, Illinois, 

Consulting Engineer. 



Beedle, Harry Woodward, B. M. E., The Bell Telephone Company, of 
Canada, Montreal, Quebec, 

Power Engineer, Electrical Engineering Dept. 
Bird, Alan Lawrence, B. M. E., Rockland, 

Bowerman, Frank Harvey, B. C. E., 49 Dix St., Dorchester, Mass., 

Foreman, Eastern Expanded Metal Company, Boston. 
* Burgess, William Joseph, B. M. E. 
Burnham, Agnes Rowena, B. Ph., 66 Franklin St., So. Braintree, Mass., 

Teacher of Science in High School, Braintree. 
Cargill, Walter Neal, B. M. E., 333 Union St., Lynn, Mass., 

Superintendent of Power Station, Boston & Northern Street 
Ry. Co. 
Caswell, Wilfred Harold, B. M. E-, 40 Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Electrical Engineer with the International Paper Company, 30 
Broad St., New York City. 
Clark, Wilkie Collins, B. S., Skowhegan. 
Closson, James Edward, B. S., 94 Winter St., Portland, 

Chemist, with Ayer, Houston & Company, Hat Manufacturers, 
Cole, Clinton Llewellyn, B. C. E., 650 Main St., Hartford, Conn., 

Chief Draftsman, Connecticut River Bridge & Highway District 
Davis, Harry Ashton, B. M. E., Hopedale, Mass., 

Assistant Chief Draftsman for The Draper Company, Cotton 
Drummond, Henry Frank, B. M. E., 36 Third St., Bangor, 

Superintendent, Bangor Box Company. 
t Dunn, Julian Sturdivant, B. M. E. 
Eaton, Herbert Davidson, B. S., 96 Highland Ave., Bangor, 

Goodwin, Philip Ross, C. E., Klamath Falls, Oregon, Care U. S. Recla- 
mation Service, 

Civil Engineering. Engineering Aid, U. S. R. S. 
Gray, Charley Perley, B. S., M. D., 129 West 47th St., New York, N. Y., 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Hamlin, George Otis, B. M. E., Lansdowne, Pa., 

Mechanical Engineer with Genasco Silk Works. 
Hart, Malcolm Cole, B. C. E., 5532 Ridge Ave., St. Louis, Mo., 

Assistant Engineer, Missouri Pacific Ry., M. of W. Dept. 
Hatch, Howard Andrew, B. C. E., Alva, Okla., 

Assistant Engineer, Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. 
Hayes, James Arthur, M. S., 521 1 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 

Chemist, Martin & Wm. H. Nixon Paper Co., Manayunk, Phila- 


Hersey, Guy Alfred, B. C. E , Bangor, 

Civil Engineer. 
Holley, Clifford Dyer, M. S., Ph. D., Fargo, N. Dak., 

Professor of Chemistry, North Dakota Agricultural College. 
Horner, Leon Herbert, B. S., 24 Crystal St., Worcester, Mass., 

Jones, William Gouldsbrough, B. S., 39 Ward St., Hartford, Conn., 

Insurance Underwriter, with Orient Insurance Company. 
t Judge, Thomas Francis, B. M. E. 

Leathers, Harry Hewes, B. M. E., M. E., 37 Boston St., Somerville,. 

Draftsman, Stone & Webster, 84 State St., Boston, Mass. 
Lombard, Charles Hutchinson, B. C. E., Havre de Grace, Md., 

Civil Engineer, Chief Engineer's Department, Pennsylvania R. 
R., South Amboy, N. J. 
* Love, Alexander, B. C. E. 
Lurvey, John Gardner, B. M. E., 20 Alvey St., Schenectady, N. Y., 

With General Electric Company. 
McDonald, Frank, B. M. E., Fair Haven, N. B., Canada, 

McDonald Packing Company. 
Maddocks, Howard Lewis, B. C. E., Newark, Ohio, 

County Engineer, Licking Co. 
Mann, Edwin Jonathan, B. M. E., Bryant's Pond, 

Junior Partner, Firm of L. M. Mann & Son, Manufacturers of 
clothespins and bail woods. 
Merrill, Wilbur Louis, B. M. E., Care of General Electric Company, 

Schenectady, N. Y., , 

Power and Mining Engineering Dept. 
Mitchell, Fred Carleton, B. S., M. S., 14 Holten St., Danvers, Mass., 

Principal, Holten High School. 
Mitchell, Frank Henry, M. S., Care Dill & Collins Co., Richmond &r 
Tioga Sts., Philadelphia, Pa., 

Chemist, Paper & Pulp Co. 
Murphy, George Ferguson, B. C. E., New Kensington, Pa., 

Supt of Construction, Pittsburg Reduction Co. 
Noyes, Frank Albert, B. M. E., Rio Janeiro, Brazil, 

Electrical Engineer for Rio Janeiro Ry., Light & Power Co. 
Owen, Alden Bradford, B. M. E., Ridgway, Pa., 

Assistant Engineer, Ridgway Dynamo & Engine Co. 
Page, Arthur Southwick, B. C. E., R. 431 South Station, Boston, Mass.. 
Home address Fairfield, Me., 

Assistant Engineer N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. 
Perkins, DeForest Henry, M. A., Skowhegan, 

Principal of Bloomfield Academy and Skowhegan High SchooL 
Philoon, Daniel Lara, B. S., Winchester, Mass., 

Porter, Charles Omer, B. C. E., 38 Files St., Westbrook, 

Supt. of Construction, with the S. D. Warren Paper Co. 


Ricker, Percy Leroy, M. S., Washington, D. C, 

Assistant Botanist, Botanical Investigation, U. S. Dept. of 
Robbins, Charles Alphonso, Ph. B., East Millinocket, 

Principal East Millinocket High School. 
* Rollins, Charles Herbert, B. M. E. 
Rollins, Frank Main, B. S., Waterville, 

Supt. Sulphite Dept., Hollingsworth & Whitney Co. 
Russell, Leo Bernard, B. C. E., Farmington, 

Wood Turner, Assistant Superintendent. 
Smith, Edward Henry, B. M. E., East Sullivan, 

Principal of High School, Wells, Me. 
Smith, Freeman Ames, B. S., Palmer, Mass., 

Snowdeal Adah, B. A., Lisbon Falls, (Home Address, 23 State St., 

Teacher in Hampden Academy, Hampden, Me. 
Stickney, Grosvenor Wilson, B. M. E., Port Byron, N. Y., R. F. D. 38, 
Assistant Engineer, Contract 5, Construction of Barge Canal. 
Strange, Edward Moore, B. S., 1028 Ross Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa., Per- 
manent address St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada, 

Foreman of erection, McClintic Marshall Construction Co. 
Stowell, Clarence Warner, Ph. B., 357 Westminster St., Providence, 
R. I, 

Instructor, Bryant & Stratton Commercial School. 
Strout, Howard Clinton, B. M. E., 126 State St., Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Traveling Saleman, General Electric Company, 44 Broad St., 
New York City, N. Y. 
*Tate, Edwin Morrell, B. C. E. 
t Tate, Fred Foy, B. C. E. 
Vose, Fred Hale, B. M. E., Washington University, St. Louis, Mo., 

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, (In charge of 
the Department.) 
Webster, Frank Elijah, B. M. E., 10 Pearson Ave., Somerville, Mass., 

Checker and Assistant to Chief Draftsman, District Office, Stone 
& Webster Engineering Corp'n. 
Weston, Benjamin Thomas, B. C. E., Nimrod, Mont., 

Concrete Inspector for Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. 
Weston, Wallace Augustus, B. C. E., 432-33 Arcade Annex, Seattle, 

Contracting Engineer, with Seattle Concrete Construction Co. 
Whitcomb, Joseph Onon, B. Ph., 1008 East Adams St., Syracuse, N. Y., 
Department Manager, New York State, for the King-Richardson 

Bartlett, Charles William, B. S., 206 Parkwood Blvd., Schenectady, 
N. Y., 

Commercial Engineering. 


Bartlett, Mark Jonathan, B. Ph., LL. B., Corner Main & Common Sts., 

* Bartlett, Wales Rogers, B. A. 
Bixby, John Harold, B. S., C. E., 59 Division St., Ashtabula, Ohio, 

Civil Engineer, t. S. & M. S. Ry. 
Bixby, Oscar Merrill, B. S., 60 West 128th St., New York City, N. Y., 

Chief Draftsman, Electric Locomotive and Car Dept, N. Y. C. 
& H. R. R. R. Co. 
Boardman, William Harris, B. S., Care of George F. Hardy, 309 Broad- 
way, New York City, N. Y., 

Engineer in charge of Construction With G. F. Hardy. 
Bogart, Fred Hammond Hanson, B. S-, 150 Capitol Ave., Hartford, 

Vice President and Manager of The Hartford Auto Parts Co. 
Buck, Thomas, B. S., 5825 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, Illinois, 

Fellow in Mathematics, University of Chicago. 
Cary, Lewis Robinson, M. S., Cameron, La., 

Zoologist, Gulf Biologic Station. 
Cobb, Arthur Leroy, B. S., Kenneth Hotel, Spokane, Wash., 

Chief Inspector, Inland Division, Pacific Telegraph & Telephone 
Crosby, Charles Elmer, B. S., Waterville, 

Railway Postal Clerk. 
Davis, Fred Merrill, E. E., Care Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Co., 
Chicago, 111., 

Assistant Engineer, Kelloggg Switchboard & Supply Co. 
Davis, George Harold, B. S., 1147 Oak Street, Salem, Oregon, 

Operating Engineer, for Portland Railway Light & Power Com- 
pany, Salem Division. 
Faunce, Benjamin Franklin, B. S., 1338 Walnut St., Edgewood Park, 
Pittsburg, Pa., 

Mechanical Engineer, Carnegie Building, Carnegie Steel Com- 
Fitzgerald, Elsie Eunice, B. Ph., Old Town. 
Folsom, Harold Morrill, B. A., Biddeford, 

Rector Christ Church (Episcopal), Biddeford. 
Fraser, Gertrude Lee, M. A., Macedon, N. Y. 
French, Joseph Edward, B. S., 275 Summer St., Woonsocket, R. I., 

Toolmaker, with the Taft-Peirce Mfg. Co. 
Goodwin, George Estyn, B. S., United States Geological Survey, Hunt- 
ley, Mont., 

Engineer, U. S. G. S., Reclamation Service. 
Hamlin, Emily, B. S., Orono. 
Harvey, Clifford Dawes, B. S., 646 North 12th St., Philadelphia, Pa., 

Medical Student, Hahnemann Medical College. 
Harvey, LeRoy Harris, M. S., Yankton College, Yankton, South Dakota, 
Professor of Biology. 


Howe, Ernest Judson, B. S., State Hall, Albany, N. Y., 

Assistant Engineer, Dept. State Engineer and Surveyor. 
Hoyt, Henry Perez, B. S., Madison, 

Assistant Engineer, Great Northern Paper Co. 
Keller, Percy Raymond, B. S., Care Western Electric Co., 259 South 
Clinton St., Chicago, 111., 

Plant Engineering Dept. 
Leonard, Herbert Henry, B. S., 14 Camp St., New Britain, Conn., 

With P. & F. Corbin. 
Lowell, Frank Holt, B. S., 145 Beekman Ave., No. Tarrytown, N. Y., 

Employed with Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Co. 
Martin Bertrand Clifford, B. S., 596 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Assistant Engineer, N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R. 
Martin, Fred Lewis, B. S., 328 North 64th Ave., Oak Park, 111., 

Advertising Solicitor, White's Class Advertising Co., Chicago. 
Merrill, Maurice Barnaby, B. A., Mars Hill, 

Principal, Aroostook Central Institute. 
Mitchell, Charles Augustus, B. S., New Glasgow, N. S., Canada, 

Assistant Engineer, Halifax Ry. 
Pritham, Henry Charles, B. S., Bristol, Tenn., Care of I. T. Williams 
& Son, 

Chemist and Chemical Engineer to Bristol Barium & Zinc 
Robinson, Alson Haven, B. S., Newburgh, N. Y., 96 Montgomery St., 

Minister of the Church of Our Father (Unitarian.) 
Ross, Mowry, B. S., West Woodstock, Conn., 

Thompson, Samuel Day, B. A., 613 Fourth Ave., Asbury Park, N. J., 

Supervisor, Asbury Park High School. 
Varney, Lewis Goodrich, B. S., 1610 State St., Harrisburg, Pa., 

Draftsman for the Pennsylvania Steel Co. 
Ward, Thomas Hale, B. S., care Chapman Valve Mfg. Co., Indian 
Orchard, Mass., 

Electrical Engineer, for Chapman Valve Co. 
Watson, Ernest Lauren, B. S., 10 Bridge St., New York City, N. Y., 

Supervisor of Signals, Pennsylvania Tunnel & Terminal' 
R. R. Co. 
Watts, Frank Ervin, B. S., 155 King Ave., Detroit, Mich., 

Technical Writer, Western Editorial Representative of Horseless 
Woodbury, Stephen Edward, E. E., M. E., 163 Magazine St., Cambridge,. 

In charge of Engineering and Winding Depts., Simplex Heat- 
ing Co. 
Wormell, Ralph Geddes, B. S., 319 Main St., Waterville. 



Eacheldor, Arthur Willis, B. S., 317 Academy St., Trenton, N. J., 

Erecting Machinist, Trenton Shops, Pennsylvania R. R. 
Barrows, William Edward, Jr., B. S., 908 East 60th St., Chicago, 111,, 

Instructor in Electrical Engineering, Armour Institute of Tech- 
Eartlett, Enoch Joseph, E. E., 231 New Britain Ave., Hartford, Conn., 

Mechanical Engineer, with the Electric Vehicle Co. 
Eoland, Marion Genevieve, B. A., 11 Lagrange St., Worcester, Mass., 

Teacher, Worcester High School. 
Euck, Henry Alfred, B. S., Bucksport, 

Eussell, Edith Mae, B. Ph., Old Town, 

Teacher, Great Works. 
Butman, James Warren, B. S., Winthrop, 

Civil Engineer. 
Carr, Harold Malcolm, B. S., Sangerville, 

Superintendent of Sangerville Woolen Co. 
Chadbourne, Henry Wilmott, B.S., 129 Mason St., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Electrical Engineer, General Electric Co. 
Clark, Samuel, B. S., Waterville, R. F. D. 39, 

Member of Proctor & Bowie Co., Contractors. 
Cole, Henry Ernest, B. S., Park Building, Pittsburg, Pa., 

H. E. Cole & Co., Contractors & Engineers. 
Davis, Alfred Ricker, B. S., 25 Johnson St., Lynn, Mass., 

Draftsman, with General Electric Co. 
Davis, Samuel Prince, B. S., no Winter St., Portland, 

Traveling Salesman, American Radiator Co. 
Delano, Edward Warren, B. S., 125 Essex St., Bangor, 

Civil Engineer with B. & A. R. R. 
Duren, Harry Elwood, B. S., Union Trust Bl'dg, San Francisco, Calif., 

Commercial Ijngineer, General Electric Co. 
1* Durgan, George Washington, B. S., 92 Winthrop St., Medford, Mass., 

Time-Keeper, Walworth Mfg. Co., Boston, Mass. 
Eldridge, Walter Hampton, B. S., 5 Oakdale St., Jamaica Plain, Mass., 

Electrical Engineer, with B. F. Sturtevant Co. 
Elliott, Wesley Clarendon, B. S., 5 Oakdale St., Jamaica Plain, Mass., 

Contracting Engineer, with B. F. Sturtevant Co. 
Farrington, Herbert Oscar, B. S., Box 163, Kittery, 

Electrical Draftsman, Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H. 
Fessenden, Lothrop Edwin, B. S., Rockland, Mass., R. F. D. 1, 

Breeder of White Plymouth Rocks. 
Foster, Arthur Brookhouse, M. S., Patent Office, Washington, D. C, 

Assistant Examiner, Chemicals and Fertilizers. 
French, Henry Carter, B. S., Rumford Center. 
Gilbert, Engene Clarence, B. S., Orono, 

Lumbering, with T. Gilbert. 


Hamilton, Andrew George, B. S., Room 404, Board of Trade Bldg., 
Boston, Mass., 

Salesman, with Aluminum Company of America. 
Hamlin, Horace Parlin, B. S., Room 1309, 140 Cedar St., New York, 
N. Y., 

Designing Engineer, with Raymond Concrete Pile Co. 
Holmes, Fred Eugene, B. S., 290 Main St., Bangor, 

Roadmaster, Third Drv., M. C. R. R., Bangor. 
Johnson, Elbridge Augustus, B. S., 16 Orland Ave., Woodfords, 

Civil Engineer. Assistant Engineer, M. C. R. R. 
Kallom, Frank Winthrop, B. S., 37 W. Elm St., Brockton, Mass., 

With O. C. St. Ry. Co., Brockton, Mass. 
Kelley, Burchard Valentine, B. S., 316 Clinton St., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Mechanical Draftsman, General Electric Co. 
Kneeland, Henry Wilton, B. S., 20 Kilby St., Boston, Mass., 

Bond Department, John C. Paige & Co. 
Knight, Perley Charles, B. S., Gorham, 

Knowles, Lida May, B. S., Presque Isle. 

(Mrs. R. J. Smith.) 
Lowe, Sumner Sturdivant, B. S., Jersey Shore, Pa., 

Civil Engineering Dept. of the New York Central R. R. 
Lyon, Alpheus Crosby, B. S., 735 Main St., Bangor, 

With Vacuum Cleaning Co. 
McCarthy, Patrick Edward, B. S., Livermore Falls, 

Civil Engineers, with International Paper Co. 
Mansfield, Harold Wilder, M. E., 201 Park Ave., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Foreman, Alternating Current Drafting Dept., General Electric 
Margesson, Charles William, B. S., 39 Webster Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Calculator in the Survey Department, Title Guarantee & Trust 
Mosher, Percy Hildreth, B. S., 14 Beacon St., Boston, Mass., 

Assistant Engineer, with Metcalf & Eddy, Consulting Engineers. 
Peck, Luther, B. S., M. D., Plymouth, Mich., 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Pressey, Frank Ethelbert, B. S., 487 Union St., Bangor, 

Assistant Engineer, in U. S. Geological Survey. 
Rackliffe, Clinton Nathan, E. E., 107 Becker St., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Commercial Engineering in Power and Mining Dept., General 
Electric Co. 
Rice, Marie Cecelia, M. S., 136 Court St., Bangor, 

Teacher, Bangor High School. 
Ross, Edwin Bishop, B. S., 305 South Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa., 

Baldwin Locomotive Works. 
Russell, Roy Elvert, B. S., Minneapolis, Minn., 

Employed by W. I. Gray & Co. 


Sewall, Herbert Willis, B. S., Riverside, Illinois, 

In charge of Switchboard Sales Dept, Western Electric Com- 
pany, Chicago. 
Silver, Arthur Elmer, B. S., 745 Hillsboro St., Raleigh, N. C, 

Electrical Engineer with Raleigh Electric Company. 
Stephens, Charles Walter, B. 3., 14 Stewart Place, Elizabeth, N. J., 

Structural Draftsman, with Hay, Foundry & Iron Works, 
Newark, N. J. 
Stilphen, Charles Augustus, 11 Lester Place, Jamaica Plain, Mass., 

Draftsman, in charge Heating and Ventilating Dept., with B. F. 
Sturtivant "Co. 
Thombs, William Brackett, B. S., 6 Atlantic St., Portland, 

Automobile Salesman, 42 Preble St., Portland. 
True, Edwin Stanley, B. S., 2207 Broadway, Indianapolis, Md., 

Electrical Engineer. 
Warren, John Clifford, B. S., LL. B., 14 Pleasant St., Westbrook, 

Watson, Alvin Morrison, B. S., Goldfield, Nev. 
Wheeler, Allen Francis, B. S., 31 Federal St., Brunswick, 

Engine Draftsman, Bath Iron Works. 
Whittier, Ralph, B. S,, 54 Forest Ave., Bangor, 

Clerk, First National Bank. 


Baker, Ernest Linwood, B. S., New York Agricultural Experiment Sta- 
tion, Geneva, N. Y., 

Assistant Chemist. 
f Benner, Archie Ray, B. S. 
Carr, Cleora May, B. Ph., Old Town. 
Chandler, Robert Flint, B. S., 127 Emery St., Portland, 

Member of the firm, Portland Upholstering and Decorating 
Chase, Nathan Ajalon, B. S., 11 South 3rd Ave., Ilion, N. Y., 

Chemist and Metallurgist, Remington Arms Company. 
Coffin, Leroy Melville, B. S., 412 9th Ave., New York City, N. Y., 

Instructor in the New York Institution for the Blind. 
t Collins, Fred, B. S. 

Conner, Ralph Melvin, B. S., Nampa, Idaho, Care U. S. Reclamation 

Assistant Engineer, in charge of the construction of the Upper 
Deer Flat Embankment. 
Crabtree, Leroy Brown, B. S., Hancock. 
* Crocker, Henry Kennedy, B. S. 
Davis, Rodney Clinton, B. S., 5741 Monroe Ave., Chicago, 111., 

Assistant Engineer, Illinois Central Ry. Co. 
Dinsniore, Sanford Crosby, B. S., Reno, Nevada, 

Chemist, Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station, Reno, Nev. 


Dorticos, Carlos, B. S., 126 Brandywine Ave., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Electrical Engineer, with General Electric Co. 
Douglas, Frank Libby, B. S., 50 Wabansia Ave., Chicago, 111., 

Care North Works, Illinois Steel Co., Purchasing Dept. 
Dyer, William Norman, B. S., Harrington, 

Ellstrom, Victor Edwin, B. S., Sigma Chi House, Northwestern Univer- 
sity, Evanston, 111. 
Foster, Samuel Joshua, B. S., Oakland. 

Freeman, George Leonard, B. S., no Ridge Ave., Ridgeway, Pa., 

Designing and Contracting, with Elk Tanning Company. 
Gage, Arthur Willard, B. S., 2424 Ashland Ave., Indianapolis, Ind., 

Draftsman, Brown-Ketcham Iron Works. 
Goodridge, Oren Leslie, B. S., Houlton, 

Assistant Engineer, Bangor & Aroostook R. R. 
Goodwin, Burton Woodbury, B. S., Ridlonville, 

Graves, Shirley Preston, B. S., 119 Townsend St., Roxbury, Mass., 

Lawyer, 30 Court St., Boston, Mass. 
Harris, Philip Howard, B. S., Care Westinghouse E. & M. Co., 1502 
Continental Building, Baltimore, Md., 

Erecting Engineer. 
Hartford, Edward Goodnow, B. S., 37 Howard St., Waltham, Mass., 

Inspector of Concrete Construction B. & A. R. R. 
Hilliard, John Heddle, B. A., 220 Broadway, New York City, N. Y., 

HinchlifYe, Henry John, B. S., East Hartford, Conn., 

Assistant Principal, South School, Hartford, Conn. 
Hinckley, Frances Augusta, B. Ph., 501 Becker St., Schenectady, N. Y. 

(Mrs. J. W. Crowe.) 
Kittridge, Claude Abbott, B. S., Old iown, 

Supt. of Bodwell Water Power Company's Plant at Milford. 
Libby, Arthur Stephen, B. Ph., M. A., Spartansburg-S. Co., 

Professor of Modern Languages and Literature, Converse Col- 
Loud, Warren Cornelius, B. S., Hampden, 

Transitman, B. & A. R. R. 
McCready, John Hollis, B. S., 107 Patent Office, Washington, D. C, 

* Maxfield, Amy Inez, B. S. 
Mullaney, Roderick Edward, B. S., 37 Birch St., Bangor, 

Civil Engineering, 202 Exchange St., Bangor. 
Patrick, Stephen Edmund, B. S., Gorham, 

Teacher of Manual Training, Walker Training School, Portland. 
Porter, Ernest Albee, B. S., 25 Pemberton Sq., Boston, Mass., 

Junior Engineer, in U. S. Engineering Dept. 


Sheahan, Harold Vose, 321 Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa., 

Assistant Engineer for Chas. E. Collins Co. 
Simpson, Paul Dyer, B. S., Mitchell, Nebraska, 

Assistant Engineer, U. S. R. S. 
Small, Silas Gilman, B. S., 148 Dudley St., Roxbury, Mass., 

Smith, Howard Ausburn, E. E., Box 180 Pittsfield, Mass.., 

Electrical Engineering, General Electric Co., Pittsfield, Mass. , 
Soper, Henry Melville, B. S., Care Aluminum Co. of America, East 
St. Louis, III, 

Assistant Chief Chemist, Aluminum Co. of America. 
Stone, Charles Wesley, B. S., 317 48th St., Newport News, Va., 

Chief Chemist for the Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry 
Dock Co. 
f Towse, Arthur Ray, B. S. 

Treworgy, Isaac Emery, B. S., Care American Woolen Company, 126 
5th Ave., New York City, N. Y., 

Salesman, with the American Woolen Co. 
White, Ralph Henry, B. S., 108 North Main St., Springfield, Mass., 

Employed by C. O. Churchill. 
Whitney, Harvey David, B. S., 452 Whitehall St., Atlanta, Ga., 

Manager Atlanta Klipsterin & Co., New York. 
Wiley, Mellen Cleaveland, B. S., 6131 Lexington Ave., Chicago, 111., 

Civil Engineer, with Robert W. Hunt & Co. 

Averill, Roy Samuel, B. S., Milltown, Me. 
t Bassett, Hubert Merle, B. S. 
Bassett, Ralph Smith, B. S., Old Town. 
Bean, Paul Leonard, B. S., Orono, 

Instructor in Civil Engineering at the University of Maine. 
Bearce, Ira Mellen, B. S., Box 1137, Helena, Mont, 

Assistant Principal, Instructor in Physics and Chemistry, Helena 
High School. 
Berry, Edward Robie, B. S., M. S., 107 Cross St., Maiden, Mass., 

Chief Chemist, Engineering Laboratory. 
Bradford, Luther Cary, B. S., Turner. 
Brann, George Samuel, B. S., ill Halsey St., Newark, N. J., 

Transitman, C. R. R. of N. J., Jersey City, N. J. 
Breed, Everett Mark, B. S., Vancouver, B. C, Canada, 

District Manager, Allis-Chalmers-Bullock, Ltd. 
Broadwell, Edwin Sherman, B. S., 440 Ditmars Ave., Long Island City, 
N. Y., 

Engineering Department of the New York Telephone Co. 
Brown, Horace Arthur, B. S., Bradley, 

Resident Engineer, on railroad work, with J. G. White & Co. 
Buck, Florence Emily, B. S., Flemington, N. J., 

Vice Principal, Flemington High School. 


Buker, Edson Bayard, B. S., Waldoboro, 

Student, Maine Medical School. 
Case, Albert Deering, B. S., 626 Elm St., Arlington, N. J., 

Draftsman, Office of Engineer of Bridges and Buildings, Erie 
R. R. Co., 26 Cortlandt St., New York City, N. Y. 
Chaplin, Carroll Sherman, B. S., 125 Western Promenade, Portland, 
(Home address.) 

Student, Harvard Law School, (College address), 33V2 Wendell 
St., Cambridge. 
Chase, Clifford Gray, B. S., Baring, 

Superintendent, Granville Chase Co. 
Clifford, Edward Clinton, B. S., Forest Service, Washington, D. C, 

First Assistant in Forest Service. 
Copeland, Lennie Phcebe, B. S., 263 French St., Bangor, 

Assistant in Brewer High School. 
Crowley, Elmer Bishop, B. S., Greenville, 

Engineer for the Penobscot Bay Electric Co. 
Davenport, Arthur Edward, B. S., Pittsfield, Mass., 

With Stanley Electric Co. 
Day, Eugene Garfield, B. S., Madison. 
Dorticos, Philip, B. S., 12 North 19th St., East Orange, N. J., 

Chemist, General Electric Co. 
Everett, Chester Steele, Attleboro, Mass. 
* Fifleld, Fred Victor, B. S. 
Flynt, Roy Horton, B. S., Augusta, 

Kennebec Journal. 
French, Harold Francis, B. S., Pushaw Road, Glenburn. 
Giles, Clyde Irving, B. S., 66 Ashmont St., Portland, Me., 

Secretary Eastern Motor Car Company. 
Haley, Harry Dennett, B. S., Gardiner. 
Haskell, Roger, B. S., 234 Bridge St., Westbrook, 

Herbert, Thomas Carroll, B. S., Care of Pennsylvania R. R., Richmond, 

Assistant on Eng. Corps, Maintenance of Way. 
Holmes, Ernest Randall, B. S., Eastport. 

Sardine Manufacturer. 
Hopkins, Ralph Thomas, B. S.. Elliston, Mont, 

Assayer for Kineo Mining Co. 
Jordan, Alfred Carroll, B. S., 780 Ellicott Sq., Buffalo, N. Y., 

Salesman for Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. 
Kimball, Charles Benjamin, B. S., 24 South Central Ave., Wollaston, 

Boston Office, of General Electric Co., Engineering Dept. 
Kingsbury, Ralph Waldo Emerson, B. S., New Haven, Conn., Care of 
General Electric Co., 

Assistant to Manager, New Haven Office, General Electric Co. 


Kingsland, Earl Brush, Ph. B., B. S., Hammond, Indiana, 

Civil Engineer on Construction Work, with Standard Steel Car 
Knowles, Allen Mark, B. S., 31 5 West 134th St., New York City, N. Y., 

Assistant Engineer of Bridges and Buildings, with Erie R. R. 
Co., 11 Broadway, N. Y. 
Larrabee, Benjamin True, B. S., 17 Berkeley St., Cumberland Mills, 

Chemist for S. D. Warren & Co., Paper Mill, Cumberland Mills. 
Lawrence, Leonard Alexander, B. S., Ithaca, N. Y., 

Instructor in Civil Engineering, Cornell University. 

* Leary, Thomas Edward, B. S. 

Leighton, Clifford Henry, B. S., 41 Champa Ave., Newton Upper Falls, 

Chief Electrician, Saco & Petee Machine Co. 
Little, Leslie Engene, B. S., Room 403, Union Station, Providence, R. I., 

Draftsman on Providence Terminal N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. 
Lord, Cecil Arthur, B. S., Bar Harbor. 
McCullough, Frank, B. S., Box 65, Elizabeth, N. J., 

Transitman, Central Railroad Co. of New Jersey. 
Mclntire, Walter Draper, B. S., Babcock & Wilcox Co., Stirling Dept, 
Barberton, Ohio, 

Stirling Erector. 
Monk, Holman Waldron, B. S., 745 Hillsboro St., Raleigh, N. C, 

Electrician, with The Raleigh Electric Co. 
Olivenbaum, John Emanuel, B. S., 2160 Murray Hill Road, S. E., Cleve- 
land, Ohio, 

Instructor in Mechanics, Case School of Applied Science. 
Paine, Allen Thatcher, B. S., in Halsey St., Newark, N. J., 

Assistant Engineer, New York Central Railroad. 
Parker, Edward Alton, B. S., Skowhegan, 

Teacher, Sub-master, Skowhegan High School. 
Pearson, Ralph Howard, B. S., Guilford. 

* Perkins, Connor Arthur, B. S. 

Phinney, Alverdo Linwood, B. S., 564 Westbrook St., So. Portland, 

General Engineer and Contractor. 
Porter, Karl Byron, B. S., Old Town. 

Quimby, John Herman, B. S., Room 2008, 154 Nassau St., New York 
City, N. Y, 

Assistant Engineer, N. Y. Public Service Commission, First 
Sampson, Charles Henry, B. S., Orono, 

Tutor in Mechanical Drawing, University of Maine. 
Sawyer, James Herbert, B. S., 60 Wall St., New York City, N. Y., 

Civil Engineer, with Ralph D. Mershon, Const. Engineer. 
t Scott, Walter Erwin, B. S. 
Sinclair, Karl Augustus, B. S., Guayquil, Equador, 

Transitman Guayquil and Quito R. R. 


Small, Alvah Randall, B. S., 382 East Ohio St., Chicago, 111., 

Assistant Engineer Underwriters' Laboratories Inc. 
Small, Lottie Luella, B. A., Auburn, Me. 
Smith, Leroy Clifton, B. S., Tangerine, Orange Co., Fla., 

Manager, Pine Ola Fruit and Vegetable Farm. 
t Soderstrom, Godfrey Leonard, B. S. 
Stewart, George Thomas, B. S., Box 102, McComb, Miss., 

Division Engineer, Illinois Central R. R., La. Div. 
Strickland, Roy Elgin, B. S., General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Electrical Engineer, Power and Mining Dept. 
Talbot, James Rich, B. S., East Machias, 

Agent for timber lands; farmer. 
Taylor, Alec Gladstone, B. S., Helena, Mont. 

Civil Engineer Helena Power Transmission Co. 
Taylor, Elliot Williams, B. S., 101 Beach St., Wollaston, Mass., 

Assistant in M. E. Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of 
Taylor, Howard Smith, B. S., Care of George F. Hardy, 309 Broadway, 
New York City, N. Y., 

Taylor, Thomas Francis, B. A., A. M., Orono, (Home address, 44 
Curve St., Bangor), 

Principal of High School, Orono. 
Tucker, John Voden, B. S., 16 Prescott St., Cambridge, Mass., 

Stu'dent, Boston University Law School. 
Turner, Roland Lee, B. S., East Berlin, Conn., Box 74, 

Draftsman, American Bridge Co., East Berlin, Conn. 
Webster, Francis Howe, B. S., 9 Wescott St., Portland, Me., 

Student in Maine Medical School. 
Whipple, Albert Lawrence, B. S., Shawmut, Care of Shawmut Mfg. Co., 

Engineer, in charge of Construction with G. F. Hardy, 309 
Broadway, New York City, N. Y. 

Abbott, Curtis Eames, B. S., 822 Cherry St., Fort Worth, Texas, 

Assistance Engineer, Maintenance of Way, Fort Worth & Den- 
ver City Ry. 
Alden, Carl Howard, B. S., 294 Maple St., Holyoke, Mass., 
Foreman in Drill Dept. of Dean Steam Pump Co. 
Alton, Ralph Henry, B. S., 42 Cherry St., Lynn, Mass. 

Asst. Elect. Eng. and Construction Foreman in Gen Electric Co., 
Schenectady, N. Y. Associate member American Institute of 
Elec. Eng. 
Ames, Bertram Eugene, B. S., 16 Gage St., Lynn, Mass., 

Inspection Dept., Factory Mutual Fire Ins. Co., 31 Milk St., 
Boston, Mass. 
* Anthony, Gould Royden, B. A. 


Armstrong, George Otty, B. S., 308 Germania Ave., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Testing Dept., General Electric Co. 
Bachelder, Herbert Walter, B. S., McCall Ferry, Lancaster Co., Pa., 

Master Mechanic for the McCall Ferry Power Co. 
Bailey, Charles Lester, B. S., Newlon, Montana, Care U. S. R. S-, 

Civil Engineer in charge of Field Party. 
Balentine, Florence, B. A., 2472 Marion Ave., Fordham, N. Y. 

(Airs. Emory F. Hanaburgh.) 
Beale, Harry Orlando, B. S., Fort Shaw, Mont., 

Asst. Eng. U. S. Reclamation Service. 
f Blaisdell, Harry George, B. S. 
Bowles, Clayton Wass, B. S., Glendive, Mont., 

Assistant Engineer, U. S. R. S. 
Breed, Archer Fuller, B. S., Permanent Address, Breed St., Lynn, Mass., 

Student, Technische Hochschule, Charlottenburg, Germany. 
Brown, Archer Norwood, B. S., 2101 Elm Ave., Station H., Cincinnati, 

Commercial Electrical Engineer, with Allis-Chalmers Co. 
Brown, Ernest Carroll, B. S., 16 Cross St., Detroit, Mich., 

Switchboard Installer, with Dean Electric Co. 
Carle, George Wilmot, B. S., 304 9th Ave., S. W., Roanoke, Va., 

Draftsman, Virginia Bridge & Iron Co., Roanoke, Va. 
Chatto, Byron Herbert, B. S., 11 Congress St., Lynn, Mass., 

Testing Dept., General Electric Co. 
Collins, Arthur Winfield, B. S., Room 2 Abrahamson Building, Oakland, 

Civil Engineer Western Pacific R. R. 
Cotton, Ernest Linwood, B. S., 34 Temple St., Waterville, Me., 

Chemist, Hollingsworth & Whitney Co. 
Cowan, Benjamin Mosher, B. S., 147 Milk St., Boston, Mass., Care of 
Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, 

Superintendent of Construction. 
Cowles, Harry Davis, B. S., Ph. C, 330 West 28th St., New York, N. Y., 

Assistant Chief of Research Laboratories of Westinghouse 
Lamp Co. 
Crowe, Francis Trenholm, B. S., Newlon, Mont, 

Civil Engineer for James Mann & Co., Deadwood, S. D. 
Crowe, James Wilkinson, B. S., 501 Becker St., Schenectady, N. Y., 

With General Electric Co. 
Dinsmore, Ernest LeRoy, B. A., Newport, 

Principal of Newport High School. 
Dow, Henry Kingman, M. A., Mercer, Pa., 

Principal, Mercer Academy. 
Drummond, Robert Rutherford, B. S., 202 So. 37th St., Philadelphia, Pa., 

Graduate Student. (Harrison Fellow at the University of Penn- 
Flanders, Frank Leroy, B. S., Box 112, Orono, 

Civil Engineering, with Orono Pulp & Paper Co. 


Foss, Howard Colburn, B. S., Care Stone & Webster, 84 State St., 
Boston, Mass., 

With Stone & Webster. 
Foubert, Charles Leon, B. S., 1341 L. St., N. W., Washington, D. C, 

Chemist Aid, Bureau of Plant Industry. 
Fowles, Raymond Arthur, B. A., M. A., North Attleboro, Mass., 

Minister of Trinity Church. 
French, Prentiss Edwin, B. S., 531 West 113th St., New York City, 
N. Y, 

Engineering Dept, New York Telephone Company. 
Gulliver, Edward Charles, B. S., 120 Exchange St., Portland, 

Civil Engineer, Dept. of Public Works, Portland. 
Harding, Brydone Ellsworth, B. S., Danforth, 

Harlow, Clarence Burr, B. S., Weaver Block, Elyria, Ohio, 

Engineering Dept., Dean Electric Co. 
Harvey, Bartle Trott, B. S., M. F., Orono, 

Forester, with the Great Northern Paper Co. 
Haskell, Ralph Webster, B. S., Westbrook, 

With Haskell Silk Company. 
Hayes, Andrew Jenkins, B. S., Newlon, Montana, 

Assistant Engineer, United States Reclamation Service. 
Higgins, Roy Edwin, B. S-, 144 South 6th East St., Salt Lake City, Utah, 

Electrical Engineer, Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone Company. 
Hilliard, Edward Knight, B. S., 21 Milk St., Boston, Mass., 

Broker's Office. Salesman. 
Hilton, Horace Alden, B. S., Home address, 385 Union St., Bangor. 
Hopkins, Leonard Otis, B. S., Phcenixville, Pa. 
Huntington, George Kemp, B. S., 6131 Lexington Ave., Chicago, 111., 

With Western Electric Company. 
Johnstone, Leslie Ingalls, B. S., Orono, 

Instructor in Civil Engineering, University of Maine. 
Kay, Frank Wilbur, B. S., High Bridge, N. J., 

Inspector of Construction, Taylor Iron & Steel Co. 
Learned, Frank Everett, B. S., Milwaukee, Wis., 

Erecting Engineer, with Allis Chalmers Company, Erecting 
McClure, James Harvey, B. S., 31 Pond St., Bangor, 

With J. W. McClure, Insurance, 49 Hammond St., Bangor. 
McDermott, John Augustine, B. S., 5750 Madison Ave., Chicago, 111., 

Chemical Engineer, with Armour & Company, Chicago. 
Maddocks, William Samuel, B. S., 730 Board of Trade Bldg., Boston, 
Mass., (House address) 10 Chandler St., West Somerville, 

Erecting Engineer, Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co. 
Martin, Lloyd Arthur, B. S., 1224 Hancock St., Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Transitman and Computer, Topographical Bureau of Queen's, 
New York City, N. Y. 


May, John, B. S., 107 West 123rd St., New York City, N. Y., 

Engineering Dept, New York Tel. Co. 
Mitchell, Lester Hale, B. S., Glendive, Mont, 

Assistant Engineer, for the U. S. Reclamation Service. 
Moody, Clare Joseph, B. S., Glendive, Mont, 

Assistant Engineer, in U. S. Reclamation Service. 
Moody, Percival Ray, B. S., Boonton, N. J., 

Sales Department, General Storage Battery Co. 
Pennell, Charles Weston, B. S., 28 Union St., Willimantic, Conn., 

Engineer with J. W. Bishop Co., Contractors. 
Powell, Mabel Frances, B. S., Ipswich, Mass., 

Ricker, William Jewett, B. S., Turner, 

General Agriculture and Orcharding. 
Rogers, Elmer George, B. S., 27 Parker St., Port Chester, N. Y., 

Civil Engineering. 
Sampson, Freeman Marston, B. S., Orono. 
Sands, Roy Granville, B. S., 143 West Bridge St., Elyria, Ohio, 

Engineering Dept., Dean Electric Company. 
Seabury, Ralph Lowe, B. S., Haines, Alaska. 
Shaw, Walter Jefferson, B. S., 150 Commercial St., Boston, Mass., 

Electrical Construction for E. C. Lewis Co., 121 Federal St., 
Boston, Mass. 
Smith, Carl David, B. S., U. S Geological Survey, Technologic Branch, 
Washington, D. C, 

Assistant Engineer in charge, Gas Producer Section. 
Smith, Dwight Freeman, B. S., 269 Madison Ave., Skowhegan, 

Field Assistant, U. S. Geological Survey, Fuel Testing Plant. 
Snell, Roy Martin, B. S., Ralston, Wyo., 

Assistant Engineer, U. S. Reclamation Service. 
Sprague, Adelbert Wells, B. S., M. A., 217 Union Street, Bangor. 
Stanley, Howard Arthur, B. S., Care of General Electric Company, 
Schenectady, N. Y., 

Construction Foreman. 
Sweet, Calvin Arthur, B. S., Elyria, Ohio, 

Roadman, installing telephone switchboards. 
Sweetser, Ernest Osgood, B. S., St. Louis, Mo., 

Instructor in Civil Engineering, Washington University, St. 
Talbot, Fred William, B. S., Las Cascadas, Canal Zone, Panama, 

Taylor, Roy Edmund, B. S., 229 Summer St., Stanford, Conn., 

Draftsman, N. Y, N. H. & H. R. R., New Haven, Conn. 
Thatcher, Henry David Thoreau, B. S., Wharton, N. J., 

Resident Engineer, Wharton Steel Company. 
Thomas, Burton Merrill, B. S., 30 Deering Ave., Portland, Me., 



Thomas, Herbert Arthur, B. S., Andover, 

Thomas, Lucian Alvah, B. S., 107 West 123rd St., New York City, N. Y., 

Draftsman, with Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Co. 
Thomas, Edward Calderwood, B. S., 119 North Main St., Poplar Bluff, 

Draining Engineer of District No. 7 and No. 8. 
Trafton, Ernest Eugene, B. S, 15 Dey St, New York City, N. Y, 

In charge of Laboratory, New York Telephone Co. 
Trask, Oland Wilbur, B. S, 10 Hersey St, Portland, 

Artesian Well Constructor. 
Weeks, Carl Wellington, B. S, 811 Franklin Ave, Wilkinsburg, Pa, 

Electrical Engineer, Acting Foreman, Department of Stand- 
ards, Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co. 
Wentworth, Marion Barry, B. S, 50 West Hamilton Place, Jersey City, 

(Mrs. C. O. Perkins.) 
White, Alphonzo, B. S, Indian Orchard, Mass, 

Draftsman for Chapman Vlave Co. 
White, Frank Osmond, B. S, Grand Falls, Newfoundland, 

Civil Engineer, Anglo Newfoundland Development Co. 
Whittier, Arthur Craig, B. S, Orono, 

Chemist, at Maine Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Wood, Alphonso, B. S, Valhalla, N. Y, Care Board of Water Supply, 

Topographical Draftsman. 

Abbott, Herbert Lester, B. S, Bucksport, 

Draftsman, N. Y, N. H. & H. R. R., Boston Office ■ 
Bacon, Roy Sawtelle, B. S, Oakland, R. F. D. 36, 

Banks, Frank Arthur, B. S, Glendive, Mont, 

Irrigation Engineering, Junior Engineer. 
Bearce, Henry Walter, B. S, (Home address, Hebron, Maine), 

Instructor in Physics, University of Maine, Orono. 
Bearce, Winfield Dexter, B. S, 71 1 Becker St, Schenectady, N. Y, 

Tester General Electric Co. 
Bennett, Arthur Guy, B. S, McCall Ferry, Pa, 

Supt. of Electrical Construction, with the McCall Ferry Power 
Bolt, Richard Arthur, B. A, Winsor Hotel, Fredericton, N. B, 

Clergyman, Curate of Christ's Church. 
Brockie, John Meikle, B. S, Orono, 

Clergyman, First Congregational Church. 
Brown, Everett Dana, B. S, Caguas, Porto Rico, 

Treasury Department of P. R. Revenue Agent. 


Burke, Walter Horace, B. S., (Home address, Kennebunk), The Winde- 
mere, Mansfield, Ohio, 

Electrical Engineer. Assistant Engineer, Railway Engineering 
Division, Ohio Brass Co. 
Butterworth, Albert Jared, B. S., 834 So. Elmwood Ave., Oak Park, 111., 

With Western Electric Company. 
Campbell, Charles William, B. S., S. 308 Grant St., Spokane, Wash. 
Carlson, Gotthard Wilhelm, B. S., Village Ave., Dedham, Mass., 

With New England Tel. and Tel. Co., Engineers Dept, Boston, 
Cassey, Sidney, B. S., 16 Linden Ave., Greenville, N. J., 

With New York Telephone Company, Engineering Dept. 
Churchill, Howard Lincoln, B. S., Skowhegan, R. F. D. 2, 

Colcord, Joanna Carver, B. S., Orono, 

Assistant Chemist in Agricultural Experiment Station, 
de Coligny, Guerric Gaspard, B. S., 1538 Chapel St., or American Cotton 
Oil Co., 443 East 6th St., Cincinnati, Ohio, 

Chemist, for American Cotton Oil Co. 
Crowell, Lincoln, B. S., Forest Service, Washington, D. C, 

Forest Assistant. 
Currier, Charles Ellsworth, B. S., 330 West 28th St., New York City, 
N. Y, 

Lamp Inspector for the Electrical Testing Laboratories, East 
End Ave., and 8th St. 
Dolbier, William Ray, B. S., East Berlin, Conn., 

Draftsman at the Commercial Bridge Office. 
Edwards, Dayton James, B. S-, Orono, 

Instructor in Biology, University of Maine. 
Elliott, Hallet Carroll, B. S., 129 Cottage St., Everett, Mass., 

Draftsman, New England Structural Company, Everett, Mass. 
Elms, James William, B. S., Haskells, N. J., 

Chemist, with Dupont Powder Co. 
Emery, Harry Alvah, B. S., Room 1, Grand Central Station, Annex, N. 
Y. ; Residence, 413 W. 117 St., New York City, 
Draftsman, N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R. 
Forbes, Clinton Fairfield, B. S., Buckfield. 
Frost, Walter Oscar, B. S., Minnising, Michigan, 

State Game, Fish, and Forest Warden for Luce, Alger and 
Schoolcraft Counties, Michigan. 
Galland, Joseph, B. S., Kemper Military School, Boonville, Mo., 

Instructor in Romance Languages. 
Glover, Philip Howard, B. S., (Home address, Harrington, Me.), 

Junior Engineer, U. S. Reclamation Service. 
Gray, Claude Albert, B. S., Stanhope, N. J., 

Concrete Construction Foreman. 
Harlow, Frederic Hall, B. S., Gorham, Me., 
Agriculture and Lumbering. 


Hews, Wellington Prescott, B. S., Box 928, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, 

Resident Engineer, Idaho & Northwestern Ry. 
Hill, George Herbert, B. S., Saco. 
Hodgdon, Carolyn Adelle, B. A., Livermore Falls, 

Assistant, in Livermore Falls High School. 
Howard, Lester Boynton, B. S., Box 665, Augusta, 

Insurance Engineer, with Granite State Fire Insurance Co. 
Hoxie, Harold Shepherd, B. S., 1302 N. 49th St., Seattle, Wash, 

With C. M. & St. P. R. R. 
Hoxie, Harvey Hamlin, B. S, Second & Howard Sts, San Francisco, 

Salesman, Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co. 
Johnson, Caleb Hartwell, B. S, Claremont, N. H, Care of Sullivan 
Machinery Co, 

Mechanical Engineering. 
Jones, Gertrude May, B. S, Greenville, 

Assistant teacher in Greenville High School. 
Karl, Harold Lewis, B. S, 6 Chestnut St., Schenectady, N. Y, 

Tester in the General Electric Co. 
Kittridge, Raymond Brown, B. S, 70 East Dane St, Beverly, Mass, 

Engineering Department, M. C. R. R. 
Lang, Charles Libby, B. S, 16 Market St, West Lynn, Mass, 

With General Electric Co. 
Lord, Ralph Edwin, B. S, 413 West 117th St, New York City, N. Y, 

Engineering Department of The National Fireproofing Co, Flat 
Iron Building, N. Y. 
Lovett, Merton Rooks, B. S, 63 Federal St, Beverly, Mass, 

Superintendent Cut Leather, Firm of John Lovett. 
McDermott, William Lawrence, B. S, Laconia, N. H, 

With Laconia Car Works. 
Nichols, Leroy Cleveland, B. S, 32 North 13th St, Allentown, Pa, 

Electrician, with the Lehigh Valley Transit Co. 
Olds, Robert Franklin, B. S, 52 Monument St, Portland, 

Engineering. Employed by Charles W. Fenn, 11 Exchange St., 
Owen, George Stuart, B. S, 13 Hill St, Portland, 

Overseer, with the United States Engineers. 
Paige, James Lonsdale, B. S, 4 Foster St, Southbridge, Mass, 

Foreman of Machine Shop, American Optical Co. 
Perry, Estelle, B. S, Spearfish, South Dakota, 

Critic teacher, State Normal School, Spearfish, So. Dak. 
Porter, Roy Hiram, B. S, Ames, Iowa, 

Instructor in Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State College. 
Prince, Charles Edward, B. S, 6 Chestnut St, Schenectady, N. Y, 

Tester in General Electric Company. 
Reed, Frank Radford, Jr., B. S, Rum ford Falls. 
Reynolds, Thomas Harold, B. S, Ridlonville, 

Clerk in office of Oxford Paper Company of Rumford Falls. 


Richards, Earle Revere, B. S., Rupert, Idaho, 

Junior Engineer, U. S. Reclamation Service. 
Richardson, Alton Willard, B. S., Bethel, 

Rogers, David Nathan, B. S., Hot Springs, Calif., 

Forest Assistant, United States Forest Service. 
Ross, Harold Dockum, B. S., 272 Tyler St., Pittsfleld, Mass., 

Apprentice, with the Stanley Electric & Mfg. Co. 
Sawyer, Edgar John, B. S., Milbridge, 

Sherman, Raphael Simmons, B. S., 80 Camden St., Rockland, 

With Eastern S. S. Co., Rockland. 
Simmons, Frederick Johnson, B. A., Pembroke, Mass., 

Teacher, Principal of Pembroke High School. 
Simmons, John Percy, B. S., 138 12th St., Long Island City, N. Y., 

Inspector of Tunnels, with the East River Division of Pennsyl- 
vania & L. I. R. R. Co. 
Smith, Ralph Seldon, B. S., 337 West 15th St., New York City, N. Y., 

Telephone Engineer, with Western Electric Co. 
Southard, Frederick Dean, B. S., Borestown, N. B., Canada, Miramichi 
Lumber Co., 

Assistant Scaler. 
Sparrow, Arthur Leonard, B. S., South Orleans, Mass. 
Stanford, Edward Arthur, B. S., West Kennebunk, 

Stevens, Fred Oramel, B. S., 15 Mystic St., East Somerville, Mass., 

Civil Engineer, with War Department, U. S. Engineers' Office, 
25 Pemberton Sq., Boston, Mass. 
Stewart, Frank Carroll, B. S., Farmington. 
Tarbox, George Rogers, B. S., 39 Washington St., New Britain, Conn., 

Assistant Mechanical Engineer, American Hardware Corpora- 
Wallace, James Gordon, B. S., 35 Emery St., Portland, Me. 
Webber, Mary Frances, B. A., Water Works, State St., Bangor. 
Weymouth, Arthur Pettingill, B. S., 730 Board of Trade Building, Bos- 
ton, Mass., 

Erecting Engineer for the Boston Erecting Dept, Westinghouse 
Electric and Manufacturing Co. 
Whitmore, Albert Ames, B. S., 846 Wisconsin St., Racine, Wis., 

Teacher of History in Racine High School. 

Aiken, Edith Nora, B. A., (Home address, Brewer, Me.), 

Teacher, in Sangerville High School, Sangerville, Me. 
Alexander, William Wesley Bannister, B. S., Stamford, Conn., 

Instructor in Science and Advanced Mathematics, Manor School, 
Stamford, Conn. 


Alton, Francis Osgood, B. S., 64 Washington Ave., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Testing Dept., General Electric Co. 
Austin, Alton Arthur, B. S., Ridlonville, 

Balentine, Marion, B. A., Orono, 

Teacher in Mathematics and Physics, Orono High School. 
Barrows, Arad Thompson, B. S., Milton, N. H., 

Inspector of Concrete dam, Auburn, Me. 
Barrows, Lucius Dwelley, B. S., Office of Public Roads, Washington, 
D. C, 

Civil Engineer, Office of Public Roads. 
Bates, John Thaxter, B. S., Box 22, Station A., Ames, Iowa, 

Instructor in Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State College, 
Ames, Iowa. 
Bean, Ernest Daniel, B. S., (Home address, 539 South St., Waltham, 

Inspector on Construction, Penn. R. R. East River Tunnels, 
N. Y. City. 
Bean, Perry Ashley, B. S., Box 170 Shattuck, Okla., Care of Civil 

Engineering Dept., A. T. & S. F. Ry. Co. 
Bird, Sidney Morse, 2nd, B. S., 175 Broadway, Rockland. 
Black, Waker Wright, B. S., 20 Fayette St., Beverly, Mass., 

Draftsman. United Shoe Machinery Co. 
Brann, Benjamin Erwin, B. S., 145 East 47th St., New York City, N. Y., 

Construction Department, International Paper Co. 
Brawn, Elwin Dresser, B. S., 200 South Ave., Bridgeport, Conn., 

Experimental Dept., Locomobile Co. 
Brown, Amon Benjamin, B. S., Newlon, Mont., 

Burleigh, John Holmes, B. S., 178 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass., Care 
N. W. Harris & Co., Bankers, 

Burns, Caleb Edgar Slocum, B. S., Fort Fairfield. 

Cayting, Arno Burr, B. S., 112 South Main St., Brewer, 

Traveling Salesman for Bower & Bartlett, Boston, Mass. 
Claflin, Francis Marsh Albee, B. S., 79 No. Common St., Lynn, Mass., 

Assistant Chemist, with General Electric Co. 
Clayton, Robert Edmund, B. S., Orono, 

Instructor in Chemistry, University of Maine. 
Coffin, Roy Selwyn, B. S., 353 Hammond St., Bangor. 
Connell, Bennett Robert, B. S., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Testing Department, General Electric Co. 
Cummings, Elmer Wallace, B. S., 465 West 57th St., New York City, 
N. Y., 

Draftsman and Surveyor, Sanborn Map Co. 


Davis, Charles Eugene, B. S., Steelton, Pa., 

Computer and Draftsman, with Frog & Switch Dept of Penn- 
sylvania Steel Co. 
Devereux, Rosmar Styer, B. S., Castine, 

Building Phi Eta Kappa Chapter House, at the University of 
Maine, Orono. 
Druery, Edward James, B. S., Y. M. C. A. Bldg., Bangor, 

Chemist, with the Eastern Manufacturing Co., So. Brewer. 
Ellis, Harold Milton, B. A., Box 256, Orono, 

Graduate student at University of Maine, and teacher of Eng- 
lish in Orono High School. 
Erskine, Fred Stoddard Neville, B. S., 31 Falcon St., East Boston, Mass. 
Fagan, James Patrick Vincent, B. S., 40 Willard St., Berlin, N. H., 

Assistant Chemist, with Burgess Sulphite Fibre Co., Berlin, 
N. H. 
Galland, Joseph, B. S., Kemper Military School, Boonville, Mo., 

Instructor in Romance Languages. 
Garland, Carlotte Nathaniel, B. A., 15 School Street, Bar Harbor, 

Gellerson, Rex Carleton, B. S., Orono, 

Inspector of Foods, Drugs, Feeding Stuffs, Fertilizers, & Seeds, 
for Maine Agricultural Experiment Station. m . 

Goodrich, Joe Kinsman, B. S., 834 South Elmwood Ave., Oak Park, 111., 

Schedule Clerk, Western Electric Co., Chicago, 111. 
Goodwin, George Parlin, B. S., Skowhegan. 
Green, Herbert Henry, B. S., Spencer, Mass. 

Working for C. H. Green, Florist. 
Hall, William Dickson, B. S., Presque Isle, 

Sub-Master, Aroostook State Normal School. 
Hamlin, Roy Gilbert, B. S., Gorham, N. H. 
Harlow, Edward Thomas, B. S., Lynn, New Mexico, 

Transitman on construction for A. T. & S. F. Ry. 
Harvell, John Perham, B. S., 10 Holborn St., Roxbury, Mass., 

New England Tel. & Tel. Co., Traffic Dept. 
Hayward, Guy Edwin, B. A., 30 East 21st St., New York City, N. Y., 

Factory Foreman, Columbia Shade Cloth Co. 
Hodgkins, Alden E., B. S., Damariscotta Mills, 

Master of Mathematics, Monson Academy, Monson, Mass. 
Hodgkins, Lincoln Hall, B. S. 
Holbrook, Franklin Pratt, B. S., 8 Carroll St., Trenton, N. J., 

Draftsman, with the American Bridge Co. 
Hooper, Elmer Guy, B. S., Washington University, St. Louis, Mo., 

Instructor in Civil Engineering in Washington University. 
Hosmer, Fred Pote, B. S., 7416 Washington Ave., Swissvale, Pa., 

Assistant Chemist, Carnegie Steel Co., 
Hussey, Erwin Howard, B. S., Guilford, 

Inspector, East River Tunnels, for the Pennsylvania R. R., 
Front St., L. I. City, N. Y. 


Hutchins, Wilbury Owen, B. S., Orland. 

Judkins, Ernest LaRoy, B. S., 306 Germania Ave., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Testing Course, with General Electric Co. 
Keirstead, Horton Wilmot, B. S., Care of Hollingsworth & Whitney Co., 
Waterville, (Home address, Oakland, R. F. D. 35), 

Construction Engineer. 
Knowlton, Herbert Austin, B. S., 306 Germania Ave., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Testing Dept, General Electric Co. 
Lambe, Emerson Peavy, B. S., U. S. S. Hancock, Brooklyn Navy Yard, 
N. Y. 

Elecrician, U. S. Navy. 
Lambe, Reginald Robert, B. S., Calais. 

Lekberg, Carl Henry, B. S., Worcester Pressed Steel Co., Worcester, 

Assistant to Superintendent, Worcester Pressed Steel Co. 
Lisherness, Ernest, B. S., 86 Exchange St., Bangor, Care C. W. Mullen, 

Assistant Engineer, Madeleine Valley R. R. 
Lord, Arthur Russell, B. S., Orono, 

Tutor in Civil Engineering, University of Maine. 
MacDonald, Karl, B. S., 578 72nd Ave., West Allis, Wis., 

Student Apprentice, with Allis Chalmers Co. 
McKenzie, Herman Ellis, B. S., Forest Service, Washington, D. C, 

Testing Assistant in the Forest Service. 
Maddocks, Frank Everett, B. S., Greensburg, Pa., West Pittsburg St., 

' Draftsman, K. C. & C. Co. 
Malloy, Thomas Angelo, B. S., 12 Wood St., Lewiston. 
Mansfield, Mildred Charlotte, B. A., Orono, 

Teacher, in Orono High School. 
Martin, Charles Henry, B. S., East Bridgewater, Mass., 

Chief Engineer, and Superintendent in erecting Power Plant. 
Matthieu, Joseph Clarence, B. S., Elyria, Ohio, Care Dean Electric Cq 

Telephone Switchboard Work. 
Merrill, Joseph Farrington, B. S., Orono, 

Assistant Chemist, Experiment Station, Orono. 
Mitchell, Robie Lawton, B. A., Bangor, 

Student at University of Maine College of Law, Bangor. 
Morse, Warren, B. A., Brewer, 

Minister of the First Congregational Church, Brewer. 
Newman, Max Gibson, B. S., 785 State St., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Testing Department, General Electric Co. 
Nickels, Herbert Lewis, B. S., Cherryfleld. 
Orne, Sidney Baxter, B. S., South Baltimore, Md., 

Cadet Engineer, U. S. Revenue Cutter Service. 
Packard, Harry Ellsworth, B. S., East Winthrop, 

Construction Work, Adell Manufacturing Co., Groveton, N. H. 
Pennell, Alcot Johnson, B. S., Dean Electric Co., Elyria, Ohio, 

Installing Switchboards. 


Perry, Tedcastle Bigelow, B. S., 4521 Walter Ave., Norwood Station, 
Cincinnati, Ohio, 

With Allis Chalmers Electric Co. 
Philbrook, Earle Walter, B. S., Lynn, New Mexico, 

Masonry Inspector, A. T. & S. F. Ry. Co. 
Pierce, Stephen Frank, B. S., 325 Walnut St., Steelton, Pa., 

Draftsman on special electric and steam R. R. Work, Pennsyl- 
vania Steel Co. 
Purington, Heber Penn., B. S., Steelton, Pa., 

With the Pennsylvania Steel Co., Frog & Switch Dept, Calcu- 
lator & Draftsman on street railway and steam railroad special 
track work. 
Quint, Raymon Alton, B. S., 773 State St., Schenectady, N. Y., 

Testing Dept., General Electric Co. 
Read, Carroll Arthur, B. S., 337 West 15th St., New York City, N. Y., 

Engineering Assistant, N. Y. Tel. Co. 
Reed, Lowell Jacob, B. S., Orono, 

Instructor in Mathematics and Physics at University of Maine. 
Ridge, Reginald, B. S., 22 Gray St., Portland. 
Rollins, Dean Whittier, B. A., Clinton, 

Principal of High School, Clinton. 
Rounds, Albert Prentiss, B. S., Lujane, Colo., 

Concrete foreman on Gunnison tunnel. 
St. Onge, Walter James, B. S., 67 John R. St., Detroit, Mich., 

Travelling Switchboard Agent for Dean Electric Co., Elyria, 
Sampson, Arthur Haskell, B. S., Orono. 
Schoppe, William Freeman, B. S., Kingston, R. I., 

Assistant in Animal Feeding, Agricultural Experiment Station, 
Kingston, R. I. 
Stetson, Everett Halliday, B. S., Herminie, Pa., 

Civil Engineer, with Ocean Coal Co., Herminie, Pa. 
Stetson, Howard Carlton, B. S., Orman, South Dakota, 

Junior Engineer, in U. S. Reclamation Service. 
Stevens, Albert William, B. S., Orono. 
Stone, William Elmer, B. S., 10 Imlay St., Hartford, Conn., 

Purchasing Agent for the Automatic Refrigerating Co. 
Swift, Porter LaForrest, B. S., 666 Chalkstone Ave., Providence, R. I., 

Engineering Dept., American Locomotive Co. 
Talbot, Richard Foster, B. S., Andover, 

Tate, Edith Mabel, B. S., East Corinth, 

Teacher, in Brownville High School. 
Tebbets, Charles Bucknam, B. S., Auburn. 
Toner, Ernest Leroy, B. S., Orono, 

Forestry work. On government work on white birch in Maine. 
Totman, Arnold Washington, B. S., 6008 Jefferson Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Washburn, Willis Flye, B. S., Orono, 

Instructor in Chemistry at University of Maine. 
Williams, Benjamin Franklin, B. S., Bellgrove, Idaho, Care of Fighting 
Creek Rightaway R. R. Co., 

Civil Engineering on Idaho & Northwestern Ry. 
Wilson, Elmer Josiah, B. S., 463 Chestnut St., Lynn, Mass. 
Wilson, Jesse Davis, B. S., Brunswick. 
Witham, Lester Clyde, B. S., North Anson. 
Wyman, Abel Percy, B. S., Bangor, "The Jerrard," 

Civil Engineer for Maine Central R. R. 
York, Verne Jerome, B. S., 337 West 15th St., New York City, N. Y., 

In the Student Course, at Western Electric Co. 


Those marked (L. E.) completed the course in library economy; 
others the short pharmacy course. 

Hamilton, Geneva Ring, (L. E.), 49 Dix St., Dorchester, Mass., 

(Mrs. F. H. Bowerman.) 
Ring, Virginia Mary, (L. E.), Sangerville, 

(Mrs. D. O. Campbell.) 
Sheridan, Lena Matilda, (L. E.), Orono, 

(Mrs. A. B. Aubert.) 

Green, Carrie Smythe, (L. E.), 7 Fayette St., Cambridge, Mass., 

(Mrs. Wm. J. Campbell.) 
Vinal, Rena Pearl, (L. E.), Orono. 


Bartlett, Charles Simming, Cor. Turner and Summer Sts., Auburn, 

Bird, James Alfred, 571 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass., 

Gardner, Hope, (L. E.), Piercefield, N. Y., 

(Mrs. S. C. Dillingham.) 
Keirstead, Alvin Willard, Lisbon Falls, 

McCrillis, Ernest Julian, 132 N. Main St., Concord, N. H., 

McCrillis, William George, Bristol, N. H., 

Nute, Alfred James, Ph. G., B. S., M. D., Ellis Island, New York City, 
N. Y., 

Surgeon, U. S. Marine Hospital Service. 
Parker, Dora Lucinda, (L. E.), Danvers, Mass., 

White, Charles Harry, Orono, 



tCleaves, Daniel Lunt, B. S. 
Hall, Fred Elmer, Houlton, 

Shipping Business, (Potatoes, Bailed Hay, etc.) 
MacDougal, Wilbur Edwin, M. D., East Millinocket, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Mitchell, Curtis Boyce, Unity, 

Walton, Russell Davenport, M. D., Frankfort, 


Webster, William Bryant, Ph. G., 580 Broad St., East Weymouth, Mass., 
Druggist, 720 Broad St. 

Crowell, William Henry, 254 Main St., New Britain, Conn., 

Druggist, Proprietor of Park Drug Store. 
Larrabee, George Pearson, Ph. C, Presque Isle, 

Kerr & Larrabee, Pharmacists. 
Taft, DeForest Reed, Ph. C, Winchester, N. H., 

Drug Clerk. 

1 901 
Berry, Richard Henry, Ph. C, Pittsfield, 

Sanford, John Foy, Ph. C, York Village, 

Proprietor of Drug Store. 

Burns, Frank Percy, Ph. C, Van Buren, 

Manager, Van Buren Drug Co. 
Clarke, Ralph Everett, Ph. C, Kittery, 

Tate, Walter Maurice, Ph. C, Bangor, 

Drug Clerk, Caldwell Sweet & Co. 
Cowan, Ernest Lester, Ph. C, Rumford Falls, 

Cowles, Harry Davis, Ph. C, B. S., 330 West 28th St., New York, N. Y., 

Assistant Chief Research Laboratories Westinghouse Lamp Co. 
Hoyt, Andy Laurin, Ph. C, South Windham, 

Race, James Leroy, Ph. C, East Boothbay, 

Race & Co., Druggists. 



Chandler, Mary Ruggles, Ph. C, Columbia Falls, 

Derby, Frank Albert, Ph. C, 145 Lisbon St., Lewiston, 

Drug Clerk. 
Huen, Charles John, Ph. C, 41 Hampshire St., Auburn, 

Manager, O. W. Jones, Branch Store. 
Kittridge, John Raymond, Ph. C, Rockland. 
Sikes, Walter Scott, Ph. C, 827 State St., Springfield, Mass., 


Bailey, Frank Linwood, Ph. C, 47 Pleasant Ave., Woodfords, 

Clerk, Chapman & Wyman's Pharmacy. 
Chaney, Irvin Wayne, Ph. C, 7 Hersom St., Stoneham, Mass., 

Analytical Chemist, E. L. Patch Laboratory. 
Hurd, William Bromley, Ph. C, 313 Union St., Lynn, Mass., 

Prescription Clerk, Ropes Drug Co. 
Reemie, Edgar Warren, Ph. C, Holliston, Mass., 


Gordon, Harry Leon, Ph. C, Boston, Mass., 

Clerk Adams House Pharmacy. 
Marr, Leon Herbert, Ph. C, Farmington, 

Beal, Arthur Nathaniel, Ph. C, 350 Washington St., Lynn, Mass. 
Butterfield, Carroll Curtis, Ph. C, Dover, 

Pharmacist, with Larkin Drug Co., Waterville. 
Findlen, Thomas Miles, Ph. C, Caribou. 
Riddle, Harry Colburn, Ph. C, Monson. 
Saunders, William Houston, Ph. C, 154 High St., Newburyport, Mass., 

Clerk in High St., Pharmacy. 
White, Frank Manly, Ph. C, Vinalhaven, 

Apothecary, with Lyford & Ginn, Vinalhaven. 



1899 « 

Fenderson, Frank Devereux, LL. B., Limerick, 

Lawyer. (Lord & Fenderson.) 
Graham, Herbert Lewis, LL. B., Bar Harbor, 

McGill, Laurence Vincent, LL. B., Rooms 10 and n Dodge Bldg., 
Rochester, N. H., 

Lawyer and Judge of Municipal Court. « 

Barker, Lewis Appleton, LL. B., Bangor, 

Cook, Harold Elijah, LL. B., 211-213 Savings Bank Bldg., Waterville, 

Dolan, John Frederick, LL. B., Bangor. 
Foss, Paul Frank, LL. B., 212 American Bank Building, Seattle, Wash., 

Gerrish, Hiram, LL. B., Brownville, 

Gibbs, Bernard, B. Ph., LL. B., Madison, 

Graton, Claude Dewing, M. A., LL. B., Burlington, Vt, 

Hobson, Ernest Emery, LL. B., Palmer, Mass., 

Hutchings, Edward, LL. B., Appleton Bldg., Cor. Water and Kilby Sts., 
Boston, Mass., 

Jones, Freeland, Bangor, 

Ludgate, Verdi, LL. B., Sherman Mills, 

McCarthy, Matthew, LL. B., Rumford Falls, 

Mackay, John Daniel, LL. M., Quincy, Mass., 

Mills, Chester Horace, LL. B., Jackman, 

Phillips, Harold John, LL. B., Skowhegan, 

Pierce, Howard, LL. B., Mars Hill, 



*Price, Arthur Wellington, LL. B. 

Robinson, Agnes May, LL. B., Sherman Station, 

(Mrs. Agnes R. Goodwin.) 
Sargent, Walter Joseph, B. A., LL. B., Brewer, 

Schwartz, Lewis Harry, LL. B., Bay State Bldg., Lawrence, Mass., 

Small, Frank Jackson, A. B., LL. B., 173 Main St., Waterville, 

Stevenson, James Bissett, LL. B., Rumford Falls, 

Theriault, Dana Leo, LL. B., Rumford Falls, 

B Lawyer. 
Thompson, Frederick Everett, A. B., LL. B., The Westminster, , Boston, 

Broker. Hamlin, Thompson & Sheldon. 
Waterhouse, William Henry, LL. B., Old Town, 

Williams, Dana Scott, LL. B., 215 Lisbon St., Lewiston, 


Butler, Ernest Clifford, LL. B., Skowhegan, 

tButterfield, Benjamin Franklin, LL. B. 
Foster, Nathan Grant, A. M., LL. B., Ridlonville, 

Plumstead, Frank, LL. B., 20 Hammond St., Bangor, 


Anderson, Thomas Alexander, LL. B., Pittsfield, 

Dunn, Patrick Henry, LL. B., 83 Chamberlain St., Brewer, 

Real Estate Agent, 49 Hammond St., Bangor. 
Holman, Charles Vey, LL. M., 88 Broadway, Bangor, 

Lawyer, offices 20 Pemberton Sq., Room 806, Boston, Mass., and 
144 Exchange St., Bangor. 
Kenniston, Hartley Garfield, LL. B., 85 Market St., Portland, 

General Agent National Casualty Company. 
Lord, Harry, LL. B., 79 Exchange St., Bangor, 

Insurance Agent. 
Mackay, Malcolm, LL. B., 34 Union Sq., Somerville, Mass. 
t O'Halloran, James. 
Putnam, Varney Arthur, LL. B., Danforth, 

Ritter, George William, LL. B., 189 High St., Holyoke, Mass., 



Robinson, William Henry, LL. B., 27 Dillingham St., Bangor, 

tSelkirk, Robert William, LL. B. 
Thurlough, Harry Harding, LL. B., Pittsfield, 

Weatherbee, Albert Washington, LL. B., 16 Central St., Bangor, 

Wilson, Frank Palmer, LL. B., 18 Wall St., New York City, N. Y., 



Bennett, Waldo Horace, LL. B., Newport, 

Buckley, William Wallace, LL. B., Southbridge, Mass., 

Geary, Thomas Reardon, LL. M., Springfield, Mass., 

Morson, James Herbert, LL. B., 717 Kimball Bldg., Boston, Mass., 

Mudgett, Ulysses Grant, LL. M., 20 Hammond St., Bangor, 

Murray, Edward Patrick, LL. B., 190 York St., Bangor, 

Noble, Ernest Eugene, A. B., LL. B., 120 Exchange St., Portland, 

Potter, Paul, B. A., LL. B., 502 State Mutual Bldg., Worcester, Mass., 

Reid, Charles Hickson, Jr., LL. B., 60 Lincoln St., Bangor, 

Lawyer, and Recorder of Municipal Court. 
Snow, Donald Francis, A. B., LL. M., 17 Broad St., Bangor, 

Thombs, George Warren, LL. B., Lincoln, 

Violette, Nil Louis, LL. B., Van Buren. 
Winn, George Hayes, LL. B., Lewiston, 


Bartlett, Mark Johnson, B. Ph., LL. B., Waterville, 

Blanchard, Benjamin Willis, LL. B., 79 Leighton St., Bangor, 

Bryant, Glidden, LL. B., Newcastle, 

Clarke, Edward Everett, LL. B., 42 Dartmouth St., New Bedford, 



Clough, George Edwin, LL. B., Palmer, Mass., 

Haley, John Howard, LL. B., Hartland, 

Ham, John Chellis, M. D., LL. B., 131 West 103rd St., New York City, 
N. Y., 

Hight, Clarence Bertram, LL. lit., Skowhegan, 

Lang, Alfred Alexander, LL. B., 120 Main St., Gloucester, Mass., 

Lougee, George, LL. B., 80 Court S., Bangor. 
Merrill, John Bryant, LL. B., 39 Hammond St., Bangor, 

Nelson, John Edward, A. B., LL. B., 5 Thayer Ct, Waterville, 

Putnam, Edgar Burnham, LL. B., Danforth, 

t Sipprelle, Judson Emery, LL. B. 

Bridges, Ansel Harrison, LL. M., Old Town, 

Brown, Leon Gilman Carlefcon, LL. B., 6 Highland Ave., Milo, 

Brown, Royal Weaver, LL. B., Cutler, 

Crawford, Adolphus Stanley, Jr., LL. B., Old Town, 

Davis, Waldo Trevor, A. B., LL. B., 98 West St., Clinton, Mass., 

Lawyer, Office 726 State Mutual Bldg., Worcester, Mass. 
Doyle, Joseph Henry, LL. B., Milford, Mass., 

Foster, Walter Herbert, LL. B., 145 Magnolia St., Dorchester, Mass., 

Lawyer. Office 50 Congress St., Boston, Mass. 
Gardner, Herbert Nelson, LL. B., 120 Exchange St., Portland, 

Johnson, William Asbury, LL. B.,_ Milo, 

Keyes, Orman Leroy, LL. B., Caribou, 

Lancaster, Arthur Blaine, LL. B., 193 Brunswick Ave., Gardiner, 

Lawyer. , 

Linehan, Daniel Joseph, LL. B., 50 Merrimack St., Haverhill, Mass., 

MacLean, Neil Vincent, LL. B., Merrill Trust Bldg., Bangor, 



Record, Lewis Stillman, Ph. B., LL. B., Ashland, N. H., 

Robinson, Curville Charles, LL. B., 41 West 12th St., New York City, 
N. Y., 

Smalley, Charles Tobias, LL. B., 189 Broadway, Rockland, 

Lawyer. (Johnson & Smalley.) 
Wall, Erastus Lewis, A. B., LL. B., Garrett Seminary, Evanston, 111. 
Winslow, Joseph Towne, LL. B., Rochester, N. Y., 

Associate Editor, Lawyer's Co-Operative Publishing Co. 
Worster, George Henry, LL. B., 20 Hammond St., Bangor, 

Lawyer and Instructor in the University of Maine College of 

Brooks, Gerry Lynn, LL. B., 88% Exchange St., Portland, 

Practicing Attorney at Law. 
Brown, Winfield Scott, B. A., LL. B., Dexter. 
Burnham, Elmer John, LL. B., Fort Kent, 

Practicing law. 
Colby, James Adams, LL. B., 501-5 Old South Building, Boston, Mass., 

Conners, Charles Patrick, B. A., LL. B., 18 Tremont Sr., Boston, Mass., 

Cotton, Carl, B. A., LL. B., Contoocoot, N. H., 

Principal Hopkinton High School. 
Cowan, George Albert, LL. B., Hampden. 
Donnelly, James Albert, LL. B., Houlton, 

Attorney at Law. 
Doyle, Frederick Eugene, B. A., LL. B., Millinocket, 

Dunbar, Oscar Hall, LL. B., Jonesport, 

Fox, Lewis Edwin, LL. B., 100 Parker St., Bangor. 
Harris, Moses Harry, LL. B., Auburn. 
Hasty, Percy Albert, LL. B., 202 Union St., Bangor, 

Lawyer. Real Estate Broker. 
Laliberte, Joseph Alphonse, LL. B., Fort Kent, 

Littlefield, Eben Frank, LL. B., 3 Odd Fellows Block, Belfast, 

Pike, George William, LL. B., Lisbon, N. H., 

Attorney at Law. 
Roix, William Richard, LL. B., Limestone, 

Attorney at Law. 
Swett, Lucius Black, LL. B., Sanford, 




Archibald, Bernard, B. A., LL. B., Houlton, 

Lawyer. Junior partner of the law firm of Powers & Archibald. 
Bangs, Harry Edgar, LL. B., Freedom, 

Attorney at Law. 
Buckley, John, LL. B., Stafford Springs, Conn. 
Clark, Jerome Borden, LL. B., West Gouldsboro. 
De Wolfe, Robert William, LL. B., 193 Danforth St., Portland, 

Attorney at Law, 88^ Exchange St., Portland. 
Keegan, John Joseph, LL. B., Lubec. 
Monroe, Edward Roy, LL. B., Portland. 
Moody, John Franklin, Jr., B. A., LL. B., 99 Main St., Auburn, 

O'Halloran, Thomas Henry, LL. B., 27 Neal St., Marlboro, Mass., 

Lawyer. Office of Choate, Hall & Stewart, Sears B14g., Boston^ 
Perry, Lawrence Swift, LL. B., 199 Maxfield St., New Bedford, Mass.* 



Conferred on students who did not receive the Bachelor's Degree at 
the University of Maine. 

t Beck William Porter, (B. S., Denison University, 1900), M. S., 

Rautenstrauch, Walter, (B. S., University of Missouri, 1902) M. S.,. 
Columbia University, New York City, N. Y., 

Adj. Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Consulting 
Mechanical Engineer. 

Cummings, Marshall Baxter, (B. S., University of Vermont, 1901) M.. 
S., 126 Catherine St., Ithaca, N. Y., 

Graduate student at Cornell University. 
Hof stead, Harry Oliver, (B. A., Yale, 1903), M. A., 590 East 3rd St.,. 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Bowen, Everett Harlow, (A. B. Colgate, 1903), M. S., 1913 North Capi- 
tol Street, Washington, D. C, 

Computer, U. S. Coast & Geodetic Survey. 
Greeley, Harold Dudley, (LL. B., New York University, 1903), LL. M.„ 
27 West 44th St., New York City, N. Y., 
Lawyer and Accountant. 


Wood, Clarence Ashton, (LL. B., American University, 1903), LL. M., 
2 Court House, Syracuse, N. Y., 

Lawyer, and Private Secretary to Irving C. Vann, Associate 
Judge, New York Court of Appeals. 

Gerrity, Helen Veazie, (B. A., Mt. Holyoke College, 1905), M. A., 

Hanson, Herman Herbert, (B. S., Pennsylvania State College, 1902), 
M. S., 61 Forest Ave., Orono, 

Associate Chemist, Maine Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Haskell, Horace Bray, (B. Ph., Taylor University, 1900), M. A., Ston- 

Presiding Elder, Bucksport District, East Maine Conference. 
Waldron, William Linscott, (B. A., Colby College, 1899), M. A. 



Benjamin, Charles Henry, M. E., Lafayette, Indiana, 629 University St., 
Dean of the Schools of Engineering, Purdue University. 
Fernald, Charles Henry, (A. M.), Ph. D., Amherst, Mass., 

Professor of Zoology in the Massachusetts Agricultural College. 
Phillips, Charles L., C. E., Fort McKinley, Portland, 
Major, Coast Artillery Corps, U. S. Army. 

Aubert, Alfred Bellamy, (B. S. Cornell, 1873), M. S., Orono, 

Professor of Chemistry, University of Maine. 
Merrill, George Perkins, (B. S., 1879, M. S.,), Ph. D. 

* Butler, Frederick Heywood, C. E. 

Elwell, Charles C, C. E., New London, Conn., 

Superintendent, N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. Co. 

Goodale, Loomis Farrington, C. E., 42 Wright St., Manila, P. I. 

Gowell, Gilbert Mottier, M. S., Orono. 

* Kidder, Frank Eugene, (B. C. E., 1879; C. E., 1882), Ph. D. 



Jordan, Whitman Howard, (B. S. 1875), (M. S.), LL. D., Michigan 

Agricultural College, 1907, Sc. D., Geneva, N. Y. 
Snow, Mary Sophia, M. Ph., Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Supervisor of Practice Teaching, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 
*Webb, Howard Scott, (B. M. E., 1887) M. E. 

Abbott, Edward Sewall, (M. D.), M. S.. Bridgton, 

Greenwood, Elmer E., C. E., Skowhegan. 
Houghton, Austin Dinsmore, M. E., Santa Cruz, Calif., 

* Jones, Leon Houston, C. E. 
Nowland, James Martin, M. S., 24 Adams Bldg., Quincy, Mass., 

Oleson, William Brewster, M. S., Box 489, Honolulu, T. H., 

Secretary Hawaiian Board. 
Pattangall, William Robinson, M. S., Waterville, 

Lawyer and Editor. 
Robinson, Walter Franklin, C. E., 15 Cliff St., Arlington, Mass., 

Assistant Engineer in charge of Construction of Fortifications 
in Boston Harbor. 
White, Ambrose Harding, C. E., 30 Broad Street, New York City, N. Y., 

Assistant Manager, Department of Construction & Maintenance, 
International Paper Company. 

Boardman, Samuel Lane, M. S., Bangor, 

Editor Daily and Weekly Commercial. 

Harris, Abram Winegardner, (B. A., Wesleyan, 1880; Sc. D., Bowdoin, 
1894; LL. D., University of New Brunswick, 1902), LL. D., 1745 
Chicago Ave., Evanston, Illinois, 

President of Northwestern University. 

Watts, Clarence Everett, M. E., Windber, Pa., 

Supt. of Mechanical and Electrical Depts. for Berwind-White 
Coal Mining Co. 



Holt, Erastus Eugene, (M. A., M. D.), LL. D., 723 Congress St., Port- 

Southard, Louis Carver, (B. S., 1875), LL. D., 73 Tremont St., Boston, 
. Mass., 

Lawyer; Lecturer, University of Maine College of Law. 

Aycock, Charles Brantley, LL. D., Raleigh, N. C. 
Cobb, William Titcomb, (A. B., 1877, Bowdoin), LL. D., Rockland, 

Governor of Maine. 
Griggs, Edward Howard, (A. B. 1889, A. M. 1890, Indiana University), 
L. H. D., 77 Grove St., Montclair, N. J., 
Author and Lecturer. 
Woods, Charles Dayton, (B. S., 1880, Wesleyan University), Sc. D., 

Director of the Experiment Station, Orono. 



Seabury, R. L. 


Webster, H. 

Hot Springs 

Sawyer, F. W. 


Fernandez, G. L. (Miss) 


Mason, C. A. 
Pease, O. L. 


Sawtelle, F. W. 


Bean, H. P. 


Gibbs, C. W. 



Collins, A. W. 
Hunter, R. D. 
Shaw, G. M. 

San Bernandino 
Arey, R. J. 
Lothrop, L. R. 

San Diego 

Webster, J. M. 

San Francisco 

Duren, H. E. 
Hoxie, H. H. 

San Luis Obispo 

Twombly, S. S. 

Santa Cruz 

Houghton, A. D. 

Santa Paula 

Hardison, A. C. 

South Pasadena 

Wyman, L. A. 


Buck, C. L. (Mrs. T. W. Hine) 
Hine, T. W. 


Gould, B. F. 

Hot Springs 

Rogers, D. N. 

Los Angeles 

Hubbard, P. W. 

Coburn, L. F. 

Canal Zone 

Manter, R. B. 

Las Cascadas 

Talbot, F. W. 



Martin, J. W. 
Trask, F. E. 

Davis, M. (Mrs. J. D. Stevens) 
Morrill, W. J. 



Murray, H. W. 

Merritt, E. E. 



Happy Valley 

Sipprelle, J. E. 


Bisbee, F. M. 

Las Animas 

Wight, W. A. 


Rounds, A. P. 


Pease, C. T. 


Moulton, F. C. 


Stimson, F. M. 

East Berlin 

Dolbier, W. R. 
^ Turner, R. L. 

East Hartford 

Hinchliffe, H. J. 


Bartlett, E- J. 
Bogart, F. H. H. 
Cole, C. L. 
Holden, W. C. 
Jones, W. G. 
Stone, W. E. 

New Britain 

Crowell, W. H. 
Leonard, H. H. 
Tarbox, G. R. 

New Haven 

Dearborn, J. W. 
Kingsbury, R. W. E. 
Mitchell, A. E. 


Alexander, W. W. B. 
Hayes, C. M. 
Taylor, R. E. 


Powell, M. L. (Miss) 

West Woodstock 
Ross, M. 

West Hartford 

Bristol, M. L. 


Pennell, C. W 



Webb, W. 

District of Columbia 

Barrows, L. D. 
Bowen, E. H. 
Clark, H. H. 
Clifford, E. C. 
Crowell, L. 
Farrington, A. M. 
Farrington, H. P. 
Foster, A. B. 
Foubert, C. L. 
Gould, H. P. 
McCready, J. H. 
McKenzie, H. E. 
Merrill, G. P. 
Ricker, P. L. 
Rogers, L. A. 
Scribner, F. Lamson 
Smith, C. D. 


Hanscom, G. L. 


Smith, L. C. 

New London 

Elwell, C. C. 


Merrill, H. P. 


Williams, C. S. 


Atwood, E. M. 


Hurd, A. L. 

Stafford Springs 
Buckley, J. 



Rogers, L. W. 
Whitney, H. D. 


Farrington, W. R 
Oleson, W. B. 




Williams, B. F. 


Ingalls, A. T. 

Coeur d'Alene 

Hews, W. P. 


Connor, R. M. 


Towne, C. B. 


Richards, E. R. 

Twin Falls 

Martin, H. S. 


Barrows, W. E-, Jr. 
Beckler, E. H. 
Benner, A. R. 
Buck, T. 
Davis, F. M. 
Davis, R. C. 
Douglass, F. L. 
Farrington, 0. C. 
Huntington, G. K 
Jose, W. H. 
Keller, P. R. 
McDermott, J. A. 
Page, A. D. 
Rogers, C. W. 
Small, A. R. 
Sturtevant, C. F. 
Sturtevant, G. W. 
Webber, W. 
Whittier, C. C. 
Wiley, M. C. 

East St. Louis 

Soper, H. M. 


Ellstrom, V. E. 
Harris, A. W. 
Wall, E. L. 

Granite City 

Plaisted, H. M. 


Peirce, V. J. 

Oak Park 

Butter worth, A. J. 
Goodrich, J. K. 
Martin, F. L. 


Sewall, H. W. 


Doolittle, H. E. 


Fernald, G. E. 


Kingsland, E. B. 


Gage, A. W. 
Timberlake, S. M. 
True, E. S. 


Benjamin, C. H. 
Parks, G. D. 


Herbert, T. C. 



Bates, J. T. 
Porter, R. H. 


Taylor, L. W. 

Fort Leavenworth 
Merrill, D. T. 


Walker, P. F. 



Barker, G. G. 

Morse, C. A. 


Collins, G. 


Cary, L. R. 


Patten, J. H. 




Talbot, R. F. 
Thomas, H. A. 


Bartlett, C. S. 
Harris, M. H. 
Huen, C. J. 
Moody, J. F. 
Small, L. L. (Miss) 
Stevens, T. J. 
Tebbets, C. B. 


Flynt, R. H. 
Howard, L. B! 
Libby, C. A. (Miss) 
Sargent, P. D. 
Smith, H. M. 
Snowdeal, A. (Miss) 
Webster, O. C. 


Barker, L. A. 
Blanchard, E. M. 
Blanding, E. M. 
Boardman, G. L. 
Brick, H. B. 
Butler, H. 
Clark, H. 
Coffin, R. S. 
Copeland, L. P. (Miss) 
Cowan, G. P. 
Crowell, C. P. 
Cutter, L. W. 
Dakin, E. H. 
Delano, E. W. 
Dolan, J. F. 
Dow, F. T. 
Druery, E. J. 
Drummond, H. F. 
Eaton, H. D. 
Fox, L. E. 

Gerrity, H. V. (Miss) 
Gilbert, C. E. 
Gould, G. P. 
Gould, V. K. 
Hasty, P. A. 
Hatch, J. W. 
Heath, S. J. 
Hersey, G. A. 
Hilton, G. L. 
Hilton, H. A. 
Holman, C V. 
Holmes, F. E. 
Jones, F. 
Keyes, P. 
Knight, O. W. 
Lisherness, E. 
Lord, H. 
Lougee, G. 
Lyon, A. C. 

McClure, J. H. 
MacLean, N. V. 
Mansfield, E. R. 
Merrill, J. B. 
Mitchell, R. L. 
Mudgett, U. G. 
Mullaney, R. E. 
Mullen, C. W. 
Murray, E. P. 
Oak, C. E. 
Oak, J. M. 
Pierce, W. B. 
Plumstead, F. 
Pressey, F. E. 
Quincy, F. G. 
Reid, C. H. 
Rice, M. C. (Miss) 
Robinson, W. H. 
Snow, D. F. 
Sprague, A. W. 
Stevens, F. L. 
Tate, W. M. 
Weatherbee, A. W. 
Webber, M. F. (Miss) 
Whittier, R. 
Wilson, M. F. 
Worster, G. H. 
Wyman* A. P. 

Bar Harbor 

Clark, B. E- 
Garland, C. N. 
Graham, H. L. 
Lord, C. A. 
Russell, M. R. 



Chase, C. G. 

Ellis, W. L. 
Murphy, W. M. 
Purinton, J. F. 


Bailey, F. W. 
Bickford, C. S. 
Hayes, A. D. 
Littlefield, E- F. 
Pattee, C. J. 


Richardson, A. W 


Folsom, H. M. 
Libby, H. I. 
Tarr, R. D. 


Brown, H. A. 


Aiken, E. N. (Miss) 
Cay ting, A. B. 
Dunn, P. H. 
Farrington, M. E. 
Kelley, E. H. 
Morse, W. 
Sargent, W. J. 

Cumberland Mills 

Larrabee, B. T. 


Brown, R. W. 

Damariscotta Mills 

Hodgkins, A. E. 


Abbott, E. S. 
Walker, E. C. 


Harding, B. E. 
Putnam, E. B. . 
Putnam, V. A. 

Brown ville 

Gerrish, H. 


Garland, C. C. 


Eaton, R. W. 
Wheeler, A. F. 
Wilson, J. D. 

Bryant's Pond 

Mann, E. J. 


Brown, E. D. 
Brown, W. S. 
Bumps, W. A. 


Butterfield, C. C. 


Forbes, C. F. 

East Boothbay 

Race, J. L. 


Abbott, H. L. 
Buck, H. A. 

East Corinth 

Tate, E. M. (Miss) 


Lamb, R. R. 

East Eddington 

Ford, L. H. 
Merrill, E. C. 


Bird, J. 


Findlen, T. M. 
Keyes, 0. L. 
Porter, J. W. H. 
Webb, W. S. 

East Machias 

Talbot, J. R. 
Wiswell, C. G. 

East Millinocket 

MacDougal, W. E. 
Robbins, C. A. 


Robinson, L. Jr. 


Holmes, E. R. 


Devereux, R. S. 
Weeks, J. W. 


Freeman, G. G. 
Nickels, H. L. 

East Sullivan 

Smith, E. H. 

East Winthrop 

Packard, H. E. 


Hammond, G. E. 


Rollins, D. W. 


Steward, S. J. 

Columbia Falls 

Chandler, M. R. (Miss) 


Totman, A. W. 


Lincoln, H. M. 




Marr, L. H. 
Russell, L. B. 
Stewart, F. C. 


Coffin, E. V. 
Dyer, W. N. 
Glover, P. H. 

Ft. Fairfield 

Burns, C. E. S. 
Harvey, C. C. 
Martin, N. H. 
Pearce, C. A. 

Fort Kent 

Burnham, E. J. 
Laliberte, J. A. 


Peirce, H. 
Walton, R. D. 


Bangs, H. E. 


Stover, O. 0. 


Warren, G. O. 


Haley, H. D. 
Lancaster, A. B. 


French, H. F. 


Harlow, F. H. 
Knight, P. C. 
Lewis, A. A. 
Patrick, S. E. 


Philbrook, W. 


Crowley, E. B. 
Jones, G. M. (Miss) 


Hussey, E. H. 
Marsh, R. H. 
Pearson, R. H. 
Williams, J. S. 


Cowan, G. A. 
Loud, W. C. 


Crab tree, L. B. 


Haley, J. H. 
Moor, C. L. 


Bearce, H. W. 


Archibald, B. 
Donnelly, J. A. 
Goodridge, O. L. 
Hull, F. E. 


Mills, C. H. 


Dunbar, O. H. 


Burke, W. BE. 


Hall, H. A. 


Clarke, R. E. 
Farrington, H. O. 


Brann, J. F. 
Derby, F. A. 
Malloy, T. A. 
Whitney, G. A. 
Williams, D. S. 
Winn, G. H. 


Fenderson, F. D. 


Roix, W. R. 


Porter, B. F. 
Thombs, G. W. 

Lisbon Falls 

Keirstead, A. W. 

Livermore Falls 

Brown, W. B. 
Hodgdon, C. A. (Miss) 
McCarthy, P. E- 



Keegan, J. J. 


Blackwell, C. E. 

Day, E. G. 

Hoyt, H. P. 

Gibbs, B. 
r Weston, G. 0. 

r - 

Mars Hill 

Merrill, M. B. 
Pierce, H. 


Sawyer, E. J. 


Bowler, F. C. 
Doyle, F. E. 


Averill, R. S. 


Brown, L. G. C. 
Johnson, W. A. 


Randlette, C. M. 


Riddle, H. C. 

Newburgh Village 
Page, W. R. 


Bryant G. 


Bennett, W. H. 
Dinsmore, E. L. 


Folsom, Iv. R. 

North Anson 

Beal, H. O. 
Dunn, R. O. 
Witham, L. C. 

North Bridgton 

Cushman, C. G. 

North Edgecomb 
Chase, J. P. 


Stone, F. P. 


Bacon, R. S. 
Foster, S. J. 
Harvey, J. E. 

Old Town 

Bassett, R. S. 
Blanchard, C. D. 
Bridges, A. H. 
Brown, A. H. 
Bussell, E. M. (Miss) 
Buzzell, S. J. 
Butterfield, W. H. 
Carr, C. M. (Miss) 
Crawford, A. S. 
Fitzgerald, E. E- (Miss) 
Gray, J. A. 
Gould, J. F. 
Hilliard, H. 
Keith, A. J. 
Kittredge, C. A. 
Porter, K. B. 
Swan, C. B. 
Waterhouse, W. H. 


Hutchins, W. O. 

Orr's Island 

Heyer, H. S. 


Aubert, A. B. 
Balentine, M. (Miss) 
Bartlett, J. M. 
Bean, P. A. 
Boardman, H. S. 
Brockie, J. M. 
Cain, J. H. 
Clayton, R. E. 
Colcord, J. C. (Miss) 
Edwards, D. J. 
Ellis, H. M. 
Emery, A. T. (Miss) 
Estabrooke, H. M. 
Flanders, F. L. 
Gellerson, R. C. 
Gilbert, E. C. 
Gowell, G. M. 
Grover, A. L. 
Hamlin, E- (Miss) 
Hamlin, G. H. 
Hanson, H. H. 
Hart, J. N. 
Harvey, B. T. 
Heald, J. 
Johnstone, L. I. 
Jones, R. K. 
Lord, A. R. 
Mansfield, M. C. (Miss) 
Merrill, J. F. 
Merrill, L- H. 




Palmer, P. B. 

Powell, M. H. 

Reed, L. J. 

Ring, A. I. (Mrs. C. J. Dunn) 

Russell, F. L. 

Sampson, A. H. 

Sampson, C. H. 

Sampson, F. M. 

Sheridan, L. M. (Mrs. A. B. 

Stevens, A. W. 
Sutton, G. A. 
Taylor, T. F. 
Thompson, G. E- 
Toner, E. L. 

Vinal, P. A. (Mrs. A. White) 
Vinal, R. P. (Miss) 
Washburn, W. F. 
Weeks, N. E. (Mrs. L. Spencer) 
Weston, C. P. 
White, C. H. 
Whittier, A. C. 
Woods, C. D. 

Trask, O. W. 
Vose, C. T. 
Wallace, J. G. 
Webster, C. S. 
Webster, F. H. 
Wescott, A. C. 

Presque Isle 

Allen, C. P. 
Hall, W. D. 
Knowles, L. M.(Mrs. R. J. 

Larrabee, G. P. 


Robinson, H. G. 


Anderson, T. A. 
Berry, R. H. 
Thurlough, H. H. 


Allen, G. H. 

Bates, S. W. 

Black, G. F. 

Brooks, G. L- 

Chandler, R. F. 

Chaplin, C. S. 

Closson, J. E. 

Davis, S. P. 

De Wolfe, R. W. 

Dow, L. E. 

Gardner, H. N. 

Giles, C. I. 

Gulliver, E. C. 

Hicks, A. A. (Mrs. G. F. Black) 

Holt, E. E. 

Johnson, B. R. 

Kelley, J. G. 

Kenniston, H. G. 

Locke, J. 

Monroe, E. R. 

Noble, E. E. 

Olds, R. F. 

Owen, G. S. 

Phillips, C. S. 

Phillips, F. F. 

Ridge, R. 

Thomas, B. M. 

Thombs, W. B. 

Mosher, E. S. E. 
Thayer, H. B. 


Edgerly, J. W. 


Murphy, C. C. 


Libby, F. J. 


Austin, A. A. 
Foster, N. G. 
Goodwin, B. W. 
Reynolds, H. J. 
Reynolds, T. H. 


Bird, A. L. 
Bird, S. M. 2nd 
Cobb, W. T. 
Flanagan, J. H. 
Kittredge, J. R. 
Sherman, R. S. 
Smalley, C. T. 

Round Pond 

Gorham, F. E. 

Rumford Center 

French, H. C. 

Rumford Falls 

Cowan, E. L. 
Reed, F. R. 
Reed, F. R. Jr. 
McCarthy, M. 
Stevenson, J. B. 
Theriault, D. L. 


Hill, G. H. 


Swett, L. B. 




Carr, H.M. 

Ring, V. M. (Mrs. D. O. Camp- 

Sebec Station 

Ramsdell, L. M. (Mrs. M. D. 

Sherman Station 

Robinson, A. R. (Mrs. A. R. 

Sherman Mills 

Ludgate, V. 


Butler, E. C. 

Churchill, H. L. 

Colby, D. W. 

Danforth, E. F. 

Goodwin, G. P. 

Gould, S. W. 

Greenwood, E. E- 

Hight, C. B. 

Leavitt, N. L. (Mrs. F. R. Hill) 

Lord, R. W. 

Lord, T. G. 

Parker, E. A. 

Perkins, D. H. 

Phillips, H. J. 

Smith, D. F. 

Steward, J. W. 

South Berwick 

Hobbs, F. A. 

South Levant 

Fernald, C. W. 

South Portland 

Phinney, A. L. 

South West Harbor 
Fuller, G. R. 

South Windham 

Hoyt, A. L. 


Matthews, A. A. (Miss) 
Michaels, J. C. (Miss) 
Reed, N. W. (Mrs. E. R. 

Stockton Springs 

Marston, F. L. 
Norwood, L. 0. 


Haskell, H. B. 



Bradford, L. C. 
Ricker, W. J. 

Mitchell, C. B. 

Van Buren 

Burns, F. P. 
Violette, N. L. 


White, F. M. 


Buker, E. B. 
Mclntyre, H. F. 


Hull, F. E. 
Starrett, A. P. 
Starrett, H. V. 


Bartlett, M. J. 
Burleigh, J. H. 
Clark, S. 
Cook, H. E. 
Cotton, E. L. 
Crosby, C. E. 
Haines, W. T. 
Hitchings, E- F. 
Keirstead, H. W. 
Nelson, J. E. 
Pattangall, W. R. 
Rollins, F. M. 
Small, F. J. 
Waldron, W. L. 
Wormell, R. G. 


Haskell, E- J. 
Haskell, R. 
Haskell, R. W. 
Porter, C. 0. 
Pride, F. P. 
Warren, J. C. 

West Gouldsboro 
Clark, J. B. 

West Kennebunk 

Stanford, E. A. 


Butman, J. W. 


Babb, G. H. 
Bailey, F. L. 
Johnson, E. A. 



York Village 

Sanford, J. F. 


Crosby, W. W. 
Gibbs, E. E. 
Haggett, E. R. 
Harris, P. H. 
Hayes, S. H. T. 
How, E. S. 

Havre de Grace 

Lombard, C. H. 

Port Deposit 

Flint, W. 

Leavitt, H. E. (Mrs. W. Flint) 

South Baltimore 
Orne, S. B. 


Fernald, C. H. 
Fernald, H. T. 


Gannett, C. H. 
Robinson, W. F. 


Everett, C. S. Clinton 


Bryer, C. S. 


Black, W. W. 
Ellis, M. E- 
Farnham, C. H. 
French, C. F. 
Kittridge, R. B. 
Lovett, M. R. 
Pierce, W. B. 
Rumball G. W. Jr. 
Smith, G. A. 


Andrews, H. B. 
Burleigh, J. H. 
Colby, J. A. 
Conners, C. P. 
Cowan, B. M. 
Dolley, W. 
Foss, H. C. 
Goodale, A. M. 
Gordon, H. L. 
Hall, H. G. 
Hamilton, A. G. 
Hamilton, H. F. 
Healey, W. E. 

Hilliard, E. K. 
Howes, C. L. 
Kneeland, H. W. 
Maddocks, F. E. 
Morson, J. H. 
Mosher, P. H. 
Owen, J. W. 
Page, A. S. 
Palmer, E. E. 
Patten, W. N. 
Porter, E. A. 
Ray, I. B. 
Shaw, W. J. 
Southard, L. C. 
Thompson, F. E. 
Urann, M. L. 
Veazie, M. M. 
Weywouth, A. P. 


Kallom, F. W. 


Wallace, C. J. 


Bird, J. A. 

Green, C. S. (Mrs.W. J. Camp- 
Tucker, J. V. 
Woodbury, S. E. 

Davis, W. T. 


Ryther, L. E. 


Mitchell, F. C. 
Parker, D. L. (Miss) 


Carlson, G. W. 


Atwood, G. G. 

Bowerman, F. H. 

Dutton, O. J. 

Foster, W. H. 

Gurney, J. I. 

Hamilton, G. R. (Mrs. F. H. 

Nelson, W. 
Powers, H. W. 


Damon, F. H. 

East Boston 

Erskine, F. S. N. 



East Bridge water 

Martin, C. H. 

East Milton 

Clary, J. R. 

East Weymouth 

Webster, W. B. 


Elliott, H. C. 
Tyler, J. A. 
Tolman, W. R. 

Fall River 

Holyoke, W. L. 


Frost, C. A. 


Lang, A. A. 


Lawrence, G. W. 


Linehan, D. J. 


Bowden, G. I. 


Reemie, E. W. 


Alden, C. H. 
Ritter, G. W. 


Davis, H. A. 

Indian Orchard 

Ward, T. H. 
White, A. 


Powell, M. F. (Miss) 

Jamaica Plain 

Eldridge, W. H. 
. Elliott, W. C. 
' Putnam, C. E. 
Stilphen, C. A. 


Saunders, A. R. 
Schwartz, L. H. 


Alton, R. H. 
Ames, B. E. 
Beal, A. N. 
Boynton, J. L. 
Breed, A. F. 
Cargill, W. N. 
Chatto, B. H. 
Claflin, F. M. A 
Cowan, F. E. 
Davis, A. R. 
Gibbs, J. C. 
Hurd, W. B. 
Menges, H. G 
Wilson, E. J. 



Chase, W. W. 


Bailey, W. M. 
Berry, E. R. 
Chamberlain, G. W. 


Small, A. C. 


O'Halloran, T. H. 


Swain, J. H. 

Swain, P. E. (Mrs. J. H. 


Durgan, G. W. 


Goodridge, E. 0. 


Allan, B. J. 
Farrington, W. R. 


Doyle, J. H. 

New Bedford 

Clarke, E- E. 
Perry, L. S. 
Reed, F. M. 


Saunders, W. H. 

Newton Upper Falls 

Leighton, C. H. 


French, H. S. 

North Attleboro 

Fowles, R. A. 




Clough, G. E. 
Hobson, E. E. 
Smith, F. A. 


Simmons, F. J. 


Davenport, A. E- 
Ross, H. D. 
Smith, H. A. 


Mackay, J. D. 
Nowland, J. M. 


Fessenden, L. E. 


Graves, S. P. 
Harville, J. P. 
Small, S. G. 


Clark, R. C. 
Woodward, D. C. 


Ayer, J. M. 
Danforth, E. W. 
feathers, H. H. 
Mackay, M. 
Randlette, J. W. 
Stevens, F. O. 
Webster, F. E. 

South Braintree 

Burnham, A. R. (Miss) 


Atkinson, W. H. 
Buckley, W. W. 
Paige, J. L. 

South Orleans 

Sparrow, A. L. 


Green, H. H. 


Gay, G. M. 
Geary, T. R. 
Jones, S. M. 
Sikes, W. S. 
White, R. H. 


Chaney, I. W. 
Pretto, H. J. 


Farrell, H. C. 


Brick, F. S. 


Bean, E. D. 

Hartford, E. G. 

Starr, J. A. 


Taylor, C. N. 


Mansfield, F. A. 

West Lynn* 

Lang, C. L. 
Stevens, C. H. 

West Medford 
Clark, E. 


Philoon, D. L. 


Eastman, F. L- 
Kimball, C. B. 
Taylor, E. W. 


Boland, M. G. (Miss) 
Flint, B. W. 
Horner, L- H. 
Lekberg, C. H. 
Maguire, G. 
Potter, P. 
Sturgis, E. A. 
Whittemore, G. A. 



Brown, E. C. 
Higgins, H. A. 
St. Onge, W. J. 
Watts, F. E. 

East Lansing 

Patten, A. J. 

Grand Rapids 

Thomas, E- D. 


Batchelder, F. L. 


Frost, W. O. 




Peck, L. 

Albert Lea 

Cowan, E. H. 

Hill, J. E. 


Crosby, S. P. 


Decker, W. F. 
Elkins, A. J. 
Mayo, E. D 
Russell, R. E. 
Sprague, A. P. 
Stevens, W. L. 
Williams, J. H. 

St. Paul 

Crosby, O. 
Osborn, E- W. 
Patterson, J. C. 
Stevens, H. E. 


Clayton, C. 


Farrar, L. G. (Mrs. 



Stewart, G. T. 


Galland, J. 


Moore, A. L. 

Popular Bluff 

Thomes, E. C. 

St. Joseph 

Rackliff, J. R. 

St. Louis 

Hart, M. C. 
Hooper, E. G. 
Sweetser, E. O. 
Vose, F. H. 


Hopkins, R. T. 


Patten, T. M. 


Banks, F. A. 
Bowles, C. W. 
Mitchell, L. H. 
Moody, C. J. 
Weymouth, F. E. 


Bearce, I. M. 
Taylor, A. G. 


Goodwin, G. E. 


Foss, G. O. 


Rollins, M. F. 


Bailey, C. L. 
Brown, A. B. 
Crowe, F. X. 
Hayes, A. J. 


Weston, B. T. 

C. N. Nebraska 


Andrews, H. H. 
Ring, M. L. (Mrs. H. H. 


Simpson, P. D. 


Coburn, F. E. (Mrs. A. L. 

Cosmey, S. H. 
Fernald, A. L. 


Sears, C. A. 
Watson, A. M. 


Duncan, L. 


Dinsmore, S. C. 
Wilson, N. E. 

New Hampshire 

Record, L. S. 




Collins, F. 
Fagan, J. P. V. 


McCrillis, W. G. 


Johnson, C. H. 


McCrillis, E. J. 
Reed, J. 


Cotton, C. 


Keyes, A. H. 
Lewis, H. M. 


Howard, W. R. 


Hamlin, R. G. 


Macloon, E- H. 


McDermott, W. L. 


Pike, G. W. 


Barrows, A. T. 


Moody, P. R. 

East Orange 

Dorticos, P. 
Grover, N. C. 


Jack, W. D. 
McCullough, F. 
Smith, E. M. 
Stephens, C. W. 


Buck, F. E. (Miss) 


Cassey, S. 


Elms, J. W. 

High Bridge 

Kay, F. W. 

Jersey City 

Wentworth, M. B. (Mrs. C. (X 


Griggs, E. H. 


Brann, G. S. 
Paine, A. T. 
Stephens, A. W. 

New Brunswick 

Jordan, A. T. 

New Hampton 

Brown, H. W. 


Shaw, O. J. 


McGill, L. V. 


Morrill, E. N. 


Taft, D. R. 

New Jersey 

Case, A. D. 

Asbury Park 

Thompson, G. D. 


Williams, H. 


Sewall, M. W. 


Gray, C. A. 


Bachelor, A. W. 
Holbrook, F. P. 


Crockett, C. W. 

West Collingswood 
Drew, A. W. 


Thatcher, H. D. T. 




New Mexico 

Harlow, E- T. 
Philbrook, E. W. 

New York 

Howe, E. J. 
Seabury, G. E. 


Upton, E. C. 


Caswell, W. H. 
Frost, G. S. 
Hamlin, C. 
Hamlin, R. 
Hancock, W. J. 
Hofstead, H. 0. 
Lamb, E. P. 
Margesson, C. W. 
Martin, B. C. 
Martin, L. A. 
Rogers, A. 
Snow, M. S. (Miss) 
Strout, H. C. 
Thomas, C. D. 


Decrow, D. A. 
Jordan, A. C. 

Canaan Four Corners 
Moulton, J. P. 


Kidder, E- E. 
Small, C. L. 


Balentine, F. (Mrs. 

Fort Slocum 

Starbird, A. A. 


Baker, E. L. 
Jordan, W. H. 


Chase, N. A. 


Cummings, M. B. 
Lawrence, L. A. 

Long Island City 

Broadwell, E. S. 
Simmons, J. P. 


Fraser, G. L. (Miss) 


Calderwood, I. G. 


Caldwell, A. J. 
Robinson, A. H. 

New York 

Bassett, E. P. 
Belcher, W. E. 
Bixby, 0. M. 
Boardman, J. R. 
Boardman, W. H. 
Brann, B. E. 
Brick, A. H. 
Caswell, W. B. 
Coffin, L. M. 
Cowles, H. D. 
Cummings, E- W. 
Currier, C. E. 
Downing, M. B. 
Drew, I. H. 
Emery, F. E- 
Emery, H. A. 
Ferguson, J. S. 
Fernald, R. L- 
French, P. E. 
Goodridge, P. F. 
Gould, F. G. 
Graves, J. C. 
Gray, C. P. 
Greeley, H. D. 
Ham, J. C. 
Hamlin, H. P. 
Harvey, W. W. 
Hayward, G. E- 
Hersey, G. W. 
Hilliard, J. H. 
E. F. Hoxie, H. F. 

Kilbourne, C. H. 
Knowles, A. M. 
Jeffery, G. W. 
Lock wood, J. F. 
Lord, R. E. 
May, J. 
Morey, W. Jr. 
Morell, W. B. 
Nute, A. J. 
Oakes, F. J. 
Potter, F. D. 
Quimby, J. H. 
Rauteustrauch, W. 
Read, C. A. 
Riggs, L. W. 
Robinson, C. C. 
Sawyer, J. H. 
Selkirk, R. W. 
Smith, R. S. 
Taylor, H. S. 



New York 

RacklifTe, C. N. 

Thomas, L. A. 

Stanley, H. A. 

Trafton, E. E. 

Strickland, R. E. 

Treworgy, I. E. 

Watson, E. L. 


Whipple, A. L. 

Tolman, F. S. 

White, A. H. 


Wilson, F. P. 


York, V. J. 

Whitcomb, J. 0. 

Wood, C. A. 

North Tarrytown 

Lowell, F. H. 


Wood, A. 


Gardiner, H. (Mrs. S. 

C. Watertown 


Dillingham, S. C. 

Port Byron 

North Carolina 

Stickney, G. W. 


Aycock, C. B. 

Port Chester 

Monk, H. W. 

Rogers, E. G. 

Silver, A. E. 


North Dakota 

Lull, G. F. 


Chamberlain, C. C. 


Murray, W. A. 


Holley, C. D. 


Ladd, E. F. 

Lunt, C. S. 

Winslow, J. T. 




Bixby, J. H. 

Alton, F. 0. 

Armstrong, G. 0. 


Bartlett, C. W. 

Mclntire, W. D. 

Bearce, W. D. 

Carlton, R. H. 


Chadbourne, H. W. 

Brown, A. N. 

Connell, B. R. 

de Coligny, G. G. 

Crowe, J. W. 

Perry, T. B. 

Croxford, W. E. 

Dorticos, C. 


Dunn, J. S. 

Dunton, 0. H. 

Dunton, H. D. 

Glidden, E. H. 


Hinckley, F. A. (Mrs. J. 

W. Fernald, R. H. 


Olivenbaum, J. E. 

Judkins, E. L. 

Karl, H. L. 


Kelley, B. V. 

Harlow, C. B. 

Knowlton, H. A. 

Libby, A. D. T. 

Lurvey, J. G. 

Manson, R. H. 

Mansfield, H. W. 

Matthieu, J. C. 

Merrill, W. L. 

Pennell, A. J. 

Mayo, H. P. 

Sands, R. W. 

Meserve, J. W. 

Sweet, C. A. 

Newman, M. G. 

Oswald, H. H. 


Prince, C. E. 

Maddock, H. L. 

Quint, R. A. 




Andrews, F. O. 



Hatch, H. A. 

El Reno 

Libby, M. D. 


Bean, P. A. 


Goodwin, P. R. 


Colesworthy, C. F. 


Davis, G. H. 


Tripp, W. E. 


Nichols, L. C. 
Stevens, R. P. 


Brastow, W. T. 


Lufkin, G. W. 


Fogg, C. H. 
Hutchinson, G. W 
Maddocks, F. E- 


Varney, L,. G. 
Vickery, G. S. 


Stetson, E. H. 


Kimball, F. J. 

Jersey Shore 

Lowe, G. S. 


Hamlin, G. O. 

McCall Ferry 

Batchelder, H. W. 
Bennett, A. G. 


Dow, H. K. 

New Kensington 

Murphy, G. F. 

, Philadelphia 

Drummond, R. R. 
Harvey, C. D. 
Hayes, J. A. 
Mitchell, F. H. 
Moulton, A. 
Paine, L. G. 
Ross, E. B. 
Sheahan, H. V. 
Valentine, W. A. 
Wilkins, G. B. 


Hopkins, L,. O. 


Cole, H. E. 
Faunce, B. F. 
Mitchell, A. G. 
Weymouth, A. P. 


Freeman, G. L. 
Owen, A. B. 


Blackinton, A. D. 


Davis, C. E. 
Hoxie, H. S. 
Pierce, S. F. 
Purington, H. P 


Hosmer, F. P. 


Brown, J. W. 
Weeks, C. W. 


Watts, C. E. 
Welch, W. E. 

Philippine Islands 
Hodgkins, H,. H. 


Goodale, L,. F. 

Gould, A. M. (Mrs. I,. F. 

Merrill, E. D. 

Porto Rico 
Brown, E- P. 



Rhode; Island 

Schoppe, W. F. 
Tolman, G. 


Campbell, D. E. 


Abbott, E. 
Little, L. E. 
Stowell, C. W. 
Swift, P. L. 

Shawomet Beach 

Dunn, R. E. (Mrs. B. 

Whitcomb, B. D. 


French, J. E. 

South Carolina 

Libby, A. S. 

South Dakota 

Clark, W. C. 


Stetson, H. C. 


Perry, E. (Miss) 


Harvey, L. H. 


Pritham, H. C. 


Blagden, J. D. 

El Paso 

Patten, F. R. 
Todd, F. H. 

Fort Worth 

Abbott, C. E. 


Fickett, F. W. 

Salt Lake City 

Higgins, R. E. 


Graton, C. D. 
White, H. L. 


Grover, A. C. 


Wood, E. B. 

Small, F. L. 

Newport News 

Heath, E. F. 
D. Stone, C. W. 


Bunker, S. 3. 


Grover, 0. L. 


Carle, G. W. 



Dole, A. 


Merrill, F. 
Merrill, T. L. 


de Haseth, G. A. 
Foss, P. F. 
Pillsbury, G. M. 
Weston, W. A. 


Lenfest, E. 


Campbell, C. W. 

Cobb, A. L. 

Fernald, H. C. (Mrs. J. A. 

Merriam, W. H. 


Farrington, E- H. 


Learned, F. E. 

New Richmond 

Wade, F. G. 


Whitmore, A. A. 




Cutter, J. D. 

West Allis 

MacDonald, K. 


Snell, R. M. 


Rio Janeiro 

Noyes, F. A. 

Borestown (N. B.) 

Southard, F. D. 

Fairhaven (N. B.) 

McDonald, F. 

Fredericton (N. B.) 
Bolt, R. A. 

Haileybury (Ontario) 
Murray, H. 

Hope (B. C.) 

Scott, W. E. 

Mispec (N. B.) 

Rowe, G. F. 

Montreal (Quebec) 

Beedle, H. W. 
Edwards, I,. N. 

New Glasgow (N. S.) 
Mitchell, C. A. 

St. John (N. B.) 

Holt, F. W. 

St. Stephen (N. B.) 
Strange, E. M. 

Toronto (Ontario) 

Simpson, E. R. 

Vancouver (B. C.) 
Breed, E. M. 
Kittridge, C. P. 


Morey, E. L. 

Grand Falls 

Lincoln, H. F. 
White, F. O. 

South America 
Cruz del Eji (Argentine Republic) 
Cilley, J. V. 

Guayaguil (Equador) 
Sinclair, K. A. 

San Isadore (Argentine Republic) 
Cilley, L. V. P. 


(Sh. Ph.) Short Pharmacy, (L. E.) Library Economy, (L.) Law, 
(Hon.) Honorary Degree. 

Bickford — Porno, copy pg. 103 

Linotype headings 

Abbott, C. E 1905 

Abbott, E 1876 

Abbott, E. S. (Hon.) 1897 

Abbott, H. L 1906 

Aiken, E- N. (Miss) 1907 

Alden, C. H 1905 

Alexander, W. W. B 1907 

Allan, B. J 1886 

Allan, G. H 1884 

Allen, C. P 1876 

* Allen, W. A 1874 

Alton, F. G 1907 

Ames, B. E 1905 

Anderson, T. A. (L.) 1902 

Andrews, F. 1890 

Andrews, H. B 1888 

Andrews, H. H 1881 

* Anthony, G. R 1905 

Archibald, B. (L.) 1907 

Arey, R. J 1891 

Armstrong, G. '. . 1905 

Atherton, G. F 1892 

Atkinson, W. H 1892 

Atwood, E. M 1897 

Atwood, G. G 1895 

* Atwood, H. W 1890 

Aubert, A. B. (Hon.) 1889 

Austin, A. A 1907 

Averill, R. S 1904 

Ayer, J. M 1886 

Babb, G. H 1890 

Bachelder, A. W 1902 

Bachelder, H. W 1905 

Bacon, R. S 1906 


Bailey, £. L 1905 

Bailey, F. L. (Sh. Ph.) 1905 

Bailey, F. W 1898 

Bailey, W. M 1891 

Baker, E- L 1903 

Balentine, F. 

Mrs. E. F. Hanaburgh 1905 

Balentine, M. (Miss) 1907 

* Balentine, W 1874 

Bangs, H. E. (L.) 1907 

Banks, F. E 1906 

Barker, G. G 1886 

Barker, L. A. (L.) 1900 

Barron, W. D 1898 

Barrows, A. T 1907 

Barrows, L. D 1907 

Barrows, W. E«, Jr 1902 

Bartlett, C. S. (Sh. Ph.) 1897 

Bartlett, C. W 1901 

Bartlett, E. J 1902 

Bartlett, J. M 1880 

Bartlett, M.J 1901 

Bartlett, M. J. (L.) 1904 

* Bartlett, W. R 1901 

Bassett, E. P 1899 

Bassett, H. M 1904 

Bassett, R. S 1904 

Batchelder, F. L 1899 

* Batchelder, G. S 1888 

Bates, J. T 1907 

Bates, S. W 1875 

Beal, A. N. (Sh. Ph.) 1907 

Beale, H. O 1905 

Bean, E. D 1907 

Bean, H. P 1879 

Bean, P. A 1907 

Bean, P. L 1904 


Bearce, H. W 1906 Brown, A. H 1890 

Bearce, I. M 1904 Brown, A. N 1905 

Bearce, W. D 1906 * Brown, E- (Mrs. C. Gilman) . . 1878 

Beck, W. P 1902 Brown, E. C 1905 

Beckler, E. H 1876 Brown, E. D 1906 

Beedle, H. W 1900 Brown, H. A 1904 

Belcher, W. E 1899 Brown, H. W 1881 

Benjamin, C. H. (Hon.) 1881 Brown, J. W 1899 

Benner, A. R 1903 Brown, I,. G. C. (L.) 1905 

Bennett, A. G 1906 Brown, R. W. (L.) 1905 

Bennett, W. H. (L.) 1903 Brown, W. B 1897 

Berry, E. R 1904 Brown, W. S. (L.) 1906 

Berry, R. H. (Sh. Ph.) 1901 Browne, C. W. H 1882 

Bickford, C. S 1882 Bryant, G 1904 

Bird, A. L 1900 Bryer, C. S 1897 

Bird, J 1890 Buck, A. H 1895 

Bird, J. A. (Sh. Ph.) 1897 Buck, C. L. (Mrs. T. W. Hine). .1881 

Bird, S. M. 2d 1907 Buck, F. E 1904 

Bisbee, F. W 1876 Buck, H. A 1902 

Bixby, J. H 1901 Buck, H. B.. 1893 

Bixby, O. M 1901 Buck, T 1901 

Black, G. F 1886 Buckley, J. (L.) 1907 

Black, W. W 1907 Buckley, W. W. (X.) 1903 

Blackington, A. DeO 1877 Buker, E. B 1904 

* Blackington, R. H 1890 Bunker, S. S 1897 

Blackwell, C. E 1899 Bumps, W. A 1875 

Blagden, J. D 1886 Burgess, W. J . . . . 1900 

Blaisdell, H. G 1905 Burke, W. H 1906 

* Blake, E. J 1879 Burleigh, J. H 1887 

Blanchard, B. W. (L.) 1904 Burleigh, J. H 1907 

Blanding, E. M 1876 * Burleigh, W. H 1884 

Boardman, H. S 1895 Burnham, A. R. (Miss) 1900 

Boardman, J. R 1888 Burnham, E. J. (L.) 1906 

Boardman, S. L. (Hon.) 1899 Burns, C. E. S 1907 

Boardman, W. H . . . 1901 Burns, F. P. (Sh. Ph.) 1902 

Bogart, F. H. H 1901 * Burns, R. B 1887 

Boland, M. G. (Miss) 1902 Bussell, E. M. (Miss) 1902 

Bolt, R. A 1906 Butler, E. C. (I,.) 1901 

Bowden, G. 1 1890 * Butler, F. H. (Hon.) 1890 

Bowen, E. H 1905 Butler, H 1888 

Bowerman, F. H 1900 Butman, J. W 1902 

Bowler, F. C 1894 Butterfield, B. F 1901 

Bowles, C. W 1905 Butterfield, C. C. (Sh. Ph.) 1907 

Boynton, A. E 1899 Butterfield, W. R 1892 

Boynton, J. L 1882 Butterworth, A. J 1906 

Bradford, I,. C 1904 Buzzell, S. J 1882 

* Brainard, CM 1876 Cain, J. H 1883 

Brann, B. E 1907 Calderwood, I.G 1895 

Brann, G. S 1904 Caldwell, A. J 1878 

Brann, L. J 1898 Campbell, C. W 1906 

Brastow, W. T 1897 Campbell, D. E 1888 

Brawn, E. D 1907 Cargill, W. N 1900 

Breed, A. F 1905 Carle, G. W . 1905 

Breed, E. M 1904 Carlson, G. W 1906 

Brick, F. S 1888 Carlton, R. H 1899 

Bridges, A. H. (L.) 1905 Carr, C. M. (Miss) 1903 

* Briggs, F. P 1889 Carr, H. M 1902 

Bristol, M. L 1892 Cary, L. R 1901 

Broadwell, E- S 1904 Case, A. D 1904 

Brockie, J. M 1906 Cassey, S 1906 

Brooks, G. L. (L.) 1906 Caswell, W. B 1899 

Brown, A. B 1907 Caswell, W. H 1900 



Cay ting, A. B 1907 

Chad bourne, H. W 1902 

Chamberlain, C. C 1878 

Chamberlain, G. W 1885 

Chandler, M. R. (Miss) (Sh. Ph.)i904 

Chandler, R. F 1903 

Chaney, I. W. (Sh. Ph.) 1905 

Chaplin, C. S 1904 

Chase, C. G 1904 

Chase, N. A 1903 

Chase, W. W 1895 

Chatto, B. H 1905 

Churchill, H. L 1906 

Cillev, J. V 1883 

Cilley, J. V. (Hon.) 1900 

Cilley, L. V. P 1887 

Claflin, F. M. A 1907 

*Clapp, S. H 1875 

Clark, B. E .1887 

Clark, E 1891 

Clark, H 1890 

Clark, H. H 1899 

Clark, J. B. (L.) 1907 

Clark, R. S 1892 

Clark, S 1902 

Clark, W. C 1900 

Clarke, E. E. (L.) 1904 

Clarke, R. E. (Sh. Ph.) 1902 

Clary, J. R 1897 

Clayton, C ■ 1891 

Clayton, R. E 1907 

Cleaves, D. L. (Sh. Ph.) 1898 

Cleaves, D. L 1899 

Clifford, E. C 1904 

Closson, J. E 1900 

Clough, G. E. (L.) 1904 

Cobb, A. L 1901 

Cobb, W. T. (Hon.) 1905 

* Coffin, A.J 1890 

Coffin, E. V 1887 

Coffin, L. M 1903 

Coffin, R. S 1907 

Colburn, F. E. (Mrs.A.L.Fernald)i88i 

Colburn, L. F 1875 

Colby, D. W 1887 

Colby, J. A. (L.) 1906 

Colcord, J. C 1906 

Cole, C. L 1900 

Cole, H. E 1902 

Colesworthy, C. F 1875 

DeColigny, G. G 1906 

Collins, A. W 1905 

Collins, F 1903 

Collins, G 1899 

Connell, B. R 1907 

Connor, R. M 1903 . 

Conners, C. P. (L.) 1906 

* Conroy, M. F.(Mrs. Saunders) . 1884 

Cook, H. E. (L.) 1900 

Copeland, L. P. (Miss) 1904 

Cosmey, S. H 1897 

Cotton, C. (L.) 1906 

Cotton, E. L 1905 

Cowan, B. M 1905 

Cowan, E. H 1894 

Cowan, E. L J 9Q3 

Cowan, F. H. (Miss) 1876 

Cowan, G. A. (L.) 1906 

Cowan, G. P 1894 

Cowles, H. D. (Sh. Ph.) 1903 

Cowles, H. D 1905 

Crawford, A. S. (L.) 1905 

* Crocker, H. K 1903 

Crockett, C. W 1899 

Crosby, C. E 1901 

Crosby, O 1876 

Crosby, S. P 1879 

Crosby, W. W 1893 

Crowe, F. T 1905 

Crowe, J. W 1905 

Crowell, C. P. . 1898 

Crowell, L 1906 

Crowell, W. H. (Sh. Ph.) 1900 

Crowley, E. B 1904 

Croxford, W. E . . . 1890 

Cummings, E- W 1907 

Cummings, M. B 1904 

Currier, C. E 1906 

Cushman, C. G 1889 

Cutter, J. D 1879 

Cutter, L. W 1884 

* Cyr, V 1876 

Dakin, E- H 1877 

Damon, F. H 1895 

Danforth, E. F 1877 

Danforth, E. W 1892 

Davenport, A. E 1904 

Davis, A. R 1902 

Davis, C. E 1907 

Davis, E. H 1898 

Davis, F. M 1901 

Davis, G. H 1901 

Davis, H. A 1900 

Davis, M. (Mrs. J. D. Stevens). . . 1880 

Davis, R. C 1903 

Davis, S. P 1902 

Davis, W. T. (L.) 1905 

Day, E. G 1904 

Dearborn, J. W 1898 

Decker, W. F 1879 

Decrow, D. A 1879 

Delano, E- W 1902 

Derby, F. A. (Sh. Ph.) 1904 

Devereux, R. S 1907 

De Wolfe. R. W. (I,.) 1907 

* Dike, J. E 1876 

*Dike, W. O 1876 

Dillingham, S. C 1898 

Dinsmore, E. L 1905 

Dinsmore, S. C 1903 

Dolan, J. F. (L.) 1900 

Dolbier, W. R 1906 

Dole, A 1885 



Dolley, W 1898 

Donnelly, J. A. (L.) 1906 

Doolittle, H. E 1892 

Dorticos, C 1903 

Dorticos, P 1904 

Douglass, F. L 1903 

Dow, F. T 1890 

Dow, H. K 1905 

Dow, L. E , .1898 

Downing, M. B ." . 1899 

Doyle, F. E. (L.) 1906 

Doyle, J. H. (I,.) 1905 

Drew, A. W 1890 

Drew, I. H ^99 

Druery, E. J 1907 

Drummond, H. F 1900 

Drummond,, R. R 1905 

Dunbar, 0. H. (L.) ."".'". 1906 

Dunn, J. S 1900 

Dunn, P. H. (L.) 1902 

Dunn, R.E.(Mrs.B.D.Whitcomb)i898 

Dunn, R. 0. 1898 

Dunton, H. D 1890 

Dunton, 0. H .1882 

Duren, H. E 1902 

Durgan, G. W., Jr 1902 

* Durham, C. F 1875 

* Durham, L. T 1894 

Dutton, 0. J 1885 

Dyer, W. N 1903 

Eastman, F. L 1888 

Eaton, H. D 1900 

Eaton, R. W 1873 

Edgerly, J. W 1889 

Edwards, D. J 1906 

Edwards, L-N 1898 

Eldridge, W. H 1902 

Elkins, A. J 1877 

Elliot, F. B 1880 

Elliott, H. C 1906 

Elliott, W. C 1902 

Ellis, H. M 1907 

Ellis, W. E 1895 

Ellis, W. L .1898 

Ellstrom, V. E 1903 

Elms, J. W 1906 

Elwell, C. C. (Hon.) 1890 

♦Elwell, E. H 1888 

Emery, A. T. (Miss.) 1877 

Emery, F. E 1883 

Emery, H. A 1906 

Erskine, F. S. N 1907 

Estabrooke, H. M 1876 

Everett, C. S ." . 1903 

Fagan, J. P. V 1907 

Farnham, C. H 1897 

Farrar, L. G. (Mrs. C. N. Buffum) 1898 

Farrell, H. C 1896 

Farrington, A. M 1876 

Farrington, E. H 1881 

Farrington, H. 1902 

Farrington, H. P 1890 

Farrington, H. R 1891 

Farrington, M. E 1892 

Farrington, O. C 1881 

* Farrington, S. B.(Mrs.Merrill) . 1880 

Farrington, Wallace R 1891 

Farrington, William R 1891 

Faunce, B. F 1901 

Fenderson, F. D. (L.) 1899 

Ferguson, J. S 1889 

Ferguson, W. E 1879 

Fernald, A. L 1883 

Fernald, C. H. (Hon.) 1886 

Fernald, C. W 1880 

Fernald, G. E 1878 

Fernald, H. C. (Mrs. J. A.Pierce) . 1884 

Fernald, H. T 1885 

Fernald, R. H 1892 

Fernald, Reginald L 1899 

* Fernald, Roy L 1896 

Fernandez, G. L. (Miss) 1898 

Fessenden, h. E 1902 

Fickett, F. W -. 1880 

*Fifield, F. V 1904 

Findlen, T. M., Sh. P 1907 

Fitzgerald, E. E. (Miss). 1901 

Flanagan, J. H 1891 

Flanders, F. L 1905 

Flint, B. W. . . ." 1899 

Flint, W 1882 

Flynt, R. H 1904 

Fogg, C. H 1881 

Folsom, H. M 1901 

Folsom, L. R 1895 

Forbes, C. F 1906 

Ford, L. H 1899 

Foss, G. O 1876 

Foss, H. C 1905 

Foss, P. F. (I,.) 1900 

Foster, A. B 1902 

Foster, N. G. (L.) . . .- 1901 

Foster, S. J 1903 

Foster, W. H. (L.) 1905 

Foubert, C. L 1905 

Fowles, R. A 1905 

Fox, L. E. (L.) 1906 

Fraser, G. L. (Miss) 1901 

Freeman, G. G 1889 

Freeman, G. L 1903 

French, C. F 1893 

French, H. C 1902 

French, H. F 1904 

French, H. S 1886 

French, J. E 1901 

French, P. E 1905 

Frost, C. A 1895 

Frost, G. S 1898 

Frost, W. O 1906 

Fuller, G. R 1882 

Gage, A. W 1903 



Galland, J 1906 

Galland, J 1907 

Gannett, C. H 1893 

Gardner, H. (Mrs. S. C. Dillingham) 
(L. E.) 1897 

Gardner, H. N. (L.) 1905 

Garland, C. C 

Garland, C. N 

Gay, G. M 

Geary, T. R. (L.) 

Gerrish, H. (L.) 

*Gerrish, W. H 

Gerrity, H. V. (Miss) (Adv.) .... 

Gibbs, B 

Gibbs, B. (L.) 

Gibbs, C. W 

Gibbs, E. E 

Gibbs, J. C 

Gilbert, C. E 

Gilbert, E. C 

Giles, C. I 

Glidden, E. G 

Glover, P. H 

Goodale, A. M 

Goodale, L. F. (Hon.) 

Goodrich, J. K 

Goodridge, E. O 

Goodridge, O. L 

Goodridge, P. F 

Goodwin, B. W 

Goodwin, G. E 

Goodwin, G. P 

Goodwin, P. R 

Gordan, H. L. (Sh. Ph.)........ 

Gorham, F. E 

Gould, A. M.(Mrs. L.F.Goodale) . 

Gould, B. F 

Gould, F. G 

Gould, G. P 

Gould, H. P 

Gould, J. F 

Gould, S. W 

Gould, V. K 

Gowell, G. M. (Hon.) 

Graham, H. L. (L.) 

Graton, C. D. L 

Graves, E. D 

Graves, J. C 

Graves, S. P 

Gray, C. A 

Gray, C. P 

Gray, J. A 

Green, C. S. (Mrs. W. J. Campb 

Green, PI. H 

Greenwood, E. E- (Hon.) 

Grover, A. C 

Grover, A. L 

Grover, N. C 1890 

Grover, O. h 1895 

Grover, O. L 1897 

Griggs, E. H. (Hon.) 1905 










Gulliver, E. C 1905 

Gurney, J. 1 1874 

Haggett, E. R 1889 

Haines, W. T 1876 

Haines, W. T. (Hon.) 1900 

Haley, H. D 1904 

Haley, J. H. (L.) 1904 

Hall, F. E. (Sh. Ph.) 1898 

Hall, G. A 1894 

Hall, H. A 1891 

Hall, W. D 1907 

Ham, J. C. (L.) 1904 

Hamilton, A. G 1902 

Hamilton, G. R. (Mrs. F. H. Bower- 
man) (L. E.) 1895 

Hamilton, H. F 1876 

Hamlin, C 1891 

Hamlin, E- (Miss) 1901 

Hamlin, G. H 1873 

Hamlin, G. 1900 

Hamlin, H. P 1902 

Hamlin, R 1898 

Hamlin, R. G 1907 

Hammond, G. E 1872 

Hancock, W. J 1888 

Haney, W. W 1899 

Hanscom, G. L 1885 

Hanson, H. H. (Adv.) 1906 

Harding, B. E 1905 

Hardison, A. C 1890 

Harlow, C. B 1905 

Harlow, E. T 1907 

Harlow, F. H " . . 1906 

Harris, M. H. (L.) 1906 

Harris, P. H 1903 

Hart, J. N 1885 

Hart, M. C 1900 

Hartford, E. G 1903 

Harvell, J. P 1907 

Harvey, B. T 1905 

Harvey, C. C 1890 

Harvey, C. D 1901 

Harvey, J. E 1894 

Harvey, L. H 190 1 

Haskell, E.J 1872 

Haskell, H. B. (Adv.) 1906 

Haskell, N. P ...1876 

Haskell, R i9°4 

Haskell, R. W 1905 

de Haseth, G. A 1895 

Hasty, P. A. (L.) 1906 

Hatch, E. E 1884 

Hatch, H. A 19 00 

Hatch, J. W 1888 

Hayes, A. D 1894 

Hayes, A. J i9°5 

Hayes, CM 1899 

Hayes, J. A 19 00 

Hayes, S. H. T 1890 

Hayward, G. E 1907 

Heald, J 1878 



Healey, W. E 1892 

Heath, E. F 1890 

Herbert, T. C 1904 

Hersey, G. A 1900 

Hersey, G. W 1899 

Hews, W. P 1906 

Heyer, H. S 1899 

Hicks, A. A. (Mrs. G. F. Black) . 1887 

Higgins, H. A 1898 

Higgins, R. E 1905 

Hight, C. B. (Iv) 1904 

Hill, G. H 1906 

Hill, J. E 1884 

Hilliard, E. K 1905 

Hilliard, H 1872 

Hilliard, J. H 1903 

Hilton, G. L 1899 

Hilton, H. A ... . . .1905 

Hinchliffe, H. J 1903 

Hinckley, F. A. (Mrs. J. W. Crowe) 


Hine, T. W 1882 

Hitchings, E. F 1875 

Hobbs, F. A 1896 

Hobson, E. E. (L.) 1900 

Hodgdon, C. A. (Miss) 1906 

Hodgkins, A. E 1907 

Hodgkins, L. H 1907 

Hofstead, H. O 1904 

Holbrook, F. P 1907 

Holden, W. C 1892 

Holley, CD 1900 

Holman, C. V. (L.) 1902 

Holman, C. V. (Hon.) 1903 

Holmes, E. R 1904 

Holmes, F. E 1902 

Holt, E. E. (Hon.) 1904 

Holt, F. W 1873 

* Holt, N. M. (Miss) 1879 

Holyoke, W. L 1897 

Hooper, E. G 1907 

Hopkins, h. O 1905 

Hopkins, R. T 1904 

Horner, h. H 1900 

Hosmer, F. P 1907 

Houghton, A. D. (Hon.) 1897 

How, E 1876 

Howard, L. B 1906 

Howard, W. R 1882 

Howe, E. J 1901 

Howes, C. L 1888 

Hoxie, H. F 1899 

Hoxie, H. H 1906 

Hoxie, H. S 1906 

Hoyt, A. L. (Sh. Ph.) 1903 

Hoyt, HP 1901 

Hubbard, P. W 1876 

Huen, C. J. (Sh. Ph.) 1904 

Hull, F. E 1885 

Hunter, R. D 1874 

Huntington, G. K 1905 

Hurd, A.L 1882 

Hurd, W. B . Sh. Ph 1905 

Hussey, E. H 1907 

Hutchings, E. (L.) 1900 

Hutchins, W. 1907 

Hutchinson, G. W 1893 

Ingalls, A. T 1881 

Jack, W. D 1893 

Jeffery, G. W 1896 

Johnson, B. R 1898 

Johnson, C. H 1906 

Johnson, E. A 1902 

* Johnson, R. J 1881 

Johnson, W. A. (I,.) 1905 

Johnstone, Iy. I 1905 

Jones, F. (L.) 1900 

Jones, G. M. (Miss) 1906 

* Jones, L. H. (Hon.) 1897 

Jones, R. K 1886 

Jones, S. M 1876 

Jones, W. G 1901 

Jordan, A. C 1904 

Jordan, A. T 1894 

Jordan, W. H 1875 

Jordan, W. H. (Hon.) 1896 

Jose, W. H 1894 

Judge, T. F 1900 

Judgkins, E. L 1907 

Kallom, F. W 1902 

Karl, H. L 1906 

Kay, F. W 1905 

Keegan, J. J. (L.) 1907 

Keirstead, A. W. (Sh. Ph.) 1897 

Keirstead, H. W 1907 

Keith, A. J '. . .1882 

* Kelleher, B. P 1883 

Keller, P. R 1901 

Kelley, B. V 1902 

Kelley, E. H 1890 

Kelley, J. G 1884 

Kenniston, H. G. (L.) 1902 

* Keyes, C. E 1890 

Keyes, O. L. (L.) 1905 

Keyes, P., Jr 1891 

Kidder, E. E 1896 

* Kidder, F. E 1879 

Kilbourne, C. H 1891 

Kimball, C. B 1904 

Kimball, F. 1 1882 

* Kimball, J. M 1894 

Kingsbury, R. W. E 1904 

Kingsland, E. B 1904 

Kittredge, C. A 1903, 

Kittredge, C. P 1893 

Kittredge, J. R. (Sh. Ph.) 1904 

Kittredge, R. B 1906 

Kneeland, H. W 1902 

Knight, O. W 1895 

Knight, P. C 1902 

Knowles, A. M 1904 



Knowles, L. M (Mrs. R.J. Smith) 

Knowlton, H. A 1907 

Ladd, E. F 1884 

Laliberte, J. A. (L.) 1906 

Lambe, E. P 1907 

Lambe, R. R 1907 

Lancaster, A. B. (L.) 1905 

Lang, A. A. (L.) 1904 

Lang, C. L 1906 

Larrabee, B. T 1904 

Larrabee, G. P. (Sh. Ph.) 1900 

Lawrence, G. W 1898 

Lawrence, L- A 1904 

*Lazell, J. D 1887 

Learned, F. E 1905 

* Leary, T. E 1904 

Leathers, H. H 1900 

Leavitt, H. E. (Mrs. W. Flint). .1890 
Leavitt, N. L. (Mrs. F. R. Hill) 1889 

Leighton, C. H 1904 

Lekberg, C. H . . . 1907 

Lenfest, E 1886 

Leonard, H. H 1901 

Lewis, A. A 1876 

Lewis, H. M 1893 

Libby, A. D. T 1898 

Libby, A. S 1903 

Libby, C. A. (Miss) 1881 

Libby, F.J 1896 

Libby, H. I 1898 

Libby, M. D 1879 

Lincoln, H. F 1888 

Lincoln, H. M 1898 

Linehan, D. T. (L.) 1905 

Lisherness, E 1907 

Little, L. E 1904 

Littlefield, E. F. (L.) 1906 

Locke, J., Jr 1878 

Lockwood, J. F 1886 

Lombard, C. H 1900 

*Long, H. A 1876 

Lord, A. R 1907 

Lord, C. A 1904 

Lord, H. (L.) 1 902 

Lord, R. E 1906 

Lord, R. W 1891 

Lord, T. G 1888 

* Loring, C. S 1879 

Lothrop, L. R 1876 

Loud, W. C 1903 

Lougee, G. (L.) 1904 

* Love, A 1900 

Lovett, M. R 1906 

Lowe, S. S 1902 

Lowell, F. H 1901 

Ludgate, V. (L.) 1900 

Lufkin, G. W 1880 

Lull, G. F 1886 

Lunt, C. S 1884 

*Lunt, J. C 1877 

Lurvey, J. G 1900 

Lyon, A. C 1902 

McCarthy, M. (L.) 1900 

McCarthy, P. E 1902 

McClure, J. H 1905 

McCready, J. H 1903 

McCrillis, E. J. (Sh Ph.) 1897 

McCrillis, W. G. (Sh. Ph.) 1897 

McCullough, F 1894 

McDermott, J. A 1905 

McDermott, W. L 1906 

McDonald, F 1900 

McDonald, K 1907 

MacDougal, W. E. (Sh. Ph.). . . . 1898 

McGill, L. V. (L.) 1899 

Mclntyre, H. F 1881 

Mclntyre, W. D 1904 

Mackay, J. D. (L.) 1900 

Mackay, M. (L.) 1902 

McKenzie, H. E 1907 

MacLean, N. V. (L-) 1905 

* McNally, H. A 1887 

Macloon, E. H 1897 

Maddocks, F. E 1907 

Maddocks, H. L 1900 

Maddocks, W. S 1905 

Maguire, G 1892 

Malloy, T. A 1907 

Mann, E. J . . 1900 

Mansfield, E. R 1899 

Mansfield, F. A 1880 

Mansfield, M. C. (Miss) 1907 

Manson, R. H 1898 

Manter, R. B 1896 

Margesson, C. W 1902 

Marr, L. H. (Sh. Ph.) 1906 

Marston, F. L 1896 

Martin, B. C 1901 

Martin, C. H 1907 

Martin, F. L 1901 

Martin, H. S 1896 

Martin, J. W 1895 

Martin, L. A 1905 

Martin, N. H 1876 

Mason, C. A .1887 

Matthews, A. A 1880 

Matthieu, J. C 1907 

* Maxfield, A. I. (Miss) 1903 

May, J 1905 

Mayo, E. D 1875 

Mayo, H. P 1899 

Menges, H G. . 1891 

Merriam, W. H 1886 

Merrill, D. T 1898 

Merrill, E. C 1895 

Merrill, E. D 1898 

Merrill, F 1887 

Merrill, G. P 1879 

Merrill, G. P. (Hon.) 1889 

Merrill, J. B. (L.) 1904 

Merrill, J. F ■• . 1907 


Merrill, L- H 1883 

Merrill, M. B 1901 

Merrill, T. L 1891 

Merrill, W. L 1900 

Merritt, E. E 1886 

Meserve, J. W 1879 

Michaels, J. C. (Miss) 1883 

* Miller, S. F 1888 

Mills, C. H. (I,.) 1900 

Mitchell, A. E .1875 

Mitchell, A. G 1875 

Mitchell, C. A 1901 

Mitchell, C. B. (Sh. Ph.) ....... 1898 

Mitchell, F. C 1900 

Mitchell, F. H 1900 

Mitchell, L- H 1905 

Mitchell, R. L 1907 

Monroe, E. R. (L.) .•_•.•••• 1907 

Moody, C. J 1905 

Moody, J. F. Jr. (L) 1907 

Moody, P. R 1905 

Moor, C. L 1881 

Moore, A. h 1879 

* Moore, F. L 1875 

Monk, H. W 1904 

Morell, W. B 1899 

Morey, E. L 1890 

Morey, W., Jr 1885 

Morrill, E- N 1890 

Morrill, W. J 1899 

Morse, C. A 1879 

Morse, W 1907 

Morson, J. H. (L) 1903 

Mosher, E. S. E 1899 

Mosher, P. H 1902 

Moulton, A 1895 

Moulton, F. C 1891 

Moulton, J 1885 

Mudgett, U. G 1903 

Mullaney, R. E 1903 

Mullen, C. W 1883 

Murphy, C. C 1893 

Murphy, W. M 1895 

* Murray, B. F 1881 

Murray, E. P. (L.) 1903 

Murray, H 1894 

Murray, H. W 1880 

Murray, W. A 1899 

Nelson, J. E. (I/.) 1904 

Nelson, W 1899 

Newman, M. G 1907 

Nichols, L. C 1906 

Nickels, H. L 1907 

Niles, H. L 1896 

Noble, E. E. (L.) 1903 

Norwood, Iy. 1894 

Nowland, J. M. (Hon.) 1897 

Noyes, F. A 1900 

Oak, C. E 1876 

Oak, J. M ...1873 

Oakes, F. J 1878 

O'Halloran, T. (IS) 1902 

O'Halloran, T. H. (I,.) 1907 

Olds, R. F 1906 

Oleson, W. B. (Hon.) 1897 

Olivenbaum, J. E . . . . 1904 

Orne, S. B 1907 

Osborn, E. W 1881 

Oswald, H. H 1899 

Owen, A. B 1900 

Owen, G. S 1906 

Owen, J. W 1890 

Packard, H. E 1907 

Page, A. D 1886 

Page, A. S 1900 

Page, W. R 1896 

Paige, J L 1906 

Paine, AT 1904 

Paine, L. G 1885 

Palmer, E. E 1899 

Palmer, P. B 1896 

Parks, G. D 1876 

Parker, D. L. (Miss) (L. E.) 1895 

Parker, E. A 1904 

Patrick, S. E 1903 

Pattangall, W. R. (Hon.) 1897 

Pattee, C. J 1895 

Patten, A. J 1897 

Patten, F. R 1880 

Patten, J. H 1882 

Patten, T. M 1883 

Patten, W. N 1891 

Patterson, J. C 1878 

Pearce, C. A 1898 

Pearson, R. H 1904 

Pease, C. T 1880 

Pease, O. L 1881 

Peck, L 1902 

Peirce, H 1876 

Peirce, V. J 1890 

Peirce, W. B 1890 

Pennell, A. J 1907 

Pennell, C. W 1905 

Perkins, C. A 1904 

Perkins, D. H 1900 

Perry, E. (Miss) 1906 

Perry, L. S. (L.) 1907 

Perry, T. B 1907 

Philbrook, E. W 1907 

Philbrook, W 1888 

Phillips, C. L. (Hon.) 1888 

Phillips, F. F 1877 

Phillips, H. J. (L.) 1900 

Philoon, D. h 1900 

Phinney, A. L 1904 

Pierce, H, (L.) 1900 

Pierce, S. F 1907 

Pierce, W. B 1890 

Pike, G. W. (L.) 1906 

Pillsbury, G. M 1890 

Plaisted, H. M 1881 



Plumstead, F. (L.) 1901 

Porter, B. F 1897 

Porter, CO 1900 

Porter, E. A 1903 

Porter, J. W. H 1897 

Porter, K. B , 1904 

Porter, R. H 1906 

Potter, F. D 1879 

Potter, P. (L.) 1903 

Powell, M. F. (Miss) 1905 

Powell, M. H. (Miss) 1899 

Powell, M. L 1899 

Powers, H. W 1883 

Pressey, F. E 1902 

Pretto, J. H 1899 

* Price, A. W. (L.) 1900 

Pride. E, P 1896 

Prince, C E 1906 

Pritham, H. C 1901 

Purington, H. P 1907 

Purrington, J. F 1880 

Putnam, C. E 1883 

Putnam, E. B. (L.) 1904 

Putnam, V. A 1902 

Quimby, J. H 1904 

Quincy, F. G 1890 

Quint, R. A 1907 

Race, J. L. (Sh. Ph.) 1903 

Rackliffe, C N 1902 

Rackliffe, J. R 1890 

Ramsdell,L.H.(Mrs.M.D.Noyes) 1874 

Randlette, CM 1892 

Randlette, J. W 1896 

Rautenstrauch, W. (Hon.) 1903 

Ray, LB 1886 

Read, C A 1907 

Record, L. S. (L.) 1905 

* Reed, C E 1873 

Reed, F. R 1876 

Reed, F. R. Jr 1906 

Reed, F. M 1882 

Reed, F. P 1890 

Reed, J 1889 

Reed, L. J 1907 

Reed, N. W. (Mrs. E. R. Jordan). 1889 

Reemie, E. W. (Sh. Ph.) 1905 

Reid, C H. (L.) 1903 

Reynolds, H.J 1876 

Reynolds, T. H 1906 

Rice, M. C (Miss) 1902 

Richards, E. R 1906 

Richardson, A. W 1906 

Ricker, P. L 1900 

Ricker, W. J 1905 

Riddle, H. C (Sh. Ph.) 1907 

Ridge, R 1907 

Riggs, L. W 1885 

Ring, A. I. (Mrs. C J. Dunn) 1881 

Ring,MX.(Mrs.H. H.Andrews) . 1881 

Ring, V. M. (Mrs. D. O. Campbell) 

(L. EO1895 

Ritter, G. W. (L.) 1902 

Robbins, C. A 1900 

Robinson, A. H 1901 

Robinson, A. M. (Mrs.A. R. Good- 
win) (L.) 1900 

Robinson, C. C (L.) 1905 

Robinson, H. G 1895 

Robinson, L., Jr 1883 

Robinson, W. F. (Hon.) 1897 

Robinson, W. H. (L.) 1902 

Rogers, A 1897 

Rogers, C W 1876 

Rogers, D. N 1906 

Rogers, E. G 1905 

Rogers, L. A 1896 

Rogers, L. W. 1875 

Rogers, S. E 1888 

Roix, W. R. (L.) 1906 

* Rollins, C H 1900 

Rollins, D. W 1907 

Rollins, F. M 1895 

Rollins, M. F 1895 

Ross, E. B 1902 

Ross, H. D 1906 

Ross, M 1 901 

Rowe, G. F 1893 

Rumball, G. W 1894 

Russell, F. L 1885 

Russell, L. B . .„. 1900 

Russell, M. R 1897 

Russell, R. E 1902 

Ryther, L- E 1898 

St. Onge, W. J 1907 

Sampson, A. H 1907 

Sampson, C H 1904 

Sampson, F. M 1905 

Sands, R. G 1905 

Sanford, J. F . Sh. Ph 1901 

Sargent, P. D 1896 

Sargent, W. J. (L.) 1900 

Saunders, A. R 1887 

Saunders, W. H. (Sh. Ph.) 1907 

Sawtelle, F. W 1898 

Sawyer, E. J 1906 

Sawyer, F. W 1890 

Sawyer, J. H 1904 

Schoppe, W. F 1907 

Schwartz, L. H. (L.) 1900 

Scott, W. E 1904 

Scribner, F. L 1873 

Seabury, G. E 1888 

Seabury, R. L 1905 

Sears, C A 1887 

Selkirk, R. W. (L.) 1902 

Sewall, H. W 1902 

Sewall, M. W 1875 

*Shaw, A. J 1879 

Shaw, G. M 1875 

Shaw, O. J 1893 



*Shaw, S 1877 

Shaw, W. J 1905 

Sheahan, H. V 1903 

Sheridan, L. M. (Mrs. A. B. Aubert) 

(I,. E.) 1895 

Sherman, R. S 1906 

* Sidensparker, S 1899 

Sikes, W. S. (Sh. Ph.) 1904 

Silver, A. E 1902 

Simmons, F. J 1906 

Simmons, J. P 1906 

Simpson, E. R 1896 

Simpson, P. D 1903 

Sinclair, K. A 1904 

Sipprelle, J. E. (L.) 1904 

Small, A. C 1898 

Small, A. R 1904 

Small, C. L 1899 

Small, F. J. (L.) 1900 

Small, F. L 1888 

Small, L. T (Miss) 1904 

Small, S. G 1903 

Smalley, C. T. (I,.) 1905 

Smith, CD 1905 

Smith, D. F 1905 

Smith, E. H 1900 

Smith, E. M 1899 

Smith, F. A 1888 

Smith, F. A 1900 

Smith, G. A 1898 

Smith, H. A „ 1903 

Smith, H. M 1893 

Smith, Iy. C 1904 

* Smith, R. L 1881 

Smith, R. S 1906 

Snell, R. M 1905 

Snow, D. F. (Iy.) 1903 

Snow, G. C 1882 

Snow, M. S. (Miss) (Hon.) 1896 

Snowdeal, A. (Miss) 1900 

Soderstrom, G. L 1904 

Soper, H. M 1903 

Southard, F. D 1906 

Southard, L. C 1875 

Southard, L. C. (Hon.). 1904 

Sparrow, A. L 1906 

Sprague, A. P 1898 

Sprague, A. W 1905 

Stanley, H. A 1905 

Starbird, A. A . 1898 

Starr, J. A 1896 

Starrett, A. P . .1882 

Starrett, H. V 1891 

Stephens, A. W 1899 

Stephens, C. W 1902 

Stetson, E. H 1907 

Stetson, H. C 1907 

Stevens, A. W 1907 

Stevens, C. H 1887 

* Stevens, F 1889 

Stevens, F. L 1884 

Stevens, F. 1906 

Stevens, H. E 1897 

Stevens, R. P 1898 

Stevens, T. J 1877 

Stevens, W. L ' ,. . 1876 

Stevenson, J. B . (L,) 1900 

Steward, J. W. .1891 

Steward, S. J 1896 

Stewart, F. C 1906 

Stewart, G. T 1904 

Stickney, G. W 1900 

Stilphen, C. A 1902 

Stinson, F. M 1899 

Stone, C. W., Jr 1903 

Stone, F. P .1877 

Stone, W. E 1907 

Stover, O.O 1899 

Strange, E. M 1900 

Strickland, R. E 1904 

Strout, H. C 1900 

Sturgis, E. A 1898 

Sturgis, G. E 1877 

Sturtevant, C. F 1887 

Sturtevant, G. W 1881 

Sutton, G. A 1883 

Swain, J. H 1899 

Swain, P. C. (Mrs.) 1899 

Swan, C. B 1890 

Sweet, C. A 1905 

Sweetser, E. 1905 

Swett, L. B. (L.) 1906 

Swift, P. L . . , 1907 

Taft, D. R. (Sh. Ph.) 1900 

Talbot, F. W 1905 

Talbot, J. R 1904 

Talbot, R. F . 1907 

Tarbox, G. R 1906 

Tarr, R. D 1898 

Tate, E. M. (Miss) 1907 

*Tate, E. M 1900 

Tate, F. F 1900 

Tate, W. M. (Sh. Ph.) 1902 

Taylor, A. G 1904 

Taylor, C. N 1891 

Taylor, E. W 1904 

Taylor, H. S 1904 

Taylor, L. W 1883 

Taylor, R. E 1905 

Taylor, T. F 1904 

TebbetSj C. B 1907 

Thatcher, H. D. T 1905 

Thayer, H. B 1873 

Theriault, D. I,. (I,.) 1900 

Thomas, B. M 1905 

Thomas, CD 1895 

Thomas, E. D 1872 

Thomas, H. A 1905 

Thomas, L. A 1905 

Thombs, G. W. (L.) 1903 

Thombs, W. B 1902 

Thomes, E. C. . . . 1905 

Thompson, F. E. (L.) 1900 



Thompson, G. E 1891 

Thompson, S. D 1901 

Thurlough, H. H. (L.) 1902 

Timberlake, S. M 1892 

Todd, F. H 1882 

Tolman, F. S 1892 

Tolman, G 1896 

Tolman, W. R 1898 

Toner, E. L 1907 

Totman, A. W 1907 

Towne, C. E 1877 

Towse, A. R 1903 

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Vinal, P. A. (Mrs. A. White). . . . 1879 

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Violette, N. I,. (I,.) 1903 

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Vose, F. H 1900 

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Weeks, N. E. (Mrs. Iy. Spencer) . 1877 

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Wentworth, M. B. (Mrs. C. O. Perkins) 


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Weston, G. 1872 

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White, R. H 1903 

* White, W. A 1881 

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Whittier, C. C 1899 

Whittier, R 1902 

* Wight, R. H 1890 

Wight, W. A 1882 

Wiley, M. C 1903 

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Woodbury, S. E 1901 


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* Work, E. A 1875 

Wormell, R. G 1901 York, V. J 1907 

Worcester, G. H. (L.) 1905 


.'■V : 

• ...'■ :.